GOP Elite: Jeb Bush Donors to Vote for Hillary if Trump is Nominee?

There was a luncheon. Four GOPers sitting around chatting. The story goes that THE question came up: ‘If Trump is the nominee running against Hillary, who would you vote for?’ One version is that most of them raised their hands for Hillary. But there was clarification the next day from former US Ambassador to the European Union, Rockwell Schnable. He felt confident all the Republicans at the table “would support the final GOP nominee for president, whomever that turns out to be.” THAT IS, until he further clarified later that day:

Cartoon by Bob Mack - Click to see more. more.

Cartoon by Bob Mack – Click to see more. more.

Schnabel called back later on Tuesday afternoon to clarify what he meant. “My only caveat would be that … I assume that the Republican we’ll nominate will be somebody that would make a great president,” he said. “That’s not a conversation we’ve had to have in the past, but obviously there are some we would be concerned about.”

The four Republican donors sitting at that lunch table — Schnabel, Freeman, Spogli and Riordan — have between them contributed more than $2.7 million to candidates and political action committees over their careers.

All have donated to former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign, and Freeman and Spogli have given $1 million and $50,000, respectively, to the pro-Bush super-PAC Right to Rise.

What about Ted Cruz? Do you think they’d vote for Senator Cruz? Do you think they’d vote for anyone besides Bush or Kasich? How can any Republican ignore the fact that Hillary Clinton has followed in Barack Obama’s footsteps and said her greatest enemies are Republicans –– that she and Obama lied for days about the four Americans who died in Benghazi, the email scandal, the Huma Abedin scandal, the “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy” charges? The Clinton Foundation’s illegal donors?

How can they forget? How can that happen? Can there be a Republican candidate as repugnant as Hillary Clinton?

They’re Jeb Bush backers, and the Bushs and the Clintons are tight. Wish I could find the article in a Dallas magazine showing Laura Bush in the Crawford Ranch home. One of her most admired women is Hillary Clinton because of her work with Afghan women. 


Those attending the luncheon in Hotel Bel-Air in Beverly Hills were Dick Riordan, former Republican mayor of Los Angeles (He thinks Trump is “disgusting,” “crazy”), venture capitalist and former ambassador to Italy under G.W. Bush and Spogli’s “business partner” Bradford Freeman, and Rockwell Schnabel.

The same article in The Hill points to some influential Republicans who will or might vote for Trump:

The feeling among the GOP’s business wing is not entirely negative toward Trump. The billionaire has found a couple of champions — including billionaire investor Carl Icahn — but outreach from campaign surrogates has not always found a receptive audience.

Several months ago, Doug Manchester, a California developer and chairman of Manchester Financial Group, emailed a number of Republican donors plugging Trump for president.

“I met with Donald himself and was again very impressed with a Man [sic] who does not have to be doing what he is but believes as I do that we need to Make America great again and believe he can do it!!” Manchester wrote to his friends in an email seen by The Hill.  . . . “I think Trump can win,” added Manchester, known in donor circles as “Papa Doug.”

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So maybe Riordan thought on it a bit. There’s “disgusting” and then there’s despicable and disgusting, and that would be Hillary:

No fan of Trump, Riordan says he nonetheless believes that if elected president, the billionaire would change for the better.

“If he became president, he would be much more responsible and would surround himself with good people,” Riordan said.

“I guess you become sane.”

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It’s always something unthinkable, every darn day.

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  • rayhause

    It would be my suggestion that if this is what your intentions are, keep it to yourself. We have had to endure your sorry asses long enough and we don’t have one intention to allowing your continued destruction to our country. You vote for or support her, your not only traitors to the party but traitors to America.

    • cryandhowl

      I hate to tell you rayhause, they don’t care. They know they can get away with anything as long as they don’t piss off the political establishment.

    • rayhause, I don’t think they thought anyone of the party of four lunch partners would give them away. Maybe it was a waiter.

  • These cry babies have had it their way for 8 years and it has gotten us Obama. This proves they don’t love this country. They only love their power.

    • Unbelievable, isn’t it Woodie, that they could even stand the stench of voting for her. If we would hold our noses and vote for Lindsey Graham, you’d think they could make the same sacrifice. Sacrificing for anything isn’t in on their schedules.

      • I’ve been holding my nose and voting for a lot of years.

  • KJS_VA_2015

    Screw K Street consultants. Had it not been for their crappy candidates, lack of wisdom, and terrible dinosaur campaign tactics. We would probably not have Barry Obama and Virginia would not be a purple state with a slime-ball Clinton sycophant as governor.

    2016 will be won by grassroots activism.

    Trump 2016!

  • Daneel

    I didn’t think mental incompetents were allowed to vote?…but seriously…I think it’s more than likely the Oligarchs who run this country want the confused Hillary to occupy the White House so I’m inclined to think that’s what will happen…unless something occurs to change their mind.

    • Daneel, think of the credits they gain when they donate to the Clinton Foundation. Bill speaks at their special events, for another fee, but that’s okay, and the donation def gets them into the White House.

  • DeadMessenger

    Just goes to show that Jeb = Hillary.

  • cryandhowl

    I saw this stuff this morning Maggie and it really chaps my ass. (sorry) I mean, these clowns would rather sell the United States out than support Trump if he wins the nomination? I have to tell you, I’m sick of the attacks on Trump from the left and right. Not to mention names here but I’ve ranked hard on SOOPERMEXICAN and YID with Lid for their mindless liberal sounding attacks on Trump. They sound exactly like liberals and it gripes my grunt. I’ve gone through the blistering before myself with a bunch of conservatives over my feelings about 9/11/2001.
    You know Maggie, I’d like to see Cruz win it all but I have to tell you at this point I trust Trump more than all the others. Why? Because I’ve asked myself just what is motivating each candidate? All are seeking political power (IMHO) except Trump. He needs nothing anyone has to offer and I think he’s really running for president because he actually believes he can stop some of the chaos and insidious crap being imposed on the citizens of America. I think the guy, despite his arrogance and crass disposition is the real deal. That’s it.

    • cryandhowl, hadn’t noticed what Sooper or Lid was up to, but I see plenty of it on the TV that runs on my desk from awaking till shutdown. I’m not as confident as you are about Trump, but I’d sure vote for him in a hot minute. I want to feel as you do, and I do believe he wants to make America great again. Believe that wholly. Glenn Kessler deserved almost anything that could be thrown at him, but not ‘that.’ Trump blew it and gave the media something else to talk about. I wish he’d quit kicking himself in the butt. I’d really appreciate it if he would just stop, but there are many, many things I like about him and I can think of double digits running that I put behind him.

      • cryandhowl

        I agree Maggie. I think Trump would be better served if he stopped trying to defend himself. No matter what he says or does the media will distort it or he’ll “misspeak” and it’s fact-check city. I was thinking this morning on the way to work, if the Republicans were as half as serious about defeating the Democrats as they are about destroying Trump we just might win this thing.
        But again, I wish Trump would leave off ‘kicking himself in the butt.’
        Sigh … I’m so sick of the blatant bias in the media and the thing about it is, everyone knows the media is filled with phonies. But liberals and Trump haters eat every negative piece up regardless of whether it’s true or not.