Obama Demands Turkey Close Its 550 Mile Border With Syria to Keep ISIS Out

The Obama administration has sent something like an Obama executive order to Turkey. Close your 550 mile long border to Syria or . . . the “U.S. will no longer ACCEPT Turkish claims that it is unable to cordon off the remaining short section of the border still used by Isis” (emphasis mine). This is described as a “tough message” by our government which refuses to take a tough stance against terrorism, verbally or through action. Ironic, isn’t it, that the U.S. with a still demented visa program allowing the 9/11/01 hijackers to do what they did, and a corrupted migrant program with gosh-only-knows who’s in this country now, can make demands on others when our own muscle is so atrophied.

Cartoon by Bob Mack. Click to Visit.

Cartoon by Bob Mack. Click to Visit.

The game has changed. Enough is enough. The border needs to be sealed,” a senior official in President Barack Obama’s administration told The Wall Street Journal, describing the tough message that Washington has sent to the Turkish government. “This is an international threat, and it’s coming out of Syria and it’s coming through Turkish territory.

The US estimates some 30,000 Turkish troops would be needed to close the border between Jarabulus on the Euphrates and the town of Kilis, further west in Turkey, according to the paper. US intelligence agencies say that the stretch of frontier most commonly used by Isis is between Jarabulus, where the official border crossing has been closed, and the town of Cobanbey. Source: Independent UK

We know where they’re entering, yet we can’t haven’t stopped them.

European nations have promised “significant blowback” if another terror attacks happens with Turkish facilitation.

I have no problem criticizing Turkey. I pity the poor Turks who lived with relative calm and freedom under previous secular leadership, but today, we have no one in the Muslim world to trust, and no one to trust in our own administration.


According to the report linked above, if Turkey follows the U.S. demand, it will be “more damaging to ISIS than all the air strikes” leveled at them currently.


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  • Mustang

    Turkey’s total armed forces numbers under 412,000 personnel. It isn’t enough to close off a 500 hundred mile border with Syria. Turkey would have to employ 42 battalions of infantry to do that –or, 5 infantry divisions. On the other hand, if Obama wants to close borders, what about the US southern border for starters?

    • Well, there ya go, Mustang. He’s always demanding what can’t be done, and and denying what can can be done –– like close our borders.

  • cryandhowl

    Hello Maggie! I surely hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving.
    You know, I can’t figure out for the life of me; if terrorism is being facilitated by climate change or global warming why is it that it’s only affecting Muslims? I mean there has to be some others living in the Middle East. But I don’t see Catholics or Baptists or Pentecostals getting pissed off about the climate and blowing up airliners, raping folks, burning them in cages and beheading them. Then, tens of thousands of Muslim migrants flock to Europe and they don’t dig the climate there so they bomb a bunch of stuff, storm a music concert shooting everyone in sight. What’s up with that? Also, if the climate is getting so unbearable in the Middle East why is ISIS taking control of large sections of lands and want the place for themselves? I mean heck, if it’s that bad who would want it?
    Oh well, who knows the mind of those who climate change has affected?
    I know one thing, ISIS is feeling really bummed out that 150 world leaders came together and sent them a strong rebuke.

    • cryandhowl, good points with one caveat. The National Council of Churches and the World Council of Churches are pissed off that you and I are causing all the drought, and misery and pain. I think ISIS loves the heat. Bring it on, including the “strong rebuke.”

  • Happy Belated Thanksgiving, Maggie.

    Reading the above post, I kept having visions of a cartoon with the character, a child being dragged along by its parent crying out “but, but, but Obama didn’t mean it” followed by the memories of Obama’s erasable red lines.

    What are the odds that Valerie Jarrett called Erdogan in advance and warned him about the forthcoming demand pleading with the ISIS benefactor to “play along and let it go because Obama doesn’t mean it.”

    • PUMABydesign001, I think Valerie Jarrett is behind everything he does. That brings intense Islam and Communist connection right into the White House.

  • Ken

    Happy Thanksgiving!! Or belatedly Happy anyway!

    Now as usual our leadership trots out as hypocritical!! “What an asshole”, my head shaking, is all that comes to mind when I hear obama say such things. I wish he would trip over his tongue when leaving the mike after such statements to world leaders. It’s bad enough that he embarrass this country without a single notion he’s done any such thing, at the very least, he could suffer a wee bit of personal embarrassment. Yes, Turkey, you should close your borders. Maybe, our next President, if it be Trump, can subcontract the construction of a new border wall like he has proposed for our southern border. He says it will be done and the mexicans will pay for it, maybe the mexicans can build yours (Turkey’s) while isis pays for it!!
    I like it!!

    • Ken, thanks for the Thanksgiving greetings. Wishing the same for you as well. I’ve offered to find a Tulsa fence company to do the job on our southern border, quickly, efficiently and for the going market price, rather than the gov’ment price, but the administration hasn’t called. I can’t wait until he’s been out of office for awhile (before he replaces Ban Ki-moon as Secretary Gen of the UN) and we begin hearing the real stories. I believe we will. You and I won’t be shocked but much of America will.