Ted Cruz Video Red State August 2015: When Have You Stood & Fought?

I like to transcribe these videos, because they often disappear. Didn’t have time to do that last night or this morning, but watch the video, and be inspired. Congressman Jim Bridenstine (R-OK), my congressman, introduced Cruz. Wish this video had his entire comments (but you can see them here). Cruz talked about how conservative Bridenstine is, and after saying that Bridenstine is a “fearless conservative fighter in House of Representatives,” he said this:

[PULLOUT QUOTE] You know in Congress you can pretty much measure how strongly your standing for conservative principles, by just how much you need a food taster in the member’s dining room. And I think Jim employs five food tasters.

In the video, Cruz continues his “When Have You Stood and Fought to Lead” theme. I have more on that here, including his fifteen questions to ask candidates that begin with “when have you stood and fought…”

Ted Cruz Speaking at Red State August 2015

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