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I’m replacing my wine blog, Maggie’s Wine, with where I can talk about wine and spirits, books, writing, reading, publishing, food and maybe home, home decor and gardening. When I set up Maggie’s Wine, I thought I could dealMaggie Villines Book Wine Blog with the fact that in Oklahoma, since I am no longer in the industry, I cannot receive wine samples. I planned for it, but hadn’t planned for the pain of the dollars spent on wines I didn’t want to write about –– wine thoughtfully purchased –– not just those bargains on your local retailer’s end cap. I like to write about wine that I like, not wine that I don’t like. I’m a reader, working on writing fiction –– after eight years on this blog, it’s a whole new world.

If you need a few minutes away from today’s world of ‘politics not so usual,’ come join me at

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  • Kado

    Now you really have hooked,Maggie. Wines, whiskey and books.What’s not to love.

    • Hi Kado, thank you. Sometime we need a diversion:-)

      • Fixall


  • cryandhowl

    Good morning Maggie! I’ve been a bit busy lately with work and visiting doctors so I haven’t had much time for blogging and visiting my friends. I’m loving your wine blog! I have a link for you that I’m sure you’ll enjoy. Conrad, from this site visits ol’ C & H occasionally and “likes” some of my stuff. Anyway, here’s the link …

    Quality people!
    Have a great day!

    • How can I resist all “the wankery.” Great site. I’m putting them on my Wine Sites I Like blogroll. So glad you like the page and the idea of it. Like with politics, I could sit and blog there all day. Sure to be way more political readers than wine and books, but I love the writing anyway.

      You mention “doctors,” Lil Blog Bro. Hope all is okay. I’m going to pray for you and your sweet wife, just in case.

      • cryandhowl

        “The Wankery” is an awesome site and I honestly couldn’t tell you how Conrad found humble C & H. I did take the liberty of leaving a link there for your new site as well.
        I happen to be an avid reader, somewhere between 30 to 40 books a year and I’m excited to visit your site regarding the writing and books.
        Ah, the doctors. I keep telling Rini that “I’m the picture of health!” She’ll just look at me and say, “Husband, you’re going to force me to strike you! Now get to the doctor!” (funny lady!)
        Thank you Maggie for being a great friend! Prayers right back at you.

        • Well, WOW C&H, thank you for that link. I was fascinated by a recent review they did with James Halliday and his cure for a hangover! Not that the revered reviewer is a drunk, but his tasting schedule is daunting. As to Rini, one of the things we women can do for our men is to insist they get themselves to the doc, routinely. It’s just a smart thing to do. Thanking you back, lil blog brother.

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