Marsha Blackburn Supporting Kevin McCarthy: Hell Frozen Over

Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) supporting Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the House turns my world upside-down. What’s up with that? I don’t think I’ll ever, again, think of Marsha Blackburn as a true Conservative. We talk about polls all the time. Let’s talk about Conservative rankings. Both can be wrong. We never know how a polling question is asked, and some rankings rank on specific issues, and not on others, but America, this is worth looking at. Why will any Conservative in the House vote for Kevin McCarthy for any reason other to keep a committee assignment? Blackburn is the Vice Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, and serves on numerous sub-committees. A public vote for Speaker (standing and saying your candidate’s name) is indistinguishable from blackmail. We need a secret ballot for Speaker.

Marcha Blackburn

Marcha Blackburn

[Jake Tapper:] Congresswoman [Blackburn]: I know you’re supporting Congressman Kevin McCarthy … [see her nod her head in affirmation in this video].

Not clear whether Chaffetz had announced at the time of the video. Why would she ‘jump out there’ until all the candidates were known?

UPDATE: 10-5-15: The vote has been set much later to Oct. 29th, so maybe more conservative candidates will step up.


Jason Chaffetz

Jason Chaffetz

Jason Chaffetz: Average for the following current ranking – 81%

Club for Growth: Current 76%, Lifetime 90%, 77th most Conservative in the House
Since 2009, Chaffetz has ranked in the 90 percentile for overall Conservatism

 Conservative Review: 82%, Grade: B

 Heritage Action: 81%, Lifetime: 80%

Family Research Council (FRC): 85%

 American Conservative Union (ACU): 81%, Lifetime 92%

Kevin McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy: Average for the following current ranking: 63%

Club for Growth: Current 43%, Lifetime 73%, 196th most Conservative in the House
Since 2007 under Pelosi and 2011 under Boehner, McCarthy has dramatically become more liberal.

Conservative Review: 45%, Grade: F

 Heritage Action: 61% (Rep. House Avg – 68%, Lifetime: 53%

Family Research Council (FRC): 88%

 American Conservative Union (ACU): 76%, Lifetime 72%

Look at this from Speaker Boehner’s ‘Leadership Team, which includes McCarthy:’ None are running but it’s easy to see the mindset of the evolution of the Republican party’s problems. The average for the five in Heritage Action rankings is 67%. 

The vote is October 8th 29th. Please consider calling your Congressman and asking that he/she be bold and cast his vote for Jason Chaffetz, OR NOW THAT THE DATE HAS BEEN SET LATER FOR THE VOTE, for the most conservative candidate. I have called Congressman Jim Bridenstine’s (R-OK) office and asked the same of him. I was told that Bridenstine has not made an endorsement statement and won’t until he hears from all the candidates. Bridenstine is a member of the House Freedom Caucus, and I’m sure that is the common-courtesy-thing to do. What can any member of the “by invitation only” Freedom Caucus hear from McCarthy that he hasn’t already seen in technicolor, and heard echoing throughout our Republic after our party’s failed votes ––  since before and after McCarthy replaced Eric Cantor?

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  • Meg

    From what I have read, McCarthy will be just like having Pelosi back as speaker. Say no to McCarthy!!!!

  • Oh my. Please tell me that the Secret Service has not paid Blackburn a visit. Bad move, Blackburn, bad move.

    • PUMABydesign001, hadn’t thought of that one. More likely it’s something to do with committees, but who knows.

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  • palintologist

    I’m not so sure the worm hasn’t turned where Chaffetz is concerned. He sure saluted when Boehner told him to ditch committee members who didn’t vote for Boehner. That move, IMO, was slimy enough for me to quit Chaffetz right there and then.

    • palintologist, I agree with that but he turned that around and Meadows got his job back. He apologized (so sick of the need for Repubs to have to). The problem is, he is far more conservative than McCarthy. The good news is this UPDATE. The election has been moved from Oct. 8 to the 29th. That gives us some time, and gives a conservative time to see if he/she can get backing. I’m wondering if we can push them to a secret ballot.

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  • LadyImpactOhio

    Well, I’ve heard both ways on Chaffetz. He did strip ultra-conserv Mark Meadows of his committee spot temporarily. That is a fact. The reason is unclear. One reason said was because he supported Boehner as Speaker and the other was because he didn’t pay his RNC dues on time. Take your pick, but I like the guy. He’s a good questioner but not a master like Gowdy.

    • LadyImpactOhio, I agree with you. Gowdy would be such a great opportunity for us, but he says he doesn’t want it. I wouldn’t have posted this today had I known they would change the vote to Oct. 29th. If the date change doesn’t help us, then Chaffetz is more conservative, and I believe more connected to the conservative caucus.