Donald Trump: Pesky Muslim Problem – Help or Hurt Him? Christie Doesn’t Get It

After seven years, everyone in this country has formed an opinion about Barack Obama’s faith, which once upon a time, on TV, he referred to as “my Muslim faith.” Obama didn’t even catch it –– perhaps so familiar to him –– but the interviewer, George Stephanopolous, did. George gave him a chance to be politically correct. I have opinions, but I prefer not to make a judgement call about the leader of this country’s faith, when I can’t prove it, but Governor Chris Christie can prove it –– apparently. At Trump’s press conference (first video below), an audience member made the statement that the President is a Muslim, but what the man really wanted to know is, what will Trump do about the numerous Muslim training camps in the US? Some thirty-five of them, if not more. (See the second video below.) I’d like to know the answer to that, and I’d like to see one of those camps in southeastern Oklahoma gone. More current reporting from 2015 claims there are twenty-two camps here (third video). Media are gleeful over Trump’s handling of the question –– this will surely bring him down? Chris Christie was asked about Trump’s answer today, and Christie would not focus on the only question asked: ‘when can we take care of terror camps.’ Instead, Christie stated emphatically that Obama is a Christian, born in the U.S. (yawn). What about the terror camps, Governor Christie?


Remember the dust-up over Christie appointing Soheil Mohammed to the New Jersey Superior Court, making him the second Muslim on the Court? Soheil Mohammed was Mohammed Qatanani’s attorney. Christie called opponents “ignorant.”

Despite the fact that Mohammed Qatanani was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, the organization that is behind both Al Qaeda and Hamas, despite his own guilty plea to being a member of Hamas, and despite the fact that even in the United States, he had defended a charity that provided funds to children of suicide bombers (this is done as an incentive to reassure terrorists that if they die their families will be taken care of), Qatanani was not deported.
Sohail is the second Muslim Superior Court judge in New Jersey after Hany Mawla. And if you want a preview of New Jersey’s future, you can see it in Judge Hany Mawla conducting the swearing in ceremony for Mayor Mohamed T. Khairullah in Passaic County’s Prospect Park borough. And the opening prayer for the event is delivered by none other than Imam Qatanani, leading a prayer in the name of Allah. Read this informative article at RightSideNews

New Jersey has the second largest Muslim population in the US.


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  • Joy Staveley

    I don’t think the Muslim question helped or hurt Trump. Personally, I don’t like Trump. He is narcissistic. We already have one of those in the White House and don’t need another Trump is bombastic but gives no details. I have no faith that he will or can do what he says. I don’t like political correctness, but Trump is not simply politically incorrect, he is rude and crude and self absorbed. When he said he never went bankrupt I had to shake my head. Yes. His company and to himself went bankrupt four times, but he is responsible for his companies. He/his companies left bond holders holing the ball! Yes, it was legal, but was it moral? Did it show good business judgement? Bankruptcy once, sure, but four times! Finally, Trump supported single payer and still says it works well in Canada!! Well, no it does not, and it will be the final nail in our health care system here if we ever get it. Things are already bad enough here. And he supports the progressive income tax and wants it to be even higher. That is not a true free market, capitalist guy! He said Hillary Clinton was a great Secretary of State and remarked she was highly qualified. Really!!! Come on folks, listen to what this guy has said. Listen to what he is now saying that he does not back up. We can’t do worse than Obama, but we can do so much better than Trump.

    • cryandhowl

      Here we go again. “Trump is bombastic, a narcissist. He filed bankruptcy four times, does that show good business judgment?” And on and on.
      Trump might be all that. But at least his narcissism isn’t directed at destroying the country. His is focused on trying to make the country better.
      You can have a gun and use it for good or evil. Same thing.
      I think we need someone like Trump to make an apologetic stand against those who are wrecking America.
      First, all his bankruptcies were chapter 11, which allows businesses to remain open while shedding debt. Obviously he does have pretty good business judgment … uh … think “billionaire.”
      I’m not sure if Joy is conservative or what, but I’m going to reiterate what I’ve said 100 times. Conservatives really need to learn from the left … liberals. They get what they want incrementally, a little at a time. They have for decades and we ended up with Barack Obama. That folks, is smart stuff. Conservatives on the other hand have to have ‘all or none.’ The candidate has to be stone cold conservative on each and every issue or he/she ain’t good enough. This is the precise, or at least one good reason why we won’t ever stop liberalism and the taking down of America by the likes of Obama. It’s gotten so bad that the left isn’t even concerned about incrementally achieving anything now, they don’t have to. Obama is the big dog and the Republicans are nothing but limp-wrist panty waist bobble-heads whose basic goals are the same as the Democrats. The method of achieving said goals are just a little different.
      The only other candidate I saw on that stage worth supporting wholly is Ted Cruz.

      • Balto2

        Ted Cruz is not a Natural Born Citizen so he should not even be running for President. He is pushing his luck even as Senator as his mother may not even have been an American Citizen as born here but took on Canadian Citizenship according to records. Also, Cruz is all for the NWO and fast track trade issues and is basically a Globalist. His wife is a major executive on leave from Goldman Sachs and he certainly would not do anything to jeopardize her position. We never hear anything about his mother and I wonder if she is alive, where is she and why do we not hear from her?

        • cryandhowl

          Okay, then Trump is the man!

  • a8mark

    Obama a Christian ? hahaha when he said the golden rule was about money I said to myself he doesn’t know the bible. he hardly ever mentions the bible and when he does he has some schmuk get the scripture for him and can read it on the teleprompter. and he even gets those wrong sometimes. when he talks about Muslims he puffs his chest out and smiles

    • Jester

      He is also quoted as saying ” ‘I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” That is from his book “the audacity of hope”

      • a8mark


  • I’d have never thought this article possible before Obama:

    “U.S. Becomes Chief Enabler of Christian Persecution”

    His administration has been attacking Christians domestically and enabling Christian genocide elsewhere since he took office. Not exactly what you’d expect from a Christian President..

    Over 40% of American’s think he’s Muslim (29%) , Atheist (11%) or something else (1%).. Another 14% say they don’t know..

    39% of Americans think he’s Protestant and another 6% think he’s Catholic or Mormon..

    Once again the media and a lot of politicians prove they aren’t paying attention to what we’re thinking.

  • “Let’s forego the preponderance of evidence for
    what Obama once called “my Muslim faith.” Let’s forget his implacable
    hostility to Israel, ignore his unwavering support for the Muslim
    Brotherhood, disregard the prisoner swap that sent 5 top Taliban
    commanders back to the Middle East (3 of who have now joined the ranks
    of ISIS), discount the Benghazi debacle, and forgive the many inane statements that only a committed Islamophile or a damned fool would utter ( “Islam
    has a proud tradition of tolerance.” “Islam has always been part of
    America” “Islam is not part of the problem in combating violent
    extremism – it is an important part of promoting peace.” etc., etc.). Let’s even overlook the fact that 29%
    of all Americans believe he’s a closet Muslim. In what twisted universe
    is it Donald Trump’s duty as a Republican candidate for president to
    defend the likes of Barack Obama?” (

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