Louie Gohmert Spills His Heart: Corruption, Fraud, Deceit – 2015 Values Voter Summit

I don’t think this speech was exactly what Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX) planned for the Values Voter Summit, but when he attended the Republican Conference the same day of the speech, and Boehner announced he was resigning, seems there were things heavy on his heart, under the circumstances, that he needed to air-out. It’s not the smoothest speech I’ve heard Gohmert give, but he had a message many of us know to be true, and we must remember to remember it in technicolor. It’s long, and he wanders a bit. I’ve given a short synopsis in five points (remember, the five points are my words, not Gohmert’s). The full transcript and video are below.

Louis Gohmert

Louis Gohmert

1) It took Steny Hoyer (D-MD) to explain to Gohmert that the reason Boehner wouldn’t bring an emergency bill funding the military, at a time when a Continuing Resolution was expiring, was because Boehner needed all the conservatives to vote for a bad CR, and knew they would do so, to take care of our warriors. By the way, Gohmert couldn’t get 218 Republicans needed to sign-on to funding the military. What’s up with that? That’s when he had to go begging to Hoyer and got schooled on the dishonorable tactics used to wield a gavel. Shameful or disgusting? Both.

2) The Iran nuclear deal IS A TREATY. It AMENDS the Non-proliferation Treaty. The Constitution cannot be amended with legislation, even if Republican Corker drafted the legislation. A treaty takes two-thirds of the Senate to ratify it. Gohmert asked us to “demand” that the Senate follow the Reed Rule, use fifty-one votes of Republicans to set aside the Cloture Rule. Vote on it, and it won’t be ratified. HAD CORKER NOT gotten his bill through, Gohmert said he would have already filed Articles of Impeachment, but legislation was passed that gives Obama “cover,” the a clear path to making Iran happy.

3) Congressman Gohmert gave a long explanation of how his name ended up running against Boehner some time back. It’s still raw with Gohmert. You can see it as he speaks, He didn’t want to do it. Did it because others thought he must, and he says so many are still very angry with him. Thousands of constituents across the U.S. called their Congresscritter’s office, he said, and demanded that they vote for Gohmert for Speaker, but … ah, those sweet committee assignments are just too much to give up, and certainly to much to give for the good of the country.

4) The morning Boehner resigned, he told the Conference they would pass a bill funding Planned Parenthood next week.

5) Remember the threat to not fund Homeland Security if Democrats tried to fund amnesty? It was a ruse. Republicans let it happen even though they knew that only Obama decides who are “essential” personnel and who are not, but as Gohmert said, “you think he would leave the border open if we didn’t fund Homeland Security?

Friends, it’s not news to you that our system, as it is today, sucks big-time.

Begin Maggie’s transcript:

There’s a lot going on now, right? I’ve heard that even in here you’ve gotten news of what’s going on today [Boehner resigning]. I want to follow up on what Colonel North was talking about, and touch on the Iran t.r.e.a.t.y. It’s a treaty! IT AMENDS THE NON-PROLIFERATION TREATY, and that takes a treaty. I don’t care what type of legislation you have, the U.S. Constitution cannot be amended by a piece of legislation, no matter how well drafted it is, and no matter if your name is a Republican name like Corker. YOU CAN’T AMEND THE CONSTITUTION. A TREATY TAKES TWO-THIRDS of the Senate to ratify it. So, if we are going to betray Israel, as this president apparently is going to, by golly, we, at least, oughta follow the Constitution, and I hope you will keep demanding that the Senate follow the Reed Rule. The Reed Rule is that when there is something you think that is important is coming up, then you take fifty-one (51) votes of your own members and set-aside the sixty vote Cloture Rule requirement, and then you vote on what you know is that important. They should do that. They’ll fail to ratify the treaty, and then we can enforce that it is an unenforcible treaty, in any U.S. court, any world court because it was never ratified under our Constitution.

That is too important.

You may have seen the news this week. Iran, all full of excitement with the hundred, hundred-and-fifty BILLION dollars that will be coming very shortly, and the hundreds of billions of dollars that will be flowing, after this, they went ahead and announced, ‘we are going to fund Hezbollah and Hamas, more than we ever have.’ They’re going to up their ante for terrorism, and folks that is … [audience is participating], well, the problem is, I’ve had people say, well, that alone oughta be grounds for impeachment. You know what, if the betrayal of Israel, by not taking up the Iran treaty as a treaty, had gone through without the Corker bill, I would have already filed Articles of Impeachment. That bill gives the president cover –– because the Constitution gives the Senate the authority to ratify a treaty, and if the Senate comes along and says, okay, we’re going to vote 98-1 to ratify this, if two-thirds don’t disapprove it, it would be hard to impeach a president for following along with what the Senate and the House told him he could do under the Corker bill. It is a real problem for us here in America when Congress is giving cover to what would otherwise be an Article of Impeachment. That’s a problem. Israel is being betrayed.

Let me just bring something else up.

I saw this coming in early 2011. We had a Continuing Resolution that was going to expire on a Friday night at midnight, and we started hearing that the military was concerned. What were they going to do if there was a shut-down because some of our military members are living so close to the vest that they’re not going to be able to make their car payment, their home payment, and they’ve got to have those checks coming. Some in Afghanistan, some in Iraq. They needed not to have to worry about the check taking care of their families at home.

So, I went to the Speaker and I told him about the problem, and I said let’s get this in a bill now to make sure our military pay is treated exactly like Social Security.

Now, I know the president was trying to scare people in a prior shutdown that … where he shut-down the government, and he  [Speaker Boehner] said, yeah, we’re going to take care of it. Well, I saw pretty quick, they weren’t, so I filed a bill, and you need 218 to pass a bill in the House. We were getting right at 218 and it was clear that the Speaker was not going to bring my bill to the floor. So, I filed a discharge petition, and if you get 218 to sign on a discharge petition for a bill, it forces that bill to the floor, even though the Speaker doesn’t want it to come to the floor.

We were trying to get more and more people to sign on the discharge petition, and I thought, there are Democrats who will want to support our military being paid on time, so I spoke to a leader, it wasn’t Pelosi, but I spoke to the next leader in line, and I said, look I know you care about the military and we’ve got a lot of Democrats that care about the military. I’ve got this discharge petition that will make sure anytime there’s a shutdown, can’t you help me get some Democrats to sign on the discharge petition?

He said, Louie, you need to understand sometimes, your leaders need an issue like getting the military paid out there, so that he can get you to vote for a bill you don’t want to vote for.

WOW! That was an education. You got that? You figure that out? You leave our military hanging out there in harm’s way, wondering if they’re going to get a check, so you can come in and say, hey, you conservatives that want to stand on the Constitution and your oath, if you do that, our military will not get paid, so you’d better set the Constitution and your oath aside and do this for our military.

I’m telling you, that’s what it came to at 10:30 that Friday night. The Speaker lined-up people to stand up at Conference, and one after another said ‘if you vote against this CR, our military’s not going to get paid. You’re going to have to account to our military.’

I got up, and [Congressman] Steve King [R-IA] told me later, I don’t think anybody will ever be able to go in that room and not hear the words you were yelling, bouncing off the walls. I was so enraged that our military was used for pawns to get us to vote for a bad Continuing Resolution.

Now you may hear the words “clean CR.” That’s an oxymoron. There’s no such thing. If it’s a clean CR, it’s as dirty as you can ever imagine and we’re funding all kinds of things. …

This morning at Conference, it was done in this order: we’re going to take up a Continuing Resolution and pass it next week that funds Planned Parenthood, and by the way, I’m resigning [Boehner]. So that was the Speaker’s way of letting us know what was coming.

I appreciate the support I’ve gotten, and I’ve met a number of you before, seen you in the halls, and I appreciate the encouragement about the Speaker, but let me take you back to January. After we did this omnibus where everything got funded but Homeland Security, and then we were going to hold back funding for Homeland Security, and hold it hostage, so that if the president was trying to fund his amnesty, we wouldn’t fund Homeland Security. Well, as soon as that happened –– I might look stupid, but I’m not that stupid, I knew what was going to happen. We were going to get down to the wire and we were going to be told ‘hey guys, we can’t fail to fund the Border Patrol, TSA and all these critical things. I know there were some people saying, well, but those are essential public employees. Well, you know who decides that? The president. He decides who’s essential. You think he would leave the border open if we didn’t fund Homeland Security?

It reminds me of that Danny DeVito movie where Bette Midler’s his wife and he couldn’t stand her. She was taken hostage, and the guy’s called and said, you give us so many millions of dollars or we’ll kill your wife, and he says GRREAAT! That’s what it reminded me of. We’ve got Homeland Security hostage. We’re not going to fund it if you don’t give up the amnesty. Really? You would do that? That’s awesome.

The old saying is, you never take a hostage the other side wants you to shoot.

We knew what was coming, so that’s what motivated a number of us to try once again to see if we could get a new Speaker. We tried for a few weeks and Thomas Massey and Jim Bridenstine called me on a Friday night. We were going to have a joint conference call Saturday morning, and said Louie, we’ve been stuck at nine (9), we need twenty-nine (29). We can’t get past nine. They’re all using the same excuse to their constinuencies –– that they did two years ago when we tried this. They want the money that the Speaker can raise for them. They want the Committee that he can get for them, the Chairmanship, but they’ve got so many constituents saying don’t vote for John Boehner. They would say, I would vote for anybody else, if somebody announced. Thomas and Jim said, you need to announce. You’re the one that could get the talk show hosts going. I said, ‘guys, I’ve thought about it but if I announce, it’s not just the Republican establishment that comes after me, calling me a nutcase –– and I’m quite confident in my intellect, thank you very much. If one of you were the one that called me a moron, there’s no ‘e’ in moron. Okay?

The trouble is the Democrat establishment would get onboard and we would lose the issue of failed leadership, and it would be about this crazy guy from Texas. They said, no, we need you to do that or we’ll not get past nine. I said, we’ve got a conference call in the morning with all nine. We’ll talk about it then. I knew that would give me a chance to think about it, pray about it.

The next morning they went through what they had to say. I said what I had to say, and the others agreed, ‘we think you need to announce. I said, the only way I can announce is if somebody announces before me, so that I can say, it’s not about me. It’s about getting anew Speaker. Ted Yoho said ‘Louie, if that’s all it takes, I’ll announce this afternoon.’ That was Saturday afternoon. He sent out a press release announcing. I called Fox. They said sure. Come on Fox and Friends in the morning. I did. They played it during the day. The talk shows talked about it, and there were tens of thousands, I don’t know, I had people tell they got over a thousand calls from constituents saying ‘vote for Louis. I said to one of them, ‘really, what are you going to do (this was a person from up North), he said ‘well, the Speaker’s given me a chairmanship. I’ve got to vote for him, but I just thought it would make you feel good to know that I had that many constituents that support you.’ Well, wow.

So, I knew going in that I was going to make a lot of people angry, but the goal was to get to twenty-nine. In fact, I heard about a guy that had bred, eventually getting to the biggest, meanest dog that anybody had ever seen –– just a real terror, and he had it running around in his front yard. One day he gets a knock on the door, and there’s a little elderly lady there, and she said I’m so sorry to tell you that my dog killed your dog. He said, ‘I don’t think so,’ and she said, ‘yes, I’m so sorry.’ He’s looking around and he doesn’t see the dog, and he says, ‘well what kind of dog do you have?’ and she said, ‘she’s a little Pekingese.’ ‘There’s no way your little Pekingese killed my dog.’ She said, ‘yes, I’m sorry that happened.’ ‘Well, how would your dog have killed my dog?’ ‘She got stuck in his throat.’

See, so I was going to be the little Pekingese that got stuck in the big dog’s throat. I was willing to sacrifice. If everybody was there and voting, needed twenty-nine to vote for somebody besides the current Speaker, and that would throw it to a second ballot –– that would be the first time since the 1920s, and then we would call and emergency conference, and I knew it wouldn’t be me, but we would have a compromise Speaker and it would be somebody I knew we could trust. So, that’s why that happened.

There’s no sense in me running for Speaker now that I’ve still got so many people angry with me. I know people mean well, but everytime they tell a Congressman, ‘you should have voted for Louie,’ they get mad at me all over again.

Anyway, I am supporting Dan Webster. He’s a fellow believer. He was the first Republican Speaker of the House in Florida. He’s a good man. His record’s not quite as conservative as mine, but he’s a good man. He will allow the majority to work its will, and that’s all we’re asking. That’s all we’re asking.

If you’ve had somebody tell you, like I’ve had somebody tell me many times, ‘we’ve had this right-wing radical little committee group that has hi-jacked our Republican Congress, you need to set them straight, and there was a vote that established that. That was the vote to fund Homeland Security, that did not keep our promise to defund amnesty. Members of Congress heard from their constituents back home. One after another went to the Speaker and said, I’m with you, I love you, I want to help you, but my constitutents are really angry. I can’t vote for this.

He twisted some arms, he got seventy-five (75) Republicans to vote with all the Democrats in order to fund Homeland Security without defunding the amnesty. THERE WERE 167 REPUBLICANS THAT VOTED AGAINST IT. There may be some that are not all that conservative, but what it ought to tell you is, that over two-thirds, probably close to three-fourths of the Republicans in the House represent very conservative districts. So when somebody tells you that a small group of right-wing radicals has hi-jacked the Congress, you can say ‘yeah, well I’ve got numbers that say otherwise.’

It’s a very small group that hi-jacked the massive conservative body in the Republican House of Representatives, and we’re about to get that straight now. [applause]

I know that mostly, we are believer’s here, and the Pope, I was so thrilled that he came and spoke to Congress. I’m a Christian, happen to be of the Baptist persuasion … been a deacon … when people say, ‘were you ready for all the meanness and backstabbing in Congress,’ are you kidding? I’m a Baptist deacon, here. Yeah. It’s a walk in the park compared to some of those deacons meetings. Some of you know, I’m not kidding about that.

So, he [Pope Francis] brought up the issue of immigration and there are an awful lot of wonderful people that say, ‘look, we’re supposed to be kind to the foreigners. We’re supposed to be kind to the emigrant. Your forefathers, you’ve been like that but if Romans, 13: 1-4 means anything, it means that the government exists to encourage proper conduct and it is there to punish illegal conduct. In a country that does not govern itself, that’s one thing. If you’ve got a dictator, and you’ve got an army, you can enforce the law, but if you’re in the United States of America, you the people are the government. You hire a servant, ever so often, usually November, sometimes May or other times, and it’s called Election Day. You hire servants to be in that government for you. You show up, you’re supposed to, for jury duty. You are the government. When you’re acting in a government capacity, whether it’s me when I was a judge, or somebody else, you are to enforce the law because if you don’t the country falls. It goes to chaos. You get a dictatorship, just like the Founders were afraid of. We gotta do our job.

Love one another. Follow the Beatitudes, but when you’re in a government roll, you enforce the law. Otherwise, this shining city on a hill, it slides down that hill. It can’t take care of the environment, it can’t take care of people. It can’t continue to bring in more people, give more visas than anywhere else on earth, even though we are such a small part of the world. It is the USA that’s doing that. It’s the USA that’s keeping churches, that’s keeping needy projects going around the world. Let’s not snuff out this project quite yet –– this little experiment in a democratic republic.

I want to encourage you to keep praying. That is critical, but I also want to convey what a preacher from Denton, Texas once said: ‘God’s in control, but just because he’s in control, doesn’t mean he wants you to lean on your shovel and pray for a hole.’ Let’s get to the work while we pray.

End Maggie’s transcript

Rep. Louie Gohmert, 2015 Values Voter Summit Speech (video)
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