Spencer Stone Stabbed Repeatedly: Hero of French Train Attack Stabbed in Sacramento

This news broke about 20 minutes ago, so information coming in may be incorrect. CBS is reporting that Spencer Stone, 25, one of the heroes to took down Ayooub El-Khazaani on a train in France, was “repeatedly stabbed” Wednesday night in Sacramento, California. The same report says he is in “stable” condition. Updates when available.

UPDATE 10:12 am CDT 10-10-15: This from Harris Faulkner, Fox News: Spencer Stone is awake this morning. He saw a woman being hit by a man. Stone went to help her and the brawl and stabbing began. Stone saw the woman he trying to help get into the car with the two men now being sought. The this report from People Magazine

Eric Cain, who works at a liquor store near the scene of the fight, says Stone behaved heroically as tried to help a girl in trouble moments before he was stabbed.

“A big group was walking down the street and they went into the intersection,” Cain tells PEOPLE. “One of the guys hit one of the girls and the guy who turned out to be Spencer Stone went after that guy. It happened really quickly.”  ~ People Magazine


UPDATE 9:50 CDT 10-9-2015: Not much new news about Airman 1st Class Spencer Stone this morning. Fox News reported that he is still in ICU and had three stab wounds to the “torso.” Not sure if there were more than those three. See video of the stabbing below. Stone is traced with a white circle. You can see the man move in, although you can’t see a knife. Then you see the blood on Spencer’s shirt and he runs away from the fight.

UPDATE 4:22 pm CDT: Sacramento Bee:

French train hero and Sacramento native Spencer Stone was stabbed in midtown Sacramento early Thursday following a dispute between two groups of people on K Street, but police emphasized that he was not targeted because of his worldwide fame.

Stone was stabbed multiple times and taken to UC Davis Medical Center, where he was listed in serious condition. Police said he sustained significant injuries but was expected to survive.. . .

police said the incident began as a dispute between Stone’s group, which consisted of a male friend and three women, and another group or two and possibly three men.. . .

“There was a dispute that led to the altercation,” he added. “There was conversations and then it continued down the block to where the stabbing occurred.

UPDATE 1:40 pm CDT:

Sacramento police are searching for two men involved in the Thursday morning stabbing of France train hero Spencer Stone, who remains in serious condition at UC Davis Medical Center, officials said.

Deputy Chief Ken Bernard said the two men were described as wearing white T-shirts and blue jeans. They were seen driving away from the scene in a 2009 to 2012 dark-color Toyota Camry. ~ Source: KCRA TV

UPDATE 11:23 am CDT: KCRA TV reports that the stabbing was not related to terrorism, but to a street fight in Sacramento. Injuries “non-life-threatening.” “Alcohol is believed to be involved.”There is no information on whether or not Spencer Stone was involved in the “street fight.” He was taken to UC Davis Medical Center.

UPDATE 11:21 am CDT: Spencer Stone, 22, was stabbed in Sacramento, near where he’s stationed, NBC and CBS News reported.

KCRA TV said he was attacked shortly before 1 a.m. near a popular bar area in midtown Sacramento. He was stabbed repeatedly in the torso, and investigators initially feared he wouldn’t survive, the report said. Source: Weasel Zippers

Spencer Stone (Left) Photo after attack on French Train August 2015. Courtesy of ExpressUK.

Spencer Stone (Left) Photo after attack on French Train August 2015. Courtesy of ExpressUK.

Stone, 25, tackled Morocco-born Ayooub El-Khazaani after the heavily armed terror suspect opened fire on a Paris train in August. Stone was stabbed with a box cutter during the bloody struggle with El-Khazaani, and needed surgery to reattach part of his hand. He received France’s highest award, the Legion d’Honneur, along with childhood friends Alek Skarlatos and Anthony Sadler, for his selfless actions. Source: NBC

The BBC says Stone was stabbed “on a Sacramento street corner.

The two other American heroes who helped Stone take down the Muslim terrorist, El-Khazaani, on the French train are Alek Skarlatos and Anthony Sadler.

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Spencer Stone Fight and Stabbing (video)
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  • marlene

    PLEASE, HELP THIS HERO. We need to send him donations to pay his hospital bill and disappear into anonymity. Crowdwise.com or GoFundMe.com Please advise if any of you already know where to send our donations for a Spencer Stone Hero Fund, or whatever it may be called. Frankly, France is indebted to him and they should reimburse him for saving so many French lives. Stone did what he did because he had to do it and not because of wanting any rewards. But the tide has changed and now he needs, and deserves, our help.

    • marlene, not sure if there is any kind of funding set up. If I find something, I’ll post it here.

      • marlene


  • Now, I ask again: why are our troops intervening in every other civil war in the world when our own territory is unsecured, and in particular our borders? It’s time to hunker down and get serious. Let the rest of the world fight their own fights. We have some big ones coming.

    • Norma, it’s incomprehensible that we will fight for a side that has no one good in it. ALL the fighters are jihadis and as the General that John McCain supported in Syria said, ‘I’ll never recognize Israel.’ McCain thought he was swell. Mubarak, Assad and Gaddafi –– all kept the peace with Israel. I’m sure they loathed it, but they did it, because they knew what was coming at them if they didn’t. Then Obama . . . and they knew what wouldn’t come at them.

      Among the fighters, there’s no one worthy of defending. We should remember that Saddam Hussein was Sunni and his is one of the unmatched tyrants of the Middle East. The Shias have their chance now, and it’s definitely an eye for an eye. The innocents –– the women and children must find a way to leave Islam. It will never change.

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