Brit Hume: Repub Caucus Ungovernable – Rump Group of Backbenchers Are RINOS

Brit Hume, on with Bret Baier recently, said Paul Ryan would be a “fool” to take the job of Speaker of the House, as the “Republican caucus is ungovernable.” He referred to the forty or so (I think there are quite a few more) making things so difficult for the establishment as a “Rump Group of Back Bench Members.” That ugly, disrespectful visual was a part of Hume’s commentary. Then began the interview with Baier. Hume suggests, strongly, that the forty are the RINOs (Republicans In Name Only). One of the strangest arguments I’ve ever heard.

Brit Hume

Brit Hume

Baier explains that the Freedom Caucus feel they need to stand up for the people who voted them into office –– “to do something.”

Hume says:

There are about forty of them and that’s how they feel. There are also about 207 other House Republicans, so when you’re looking at it, who are the true Republicans, and whose wishes should be heeded? The forty or the 207? Which raises this question: These people are fond of calling others RINOs, but if 207 are going in one direction, and forty are going in another, who are the real Republicans In Name Only (RINOs)?

Hume has been around a long time and is steeped in GOP elitism. His attitude fits perfectly. His position that because voters vote you in to do a certain job, and because you campaigned on certain issues, is no reason to do what your constituents want, or to honor what you said you would do.

This makes Congressman Steve King (R-IA) a Rump Back Bencher, in other words, not important enough to be listened to. King has kept a strong voice against illegal immigration, a voice for Rule of Law, and Hume has reduced him to a RINO. King is just one example.

I had lost all respect for Hume about the time Bret Bair took his seat on the Fox Panel.

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  • aksarben

    Brit is a reporter. He does not represent the Republican party. The rank and file are conservative. The leadership is not.

    • aksarben, well said. Brit believes in a socialist’s view of democracy, mob rule. Clearly the conservatives are the mob in his thinking.

  • maybe Hume is correct and maybe that is why the 40 need to start a new party that represents the voices of all the people they represent. We don’t need to give our votes to a party that isn’t ours.

  • Xavier

    Every Conservative in the country should stop watching FoxNews. It is not, and never was, a Conservative station – they thrived on controversy. New management has shifted the station left, which now allows MSNBC, CNN, etc to move left, meaning the entire television news landscape is now liberal to differing degrees.

    Get your news off the web, where the real Conservatives are.

    • Joanne Terry

      “they thrived on controversy.” BINGO!

  • Hektor Smith

    I’ll go along with Brit’s assessment that they’re RINOs, as long as he accepts my assertion that the rest are CINOs (Conservatives in Name Only).

  • Hektor Smith

    US politics has never been warm to the existence of a third major political party. However, we may be at the point in our nation’s political history that it’s time we had one. The current party’s are at extreme ends of the political spectrum (but one in mind when it comes to preserving the status quo).

    An actual third party would mean that neither Democrats nor Republicans would ever have sufficient strength to ram through votes on important issues via party-line votes. Instead, they’d each have to court the third party in order to garner sufficient votes. A strong conservative third-party would force compromise on the other two, something they’ve been able to avoid, thus far. It would also be a place where disaffected Democrats & Republicans can defect, if they wish.

  • rayhause

    Brit Hume comes from the very group of Republican Progressives we are now fighting to take back our country. He rants against every conservative that is trying to bring some rationality to our country’s needs and only wants that which the good ole boys are wanting. You are a favorite if you can be manipulated and have strings that can be pulled.

  • rayhause

    What I really would like for Hume to do would be to gather all of his RINO Republicans to adapt their own platforms and not use the Conservatives, that way the electorate would know exactly who is representing their interest, RINOs or Conservatives.

  • Iman la glass

    Each of those newsman do a poor job. They cannot grasp that the republican leadership have lost there ability to represent their voters. The newly elected ones do.