UPDATE: Prayers Needed for Grumpy Elder: A Veteran on Veteran’s Day

UPDATE 11-12-15, 3:35 pm CDT: Grumpy’s brother has told us that Phil/Grumpy died this morning (11-12-15) about 10:30 am. He had another cardiac arrest and they couldn’t bring him out of it. He is at peace now. I hope he knows how many of us are already missing him. Blessings to his family, and especially to the young man who meant so very much to him.

A notice is up on Grumpy Opinions asking for prayers for Grumpy, or Grumpy Elder as he is known. His brother has posted a notice on Facebook with devastating news to those of us who know

Grumpy Elder, Owner, Editor of Grumpy Opinions

Grumpy Elder, Owner, Editor of Grumpy Opinions

Grumpy, in the best sense of the term, is a “bloggy-friend,” a very smart, good, fine and decent “bloggy-friend.” On this Veteran’s Day, Grumpy, a veteran, is in hospital after a massive heart attack. He has been in an induced coma, and I believe the hospital is in the process of bringing him out of it. Apparently, not much more will be known until mid-day tomorrow, Thursday, November 12, 2015.

There is a group of us who often talk with Grumpy by phone. He is a political animal (again, in the best sense of the term) and can talk politics for hours (as many of us are willing to do). He loves this country, and his greatest interest is the education of our children. I “met” him (met as in ‘met in the bloggy way’) when I saw his post on teaching “convoluted math.” It’s still one of the best posts I’ve seen on the subject, and the video is mind blowing. That was mid-July 2012.

Since mid-2014, when Grumpy learned of my son’s cancer, he has been diligent in checking on him, checking on me and my husband. He has been so very supportive as my family tries to defeat this terrible disease. He’s done the same for others. He’s an extraordinarily compassionate man.

Grumpy is among the most generous of bloggers who writes and also promotes the work of others. Your prayers for this dear man, who wants to be grumpy, but is actually a real sweetie, will be appreciated by many of his friends and followers. Visit Grumpy Opinions here. PumaByDesign is keeping the site updated, and we thank her.

  • Posted this on Phil’s FB wall yesterday before I knew he was ill. Phil & I were both at Ft. Jackson during the miserable winter of ’66. Reminisced about it more than once. My best wishes go out to Phil and his family for a fast & full recovery.

  • stlgretchen

    What a sweet note about our dear friend. He’s one of the best and our prayers go up to him and his family.

  • cryandhowl

    Rini and I will hold him up in prayer Maggie. I’ll check in with Denise and you as to how he’s doing.

  • creeper

    Thanks for the notice, Maggie. Sending Grumpy Elder all the healing thoughts I can muster.

  • YKohen

    Prayers for Phil from Israel

    • YKohen, you probably know that we lost him yesterday. I have an update in the post. Thank you!

      • YKohen

        So sorry to hear. I didn’t know. Thank you