Eyman Mohamed: Ahmed Sister Suspended – Threat To Blow Up School?

Eyman Mohamed, the sister of Ahmed Mohamed, the 14-year-old who took the “homemade clock” to school, was suspended from the same middle school (MacArthur – Dallas, before her brother’s suitcase “clock” trick. A student allegedly told the school that Eyman “wanted to blow up the school.” Eyman said her family didn’t take any action at that time, but when Ahmed was questioned about the clock (and refused to cooperate with police), it riled the family. The good news for Ahmed? MIT wants him. LOL! See the video below of how Ahmed could have constructed his clock in twenty seconds.

Ahmed Mohamed

Ahmed Mohamed (undentified behind him)

Eyman and Ahmed’s father, Mohamed ElHassan Mohamed, tried to be a candidate for president of Sudan on the National Reform Party in 2010 and 2015. Neither he, nor the Party was placed on the ballot, so he stayed in the safe harbor of the United States. Mohamed ElHassan Mohamed stepped in to stop the burning of the Koran when Terry Jones got his fifteen minutes of fame by burning the book. There is no record of Mohamed ElHassan Mohamed attempting to protect the defiling of the Bible by Muslims.

About this sister: Mark Cuban said he spoke to Ahmed over the phone after he was questioned by police. Cuban said he could hear Ahmed’s “sister” giving him answers to his questions.

And now, further fueling the controversy surrounding Ahmed’s possible hoax is the revelation from Ahmed’s older sister, Eyman, that she previously was suspended from the same school for three days. The reason? Apparently, a fellow student’s claim that Eyman “wanted to blow up the school.” Source: Allen B. West

Is Eyman Ahmed also a victim? Not likely. We are sensitive today. If you see something, say something is the way we roll. I’d place my money on what is probably a fact: had there not been some ‘there there,’ the family would have take steps to defend Eyman. She loves the media as much as Ahmed. Another thing: this father had to know what a ruckus would unroll when a teacher saw the case with the deconstructed clock, reconstructed and put in a briefcase. A father concerned about terrorism wouldn’t have allowed the briefcase outside of their house. Victim wanna-be-s.

Watch the video below of how Ahmed’s clock could have been constructed in 20 seconds. I’m reading that MIT is wanting this genuis-wannabe to enroll, Mark Zuckerberg wants him to “work at Facebook.

A few days later an article was written that pointed to the fact Ahmed’s “invention” was really just an old clock he took apart and put in a pencil case. Source: Young Conservatives

How to make Ahmed Mohamed’s Clock in 20 seconds (Video)

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  • Meg

    How does taking apart an old clock qualify you to go to MIT?

    • Meg, let me take a guess. First you need a Muslim kid, with parent willing him to let him out the door with a fake ‘project’ to tote to school. Then you need the police to show up to question him, because the clock looks like a bomb. That’s important, because isn’t this kid clever? It’s really, only a clock. Then you need the media to paint the good guys (those who protect others) bad, and then MIT asks you to enroll.

      • acornwebworks

        Out of curiosity, why do you think a parent would be going through the school bags of his teen-aged kids before they go to school each morning? Did *your* parents do it? Do you do it to *your* kids? Seriously?

        And please don’t say it’s because a classmate of Ahmed’s sister had – several years earlier – falsely reported that the sister had verbally made a bomb threat. (Would you expect to find *that* in a briefcase?)

        P.S. The incident with the sister wasn’t at the same school but, rather, in the same school DISTRICT.

        • acornwebworks, the source I read said “the same middle school.” When a child “builds a clock” and is proud enough to take it to school to show his science teacher, I would think the parents knew about. Out of curiosity, you think he ‘built’ the clock in the secret of his room. Found a case for it (which wasn’t his backpack). It may have fit in his backpack, but it was in something like briefcase. His parent know nothing about it? I find that odd. Seriously.

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