Donald Trump: Interview At Home With Trump Family: Take a Look The Donald’s Desk!

What I learned. Trump has worn his hair pretty much the same way since he was a young man, judged by an early photo. Feeling much better this morning, as the view of the Donald’s desk looks just like mine –– the view OF his desk, not the view FROM his desk. Melania is likely no pushover. His children and grandchildren adore him. Hubby just said, “Trump has no weenie bones in him.” Should you misunderstand that comment, he means Trump has the spine and the cojones to make things happen. After the video, read Rush Limbaugh’s comments about Barbara Walters and Melania Trump.

Donald Trump and Family L-R: Baron, Melania, Donald, Tiffany, Eric, Donald Jr., Ivanka

Donald Trump and Family L-R: Baron, Melania, Donald, Tiffany, Eric, Donald Jr., Ivanka


Barbara Walters Interview with Donald Trump and Family (video)

Linked at BadBlue, the baddest conservative news on the net. Uncensored 24/7. Read it here.

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  • GabbyinFlorida

    Love Donald Trump and his wife they did a good job in this disgusting Walters interview. She asked the rudest shallowest questions to Melania I thought. Melania is very smart women you can tell. Loved her answers I can see why she and Donald work well together. God Bless them and their family I hope he wins. I am voting for him.

    • GabbyinFlorida, Ivana and Marla Maples were no dummies either. Walters was Walters. I never expect much from her, but at least we got to see the house and the family.

      • GabbyinFlorida

        I love your blog I read it all the time. YOU put up good stuff thank you.

  • fred hopkins

    Thank you so much for this post. I agree with trump (and also Cruz) on most everything, but very especially that he’s an answer to All of the “Bought&Paid For” politicians of BOTH Parties. Yes I Remember Missisipi 2014 and the GOPe hit joob. After the nasty Dem Dred Scott Supreme Court Decision, The Whigs in Americas two-party system didn’t survive. It’s great having someone who fights, talking with the MSM.