New USS Tulsa: Independence-Class Littoral Combat Ship

The U.S. Navy provides 2,000 jobs in Tulsa, Oklahoma and adds $161 million to Oklahoma’s GDP. A new warship to be christened the USS Tulsa is underway in Alabama.

USS Independence, sister ship to USS Tulsa (LCS-16)

USS Independence, sister ship to USS Tulsa (LCS-16)

… the new USS Tulsa will be one of the most innovative vessels in decades, an Independence class littoral combat ship. Designated LCS-16 and currently under construction by Austal USA in Mobile, Alabama, the USS Tulsa is one of 10 to 12 ships with the distinctive trimaran design that are scheduled to be added to the U.S. fleet over the next decade.

“They are very big, very fast, shallow draft and modular,” Mabus [Ray Mabus, Secretary of the Navy] said during a naming ceremony Tuesday morning at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 577. …

The christening for LCS-16 is expected next fall, with commissioning in early 2018. The USS Tulsa is expected to be based in San Diego. Source:Tulsa World

This new class of war ship (LCS) is designed to operated in the “littoral zone,” meaning “close to shore.”

USS Tulsa 1946

USS Tulsa 1946

The new USS Tulsa is preceded by the former USS Tulsa, a PG-22 class gunboat. She received numerous campaign awards before leaving service in 1946: Second Nicaraguan Campaign Medal, Yangtze Service Medal, China Service Medal, Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal with two battle stars, WWII Victory Medal and the American Defense Service Medal with two battle stars.

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  • Fixall

    I’m surprised they are building these ships, as Obama has been cutting everything in our military. Our military and modern weapons have been cut so drastically, I’m afraid we won’t be able to defend ourselves.Hope I’m wrong.

    • Hi Fixall, I’m as surprised as you are. Didn’t think we were doing any of this. The history goes back to 1944, when another USS Tulsa was commissioned, of another class, but it never came about. I do want to see our Navy strengthened.

  • slipkid13

    With all due respect Mag, government spending does not add anything to the economy. It takes money from the private economy i.e. workers. It does, however, wastes money, dilute its value and lose billions of it in foreign countries. We must give credit where credit is due.

    • Hi slipkid13, I agree. There’s no doubt the jobs help those who are working under these contracts, but I fully understand the big picture. Oklahoma’s GDP gets a boost and 2000 people have a job, but we are still $18-19T in debt. I do get it.

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  • Might as well add my two cents…
    This design is the answer to a problem the US Navy doesn’t really have. Think of the USS Cole, attacked and almost sunk by Islamic speedboats. This ship is better prepared for that eventuality and for attacks by North Vietnamese Gunboats but not much else.
    It is singularly ill equipped to fight the most likely future naval menace; Russian or Chinese forces. Both navies put at least one weapon on their warships to attack another warship. With the power that can be packed into modern missiles and torpedoes, even one hit on a enemy can be devastating.
    Not this expensive toy. With it’s speed it should have been equipped to make a run at the other sides sea assets, but no, it will be scanning the sea for suicide speedboats.

    At over 700 million, we are not going to build a lot of these and unlike the corvette class of WWII you are not going to find these covering the seas. Instead of hundreds, a handful. With a doubtful mission.

  • xBeth

    We are building two Virginia class fast attack subs every year.

  • magic1114

    Soon to be launched; the USS Obola, a tri-hulled honey-boat with a six tank capacity, capable of holding the toilet discharge of the entire Sixth Fleet!