Jeb Bush & the Klan: Damned Lies, Common Core, Agenda 21

My friend Grumpy put up a post last night before the debate. Just a few critical reminders for us, and now that the debates are over, it’s time to hit this issue hard –– via every townhall, Twitter, Facebook, and tell your friends, those in your neighborhood, who if Agenda 21 progresses, will have their front and back yards reduced by three-fourths its current size.


Remember that Jeb Bush’s Father, President George H.W. Bush, signed United Nations Agenda 21 for the United States… Since then every President has implemented portions of the treaty through regulation and executive orders, none more aggressively than Barack Obama even though the treaty has never been presented to the Senate for ratification.
They’re doing it that way because, like Bush Senior, subsequent president’s realized the American people would revolt, and hang any Senator who supported it.. The scheme would wipe out every freedom guaranteed in our Constitution.. Want to know why the Federal government wants to know who has guns, there’s your answer.

I found out a little over a year ago, the blueprint for Common Core is included in Agenda 21..

Why are our children being taught what seems to be an anti-American version of history and civics, people with a strong sense of Nationalism are not going to be compliant uncomplaining subjects of a of a Global Government. For Agenda 21 to succeed, our children must be trained to be global citizens.. or more realistically, serfs subject to the will of their United Nations and Corporate Masters.. Recently Jeb Bush, who has earned a fortune as Common Core’s lead salesman has tried claiming Common Core was a state led effort co-opted by the Department of Education..

No, It was a United Nations program, that Jeb’s father signed onto.. When Jeb looked at the scheme he quickly realized there was money to be made…. ~ Grumpy Opinions

Grumpy then posted this from Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh – U.N. Agenda 21 hiding behind Agenda 2030:

After forty years of socialist indoctrination in schools and LGBT activism, the progressive agenda is finally bearing fruit. Gloating that the Women of the Left and GLAAD were

Dr. Ileana Paugh

Dr. Ileana Paugh

victorious over our country, a recent Rush Limbaugh caller said that our country is in such a mess right now, that Christians won’t even help their own when religious rights are trampled. The warping and destruction of our children’s minds in schools is so complete, they now think the way feminist and LGBT militants want them to think, the caller concluded.


This is an interesting goal for third world and Muslim nations where girls are not encouraged or allowed to go to school past eighth grade and are forced to marry very early in their teens. In the developed world, the globalists are dumbing down education with Common Core standards that prepare students to be collective workers, not independent thinkers, and global citizens busy-bees in large corporations. Common Core also replaces history with revisionist history, non-facts, impossible math, collectivist indoctrination, and proselytizes for Islam to the detriment of Christianity.

Since it’s impossible to make all humans equal in education outcome, by forcing them to fit one mold of education standards and testing, Common Core education ensures a generation of compliant drones who are all equally ignorant on the same textbook page.

Read Dr. Paugh’s full article here.

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  • cryandhowl

    Almost the thing I loathe the most about the Bush family is their desire for global governance. Every damn one of them, at least from Prescott to Jeb. I do make an exception as far as G.W. is concerned … I loathe him even more.

    • You’re a little kinder than I am.. This is a long way from preserving. protecting and defending the Constitution.. It actually comes closer to giving aid and comfort to an enemy, considering the fact the UN wants to eliminate all national sovereignty

  • Ken

    It would be such an eye opener if the electorate of this generation (in their 20’s now) would familiarize themselves with Agenda 21 and how much has already been implemented here in the USA and right at their own local municipalities. I’ve read it, attended workshops and found it just frightening in its control of us and all the freedoms squashed. It’s come to a point where it may be too late but it does provide for strong gun control, that and abortion seem to be the only thing left waking us up anymore, maybe hope yet. Taking away a gun will get em to open a damn book.

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