Sherif Gaber Egyptian Activist In Hiding: Why Do You Hate Israel? Transcribed Video

Sherif Gabner is a 22-year-old Egyptian man. He was Muslim, is now an atheist. He attended university in Egypt, was arrested for arguing science with his science professor, and posting on Facebook. That was October, 27, 2013. He is now in hiding, and releasing videos on YouTube.

Sherif Gaber

Sherif Gaber

Posted today, September 24, 2015:

Middle East Eye quoted Gaber as saying he was tortured in custody. “I don’t want to go into the details … but you can say that the basic stuff happened to me,” he said, remembering the moment a hood was shoved over his eyes. “They shocked me with electricity, punished every part of me. They wanted to know who was giving me money to be an atheist and criticize Islam.”

After being handed a suspended sentence, Gaber was released on bail pending a retrial. But instead of paying a 1,000-Egyptian-pound ($131) bail fee that would set a date for retrial, he went into hiding.

He has kept in touch with Middle East Eye since then. The website reported that Gaber, “who became estranged from his family after the news hit the community, doesn’t know whether to run or remain in hiding. He has explored the possibility of applying for political asylum outside Egypt, where his beliefs can put him not only at risk of persecution from the government, but also from a society increasingly intolerant of suspected non-believers.” Source: Middle East Eye, updated May 30, 2015

Pullout Quote: 

If Palestine took the land, it would have been just like any Arab country –– either they’ll not use the land so well, or the government will rob its people, just like ANY Arab country.

Thanks to Bookworm room for the video.

The video is in Arabic but has closed captions. The captions are dark and difficult to read, but I encourage you to take a look at it. Gaber inserts American movies, Israeli triumphs and some real fun in-between his remarks. It’s good to remember that he is in hiding, and not free to have some fun.

Begin my transcript, video below – (video shows that it was posted to YouTube on September 21, 2015):

This is a true story. In 2011, there was this “Third Palestinian uprising.” When they said ‘let’s unite us, the Arab world, from everywhere, and attack Israel to free Palestine,’ I myself was about to join them and actually wanted to free Palestine, back when I was a dumb Muslim.

But I tried to understand the situation differently. I said, let’s assume that the land actually belongs to the Palestinians, meaning that the Palestinians came to it first. So it’s theirs, and if someone from outside came to take a piece of it, then it’s called “colonization.”

Okay, I said the same at first. But when I looked at the reality, I found it a bit different. For example, I found that egypt, itself, is colonized. How?! Egypt was first a Coptic country, but when

Amer ibn Elaas invaded it, he turned it to a Muslim country. They tell you it’s called “Islamic Conquest,” but it’s actually the same, ‘colonization.’ So that’s why I deleted that thought from my head, that I should hate Israel cuz the land belongs to others.

Second, I told myself, let’s assume the land is theirs and Israel don’t exist. Palestine? What do you think it will look like? Will it be like Japan? Will it be like the USA? Germany? I mean, will it be a civilized country?

To put it simple, let’s imagine someone who can’t talk, and he found a microphone in the ground. Just like the Palestinians when they found themselves on the Palestinian land, but that guy who found the mic can’t speak so he can’t use the mic.

But there’s this other guy who saw the mic in the first person’s hand, and he use the mic really well. He can talk really well in the mic. So I told myself, who should take the mic? The first one, the one who can’t speak or use the mic? He found the mic first, just like if we assumed that the Palestinians found the land first, but there’s someone else who can use the mic, just like Israel when we see it uses it’s land pretty well. So who should take it?

Your ethical thinking may make you choose the first guy, whether he uses it, damages it, or even throws it away. But actually, if you thought abut it more rationally, you’d find that Israel, or the guy who can use the mic, is the one who should take it, cuz it will benefit him personally, alongside with the other guy who can’t use the mic. Maybe when the guy who can use the mic, speaks in it and the other guy may listen and know things he didn’t know.

Just like now when Israel invents many things and takes advantage of its land or the land it invaded, if you wanna call it that way. And it’s helping the whole world.

If Palestine took the land, it would have been just like any Arab country –– either they’ll not use the land so well, or the government will rob its people, just like ANY Arab country.

What’s happening in Palestine and the continued battles, only happen because of Hamas. The Palestinian people has nothing to do with anything. The Palestinian people are normal people. The battles are between Israel and Hamas and the armed jihadists.

Every now and the, Hamas drops rockets towards the Israeli land. What? Do you imagine that Israel just stands aside and watches? Did you imagine them say “we’ll let them fire us as long as they want? No!

Now, someone may come to me and say, are you talking about Israel? Israel is a trifle country. We’re 90 million Egyptians. If the people of ‘Giza Egypt’ attacked Israel, they’d win.

Israel is not a trifle country –– is one of the few countries that export military equipment. In fact, Israel makes about ten percent of all the military equipment in the world. They export military equipment to the USA, itself, the United Nations and so many other countries. Sixty percent of global drone exports come from Israel. Israel is the most powerful country in the Middle East and the eleventh in the worldwide.

In fifty years, what did Israel manage to do? Doubled it’s population up to ten times. It’s agricultural production has expanded sixteen times. Its industrial production has expanded fifty times. It’s use of water has decreased by ten percent. This is Israel in just fifty years.

The percentage of Israelis engaged in scientific and technological inquiry, and the amount spent on research and development is the second highest in the world. Can you imagine?

If we wanted to take a brief look at a country like Egypt –– oh! we can’t say anything about Egypt! Egypt is the mother of science! You’re talking about Egypt? Speak respectfully if you wanna speak about Egypt.

In 2005, Israel published 6,039 essays in foreign scientific journals. Six thousand, thirty-nine essays in a year means more than seventeen a day! More than America. Israel ranks Number 1. The USA ranks Number 12. Germany… is the 15th.

Israel. In every 10,000 employees, there is more than 140 scientific and engineers –– compared to America, 85 per 10,000, and to Japan, 83 per 10,000. Israel is the 5th most clean tech country in the world. The fifth!

Egyptians, take a look at your country.

Okay, tell me about them in space sciences. Do they know anything about space sciences, like us? I mean, we’re the top of the world when it comes to space sciences, right? Israel was ranked 2nd in space sciences.

If we wanted to talk about the pharmaceutical field, Israel has Teva, the largest genetic drug manufacturer in the world. It develops pharmaceutical ingredients and exports all over the world.

The education system in the Israeli universities is among the fifty best in the world. In fields like chemistry, biology, mathematics and computer science, Egypt has one of the world’s worst education quality systems in the world, and your talking science all day on your silly TV shows!

If we wanted to talk about women, if you’re a woman, Israel is the best country in the Middle East. if you’re a woman, the safest country for you in the Middle East to live in, is Israel –– and be away from any sexual harassment, raping or lack of human rights. Israel is the safest one. If a girl walked there, no one would harass her. No one would say that her clothes is the reason why she was harassed. You won’t find some dirty TV presenter saying ‘why she got outside of her house,’ … she deserves to be raped!’

Let’s imagine a scenario, where somehow, Arabs put their hands together, after all the hate they hold for each other, and united together and attacked Israel, and actually win the war. Israel alone can defeat most of the Arab countries. Yes they can. Their hands are everywhere.

What did you imagine? Go straight to Israel with your warplanes and thank god we won? You think all the other countries will let you do it, and stare to watch? You’re dumb. Dumb and delusional.

But let’s just assume that you attacked them, won and got to the Al Aqsa Mosque and prayed there. Just like you wish, and just like you’re posting on your Facebook account, ‘please god make me pray in Al Aqsa mosque,’ and lal these dreams you’re living in –– okay, you prayed on allah akbar blah, blah. Now what?

You completed your mission and freed Palestine? Now what? What’s next? You won’t develop in science cuz you’d be already developed, if you can.

You, Arab countries, you are the worst in everything!

I swear by your mother’s life, you won’t develop in science, industry, agriculture, nor anything. You’ll just go back and say ‘WOW, they used to entertain us. We were insulting them all day. Who’ll we insult now? Okay, let’s get back to insulting each other again.’

And while all Arab countries are talking about freedom and human rights, while being the worst countries that violate the basic human rights –– you may not know this, but did you know that Saudi Arabia, till 1962, used to slave and sell people? I know you’re shocked. I know that.

Saudi Arabia used to slave and sell people until the United Nations stopped it in 1962. They used to sell men and women there as slaves. Israel is a very strong country and what it did in a very short time distills the intelligence and strength of the Israelis, and show us how weak the countries that surround it actually are.

In fact, the controversy between Arabs and Israel is no longer because of the land and who deserves it. Actually, Arabs don’t care so much about that. All this anger and violent resentment has nothing to do with anything but envy, and deep inside, that anger and hate, you’d actually find a great admiration of such country, but they show it by resentment and hate, because they wish one day, their countries be like it.


Sherif Gaber: Why Do You Hate Israel (video)
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