Justus Belfield, 98, Vet of Battle of the Bulge, In Uniform, Salutes, Dies

This story is close to one year old now, but the details and photo of Master Sergeant Justus R. Belfield should be shared over, and over. According to family members, MSG Belfield, 98 years old, put on his Army uniform every Veteran’s Day, and his last was no different. On Veteran’s Day, Tuesday, November 11, 2014, in full uniform, he saluted, and died early the next morning. He served active duty for 16 years, and fought in the Battle of the Bulge. He was a bugler, machine gunner, and horse handler.

MSG Justus R. Belfield

MSG Justus R. Belfield

While my mother was not a veteran, Mr. Belfield’s spirit, like hers, touched many people. He tooted a horn tacked onto his walker, as he walked through the facility –– called the girls “beautiful,” and they called him “handsome.” He always had a smile on his face. Mom, and this brave American, made people happy. A month before his death, on September 11, 2014, he was in uniform, and stood to sing God Bless America.

World War II Veteran Justus Belfield gave his final salute on Veterans Day.

The proud 98-year-old was too weak to leave his bed at Baptist Health Nursing and Rehabilitation Center for the nursing home’s veterans’ parade and luncheon, but there was no doubt he was there in spirit.

In honor of the day, he asked to be dressed in his olive green Army uniform, which he’d worn for every patriotic occasion since he and his wife, Lillian, moved to Baptist several years ago.

Christine Camp, who works in the center’s activities department, was with Belfield and his wife Tuesday morning. Sensing he was close to death, she decided to stay with the couple until other family members arrived.

“I could see him breathing and I leaned down and I looked at him and I said, ‘Happy Veterans Day. Thank you for your service,’” she recalled.

In response, he gave a slow but strong salute. Read more.

The greatest generation is almost gone, and look what we have done with their sacrifice –– given up the liberty, that so many gave all for. R.I.P. Justus R. Belfield.

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  • clayguy1

    What a full life… Sad to see the greatest generation pass away.
    I watched a movie the other day, “Destination Tokyo”. It reminded me of the fact that there were no rules of engagement back then. You went all out to kill the enemy till he couldn’t take it anymore.. You were given orders and the rest was up to the plan and you. That’s why we defeated Germany and Japan.. we knocked the crap out of them till they yelled uncle..
    Man I miss the days when the Generals fought.

  • SuzyQ, It seems impossible that one day soon, there won’t be a single one alive. The world will far worse without them.

  • alohasteve

    Insanity! No Photo ID, No Problem – Illegals Using Notice To Appear At Airports – Fox & Friends”


    ps. Interested in a Link Exchange w/ CC?

  • Thank You Master Sergeant!

  • cryandhowl

    My dear Maggie! It is so good to ‘see’ you again!
    This post really moves me. Soon there will be no more WWII vets … no more greatest generation. When I think about how the current traitors use the freedoms that good men such as MSG Belfield fought for, to destroy this nation it makes me sick. There are so few patriots left Maggie and we’re being overwhelmed with “progressive” ideas forwarded by those who will never know what genuine liberty and freedom really is.
    Anyway dear lady I surely hope and pray that you and your family are okay and it has made my day to “see” you here again. Take good care and if you and your loved ones need anything please let me know.