Bruce Rauner Illinois Gov: Financiers Remaking Illinois? NYT Unions Pissy About It

The New York Times is opining on the forceful “balance of power” in Illinois. Bruce Rauner (R) won the 2014 Governor’s race over one-term Democrat Governor Pat Quinn with 50.3 percent of the vote. The problem today is “almost half of Illinois voters favored either tax increases or a combination of increases and spending cuts to fix the budget.” The other problem? Bruce Rauner and those backing him are wealthy –– very wealthy, and at the urging of Kenneth C. Griffin, “the billionaire founder of one of the world’s largest hedge funds,” the wealthy began a fundamental transformation of the state of Illinois.

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner

The New York Times and Unions are pissy about it.

Their wealth has forcefully shifted the state’s balance of power. Last year, the families helped elect as governor Bruce Rauner, a Griffin friend and former private equity executive from the Chicago suburbs, who estimates his own fortune at more than $500 million. Now they are rallying behind Mr. Rauner’s agenda: to cut spending and overhaul the state’s pension system, impose term limits and weaken public employee unions. . . .

The families remaking Illinois are among a small group around the country who have channeled their extraordinary wealth into political power, taking advantage of regulatory, legal and cultural shifts that have carved new paths for infusing money into campaigns. Economic winners in an age of rising inequality, operating largely out of public view, they are reshaping government with fortunes so large as to defy the ordinary financial scale of politics. In the 2016 presidential race, a New York Times analysis found last month, just 158 families had provided nearly half of the early campaign money.

HORROR In Illinois!!!

Most of them lean Republican; some are Democrats. But to a remarkable degree, their philosophies are becoming part of a widely adopted blueprint for public officials around the country: Critical of the power of unions, many are also determined to reduce spending and taxation, and are skeptical of government-led efforts to mitigate the growing gap between the rich and everyone else.. . .

It has gotten much stronger in the last five or six years,” Ms. Lav continued. “There’s the sense of an opening, of a discontent with the old model. It’s about social insurance, the social compact — who’s responsible for whom?”

Illinois was fertile ground for the movement. Four of the state’s last 10 governors have gone to jail. Decades of mismanagement by state officials of both parties have left Illinois with more than $100 billion in unfunded pension liabilities, among the most of any state.

And tax increases are particularly difficult in Illinois, where other state constitutional provisions ban raising taxes solely on the rich. A temporary income tax boost presided over by the state’s last Democratic governor, Pat Quinn, was resented by many voters.

The big whine! The money from these “wealthy families” are displacing, countering, the dollars from powerful public unions.

Local Republican organizations found themselves flush with cash. Mr. Rauner blanketed the state with ads promising, vaguely, to “shake up Springfield” and slammed Mr. Quinn as an insider beholden to special interests.

How serious is Rauner about containing Union power (Aug. 2015)?

A day before the Illinois Senate will discuss whether to override a bill that would allow for labor arbitration, Gov. Bruce Rauner is urging lawmakers to let him do his “job.” …

Rauner vetoed the bill in late July and later called it the “worst bill” he had ever seen. He has also dubbed it an assault on Illinois taxpayers. Rauner argues that the arbitrators to be used are pro-labor and would result in a bad deal for taxpayers.

Governor Rauner won that one. Not a single Republican broke ranks.

More HORROR! ) November 29, 2015 –– Rauner has set up a task force to “shrink Illinois government.”

On the campaign trail and in his first weeks in office, Gov. Bruce Rauner pledged to save taxpayers money by eliminating some of Illinois’ nearly 7,000 units of government — a piece of his legislative agenda with rare bipartisan support.

Saving Illinois, and specifically Chicago, from itself won’t be easy.

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  • Uncle Luie

    Better get ready for what has happened here in Michigan with a rich Republican Governor. Tax cuts, cuts and more cuts for the wealthy/businesses, starve the beast, kill the unions and Privitaze everything. Your state is going to hell, just wait and see.

    • Uncle Luie, more money in the people’s pockets. Less money for bureaucrats to spend. Without businesses, there are no jobs. Starve the beast and kill the unions (because of their outsized, atrocious demands) –– a good policy.

      • Uncle Luie

        Without demand there are no businesses or jobs. Remember what I said as your state goes down, remember when they bring on the tax cuts for the rich, the cuts for education and public infrastructure and the privatization and the cuts to wages. Michigan, Oklahoma, Kansas, et al. Remember.

        • Uncle Luie, No demand means people don’t have the money to buy, or people are selling what other people don’t want –– like government funded green projects. Education continues to receive outrageous sums per child, and nothing has improved. Tax cuts should be the same for everyone and everyone should pay something, even a pittance to support this country. I’m for a flat or fair tax. The only wages government can cut is to “public servants” who at one time made less than the private worker, but has now far out-paced those of us who get up and go to work outside a government building. The idea was that government workers received lower pay, as public servants, but received greater retirement rewards in exchange. Now they get both without even doing their jobs effectively.

          • Uncle Luie

            You fullofshit

            Do NOT reply to me again, ever, got it mister?

            • Uncle Luie, you are one mixed-up guy. I’m not a “mister” and this is my blog. You came here. I didn’t come to you. It is you who will not reply here, ever again and don’t think we don’t notice that you have no argument, no evidence, not facts.