Christmas Tree 2015 Dec. 6: Rascal Flatts I’ll Be Home For Christmas (Live – a cappella)

Many of my friends have family and children living close by, but for some of us, almost EVERYONE’S out-of-state. There’s nothing so dear as having your kids around on Christmas, and we will have that this year, as we often do, but you know, it’s not always so easy. There are the roads from Kansas to Oklahoma in December, and the flight schedules from Los Angeles to Oklahoma. Every year there’s a question mark. Will they be here? Can they get here safely? They’ve always been safe, but haven’t always made it. Each year becomes more precious than the last. Having said that, I am blessed to have my fabulous sister-in-law living just four houses down, her son, the family pilot, who couldn’t be sweeter or a finer man, and his wife who loves football as much as my hubby, is an incredible Nannies (Grandma) and always has a smile on her face. Then, I move from thinking of myself. I think of our military families, some which will never be whole again, and some who are waiting and watching and listening, and hoping that a Skype connection is available. The following prayer could be that of a Soldier, Sailor, Marine or Coast Guard –– or a mother, father, sister, brother, son or daughter who is separated from where they want to be this Christmas. (Video below) Enjoy Rascal Flatts in a beautiful, calm and quiet, a cappella performance of I’ll Be Home for Christmas.



Dear Lord,

I am far away from home, and it is Christmas time

I need your comfort, Lord.

Lift me up above my circumstances and situations.

Refresh me and strengthen me as I seek to courageously follow you and serve my country.

Provide me with times of supernatural blessings to help me deal with the emotional pain of being far away from my loved ones this Christmas.

Lord, surround my loved ones with a supernatural ability to deal with my empty chair at their holiday table.

Help me and my loved ones to feel your loving arms around us bringing us comfort during this Christmas season.

I pray these things in Jesus’ name,


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Rascal Flatts: I’ll Be Home for Christmas (Video)


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  • Being in snow country I can feel your worries. We are the anchor generation at the moment as all of our parents are gone. Our son and his wife and our grandson are all down the street. I love how that works.

    I know I be back before Christmas, but Merry Christmas to you and your family just the same.

    • Woodie, what a wonderful thing to have your children so close by. I moved many miles away from home before I could vote. Was gone 7 years. Have wanted to move to California for a lifetime, but it obviously was not something I should do. I feel blessed that I was here when both my Mom and Dad needed me. Merry Christmas to you and yours, too!

  • cryandhowl

    What a great rendition Maggie! Man! That was just too good! It will be just Ol’ Steve and Rina this Christmas. For Thanksgiving Rina invited an older gentleman from our church to have Thanksgiving dinner with us as he’s alone. He came over and we had a very good time. I think she’s going to invite him over for Christmas. Rina’s children live in California save one who lives in Alaska. My son live in Ardmore. So here we are. I pray that you and your loved ones have a safe and blessed Christmas!

    Steve, Rina and Sandy the Shih-Tzu.

    • cryandhowl, aw, thanks so much for sharing this beautiful photo. Your Rini is beautiful and in this pic, Sandy doesn’t look like a Shih-Tzu! This year our church put their focus on helping those in the congregation who needed help and many had full families over for T-giving Day. We already had a house full, and I’m afraid we might have scared someone off, right in the middle of the Turkey dinner (which was delicious, I must say). I think holidays for men who are alone are much more difficult than for women. I know your guest was grateful and felt like he was with family. Really great to have the photo, and since you’re my little blog brother, it’s nice to have a vision of you. So glad you liked the Rascal Flatts version of this poignant song.

  • Very nice, Maggie. On top of that, Rascal Flatts. A very nice touch.