Department of Defense Schools Aligned to Common Core: God Help Our Military Children

You think we’re winning against Common Core, right? The Department of Defense (DoD) (our Pentagon) is aligning with Common Core in all DoD K-5th (and up to 12 as the machine grinds) schools in “The Americas, Europe, The Pacifics.” Capiche? Busy indoctrinating American children with parents serving in our military. The U.S. State Department is doing the same thing with children of diplomats, and others, in Muslim countries and all across the globe. Read that story here. The official moniker is Department of Defense Education Activities (DodEA) and they are:

Photo on DoD Education Activities Website

Photo on DoD Education Activities Website

. . . putting in place national guidelines in math — based on Common Core State Standards — for pre-kindergarten through fifth grade.

Remember, these kids get Common Core abroad, and surely most of them return to the U.S. Don’t you think there is a 99 percent chance that they know nothing about the history of this country, and what they do know is biased about the United States. God help the children of our military.

The process for implementing the national standards in math and literacy for all DoDEA grades, pre-K through 12, will continue over the next five years, said Thomas M. Brady, director of the school system, in an interview with Military Times on Tuesday. Source: Military Times

The DoDEA runs 172 accredited schools in eleven foreign countries, seven states, Guam, and Puerto Rico.

. . . employs approximately 15,000 employees who serve more than 74,000 children of active duty military and DoD civilian families.

In October 2014, Missouri Education Watchdog announced that Department of Defense Schools in Qatar had aligned with American schools in that country, and the Rand Corporation might have been involved with the implementation.

Taking down Common Core is more difficult than getting bin Laden.

Linked in Theo Spark’s Daily Spark – read more headlines here.


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