Common Core Middle East, North Africa Conf. for US State Department Schools

Common Core is everywhere –– everywhere American kids are. The kids go to Dubai. The kids go to Doha and then they come home. In Dubai, there are thirty (30) American schools. I believe most, if not all, are U.S. State Department Schools. American University is one of the partners/sponsors. Throughout this post you’ll see “MENA,” the acronym for “Middle East North Africa. You know how we hear that Common Core is “State-Led?” The following graphic is on Common Core MENA organizer, Kevin Simpson’s, website (click it for more):

Graphic from Kevin Simpson's KDSL White Paper (see page 2)

Graphic from Kevin Simpson’s KDSL White Paper (see page 2)

Americans are taking Common Core there, and, no doubt, raking in some big bucks –– selling indoctrination in the form of software and training and teaching gear: “. .  . will provide professional development to American curriculum schools in the region on effectively employing Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in the classroom.

The Dubai Common Core conference is scheduled for October 16-17, 2015. The keynote speaker is an American, Dr. Norman L. Webb, a Senior research Scientist, Emeritus, for the Wisconsin Center for Education Research at the University of Wisconsin.

Believe it or not, Webb has developed a “widely used Depth of Knowledge (DOK) system.” Of course, you believe it. ‘Systems’ are usually for sale. Webb has “participated as a key member of the Validation Committee for the Common Core State Standards.See the “Featured Speakers, Presenters, here.

Kevin Simpson a featured speaker, and he is the conference organizer.

Kevin Simpson

Kevin Simpson

KDSL is a global educational consulting company launched by Kevin Simpson in 2007 in the USA and in 2013 in Dubai. We partner with organizations worldwide to increase student achievement, teacher knowledge, and education leadership. Simpson has served 400+ schools and thousands of educators worldwide in 19 countries. The majority of his work in education has centered on American curriculum schools. He has served as a math coach for 30 schools in Washington D.C. and Maryland.

The D.C. area spent $29,000+ per pupil 2010-2011, and 81 percent of students were not “proficient” in math. . . .

Government has manifestly failed the families who must send their children to these schools, and the children who must attend them. Source: CNS News

In 2014, however, D.C. schools reported a 1.4 percentage point improvement in mathematics. Whoop-dee-do, folks, didn’t even make to 1.5 percent. The Schools Chancellor says “I’m disappointed….”

Edubeanz had a piece up about Kevin Simpson and we hear the mantra:

. . . it’s not about learning the facts but training the mind.

Of a similar mind is Turkish Iman Fethullah Gülen, who is living in exile in Pennsylvania. Remember him? Gülen was able to establish his charter school network in America fully funded by public money. Here’s a quote from Fethullah Gülen taken from the Taaleem website:

Education is different from teaching Most people can be teachers, but the number of educators is severely limited ~ Imam Fethullah Güllen

Imam Fethullah Güllen

Imam Fethullah Güllen

There’s much more on Fethullah Güllen here, including his organization under a tax audit. Don’t know how that turned out.

Then there’s Alison Burrows, a featured speaker. Her thesis at Bard College was titled “The Effects of Parenting Styles on the Development of Self-Esteem and Other Behavioral Characteristics in Children.” Burrows “co-owns KDSL Education,” Kevin Simpson’s “educational and consulting company.

On October 16 and 17, hundreds of schools, leadership teams, and teachers from across the region will gather in Dubai, to learn about the Common Core State Standards, share curricula and best practices, and network with each other. Source: Common Core MENA

See the full list of featured speakers here.  A list of all State Department schools around the globe. Note that Pearson is also involved.

Teachers from the U.S. are seeking teaching jobs, and finding plenty of them in the UAE. Common Core is the curriculum. Our kids to go to school in Muslim countries, African countries and come home with a Common Core education. We, here at home, are gullible enough to think we’ve beaten it down. Common Core – The Qatar Connection: A Wahhabi state Skypes With Your Children – Connect All Schools.


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