Trump Syrian Refugees Greatest Military Coups of All Time – Cruz Calls for End to Refugees, Merkel Calls for Tolerance!

One of the Paris bombers died via his suicide vest. Among his dismembered limbs and such, was found a Syrian passport showing that he was 25 years old. It hasn’t been determined whether his DNA matches the passport, as fraudulent Syrian passports are easy to come by. How many hundreds of thousands of these young, male Syrian refugees are flooding Europe, and in the process of being accepted here in the U.S.? Muslim countries have refused to take in “a single” Syrian refugee.” Why? The threat of terrorism. See the comments of presidential candidates, Senator Ted Cruz and Donald Trump below.

Donald Trump, Ted Cruz

Donald Trump, Ted Cruz

The holder of a Syrian passport found near the body of one of the gunmen who died in Friday night’s attacks in Paris passed though Greece in October, a Greek minister told Reuters.

“The holder of the passport passed through the island of Leros on October 3, 2015, where he was identified according to EU rules,” said Nikos Toscas, Greece’s deputy minister in charge of policing.

A Greek police source told Reuters that European countries had been asked to check the passport holder to see if they had been registered. Source

Liberal French President Francois Hollande said publicly last night that his country would “lead” a  “pitiless” war against terrorism. This as German Chancellor Angela Merkel calls for Germans to show “tolerance” towards the thousands of Syrian “refugees” challenging their hosts rights to live without the fear of being terrorized by so-called refugees .

Senator Ted Cruz has called for an end to Syrian refugee resettlement in the U.S., with the exception of Syrian Christian refugees.

It is the radical Islamism that has declared jihad against the west. It will not be appeased by outreach or declarations of tolerance. It will not be deterred by targeted airstrikes with zero tolerance for civilian casualties, when the terrorists have such utter disregard for innocent life. We must make it crystal clear that affiliation with ISIS and related terrorist groups brings with it the undying enmity of America—that it is, in effect, signing your own death warrant.”

Of the eight Paris terrorists, all wore suicide vests. Three are believed to have lived in Belgium.

Donald Trump on Syrian Refugees:

Real-estate tycoon Donald Trump has recently been sounding the alarm over a potential Islamic State-led “military coup” in the US.

The possible future culprit, according to Trump: Syrian refugees and migrants.

It could be one of the greatest coups of all time,” Trump said in a Fox News “Hannity” interview that aired Friday evening. “They could be ISIS. It could be a plot. I mean, I don’t want to think in terms of conspiracy, but it could be a plot.” . . .

This could be like a Trojan horse,” he added. “I mean, this could be a Trojan horse in a sense: 200,000 people coming into the United States, and let’s say a lot of them would be ISIS. And they come in here and we’re totally unprepared for it., 9-30-15:

There are actual statistics about what kind of refugees the United States has accepted from Syria, available at the State Department’s Refugee Processing Center website. I searched between March 1, 2011, and Sept. 30, 2015*, and found the following stats about the 1,849 admitted refugees during that time period:

52.5% are male, 47.5% are female

30% are between the ages of 21 and 40, 42.4% are under 14

95.6% are Muslim, 2.3% are Christian (this compares to an estimated population within Syria of 87% and 10%, respectively)

These numbers track with what we know about Syrian refugees overall. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has estimated that 50.5 percent of all 4 million-plus Syrian refugees are female, 51.1 percent are children (17 and under), and that just 21.8 percent are males between ages 18 and 59.

Nevertheless, fear of the Muslim “military-aged male” has shot through the commentary about the refugee crisis, particularly as it concerns Europe—where at least the assertion has more statistical validity. Here’s a typical recent claim, from Rep. Brian Babin (R-Texas):

Seventy percent of these people that are going into Western Europe today are military-aged males 20-30 years old. According to the UN, only 15 percent are [children] and 13 percent are women.

Fox News is reporting this minute, 11:00 am CDT, that Americans have been either killed or injured in the attacks, but no other details have been released.


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  • Meg

    Trump is correct. This is why he is doing well in the polls. People are tired of this pc crap. Also, I agree with Cruz. Stop all immigration and send all the young males back. They want to kill as so bad, let them do it from the battlefield in Syria or where ever.

    • Agreed, Meg. I want all visas stopped. I want everyone currently employed to issue visas and track them, to be offered a small severance pay, which they will receive IF they train their own replacement. If they won’t then they leave immediately. It should all be done in less than 30 days. We have former military desperately needing jobs. They should fill every position. Until we get serious about visas, we will never be safe.

    • Gladys Burbach Meg read that articule, these terrorist monsters were Christians at one point. So I do not support Senator Cruz.

  • aliswell

    Senator Ted Cruz has called for an end to Syrian refugee resettlement in the U.S., with the exception of Syrian Christian refugees.

    First thing that’s been said on the matter that makes complete sense. Thank you, Ted!

    • allswell, someone on FB asked how we can verify that those saying they’re Christian are Christian. I don’t know the answer but believe it can be, and should be done. Many ME Christians have connections here through Christian churches, family and missionaries.

  • Peggy James

    If we are going to take refugee’s here in the United States, we need to start a petition to accept only women and children.

    • leewacker

      Even a small child can handle weapons and kill! Take NO ONE!

      • Peggy and leewacker, I was thinking about the Christians and remembered that Glenn Beck has a program going. They vet, in a very big way, Christian families from the ME, and are fundraising to bring them to the U.S. If it’s going to be done, that’s a good way to do it.

    • Peggy, I felt the same way at one time, but I’ve come to the conclusion that the women come will join Muslim communities and marry radicals, and their children will still be indoctrinated. It’s not that I’m not compassionate, and I really feel for them, but my heart has hardened. Separating the women from the men doesn’t free them, because they don’t stay separated. Obama is setting up huge communities for the “refugees.” I don’t know the solution to their problem, because I don’t think the western world can solve it for them.

  • leewacker

    I think Trump and Cruz should be immediately put in the two top positions NOW! Remove the sorry excuses for leaders we have at the present, and let these two take the lead!

    • leewacker, we certainly have “sorry excuses for leaders.” Either or both Trump and Cruz will lead and both will surround themselves with people who will follow the Rule of Law. I’ve always had that confidence for Cruz, and I’m beginning to be convinced that Trump will not flip-flop.

  • cryandhowl

    Oh but Maggie, the presidential candidates for the Democrats along with Barack say that climate change is causing all the death and destruction by terrorists. I guess the “migrants” fled their homelands because they didn’t like the climate. Upon arriving in France, they didn’t like the climate there either. So, being discouraged they decided to kill a bunch of innocent people.
    Now that we have that established we can “tolerate” a little Jihad.

    • cryandhowl, you always make me feel so good. Now I know none of these cretins will be coming to Oklahoma, because the world knows our weather is terrible (psst, a little secret, our weather here is really quite lovely, but don’t tell any of ‘them.) We also have teepees – Native Americans are given no credit, at all. I hope Liberals keep talking about climate and terrorism because it shows just how demented and desperate they are. Now, I’m waiting to see what the very Liberal Hollande, who promised a “pitiless” or “merciless” war will actually do. I hear there are some air strikes, but you know how that goes.