John Thune to GOP: No Talk of Illegals on August Recess – Catholics Align With GOP

Senator John Thune (R-SD) issued the rules (talking points) for GOP Senators while home for August recess. Those rules DO NOT INCLUDE CONVERSATION ABOUT ILLEGAL MIGRANTS.  Breitbart “exclusively obtained” a copy of Thune’s rules. Assuming Breitbart’s reporting of Thune’s Rules are accurate, the rules go something like this (my interpretation, not Breitbart’s):


John Thune

John Thune

a) explain the accomplishments of the Senate (and ignore the hoots when they shout you down for being an idiot),

b) convince voters that we are planning to get “back to work,” (and ignore the snorts from the ignorant in your audience),

c) meet with business groups (and ignore the boos as you support the Chamber of Commerce’s vicious and powerful attacks on the Rule of Law, and plans for granting amnesty to the mega-millions of migrants),

d) refuse to discuss illegal immigration and illegal alien crime. Do.Not.Talk.About.It. (and ignore the chaos that breaks out, as you refuse to support the will of the voter. Watch your back as you run for the door.)

I’ve attempted to find House rules for August 2015, and have come up with nothing, however, Catholics have. A pdf, via Google search credits it to the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities, encourages “Catholic higher education” to use “talking points” to discourage any efforts to SECURE THE BORDERS, OR STOP THE FLOW OF BORDER ENCROACHMENTS AND REFUGEE RESETTLEMENT. The first “talking point” is:

A path to citizenship that is accessible and viable for the 11 million undocumented in the country; Source – written first person with no identification

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  • Always On Watch


    The GOP really is the Party of Stupid. to ignore discussion of illegal immigration with contsituents.

    • AOW, so unbelievable that this is happening after all we know about –– after all the nose thumbing to immigration law. A Party of Stupid would certainly refuse to talk about the biggest issue facing us.

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  • Lee Thomas

    Sorry for this negative post but the right has earned every word of it.

    The GOP is lost, has lost and will never win a national election ever again. A bit radical but the GOP is so divided within its own party that it shows itself as a bafoon.

    We have moderates, libertarians, Establishment GOP…..but the one thing we do not have is blacks, hispanics which now account for about 40 percent of the country.

    We march around wanting to throw hispanics out of the country. We march around wanting to Murder blacks. We are painted as white sheet wearing, confederate flag waving, women hating, Religious zealots who hate every religion except Christianity………..We proved that by watching the Evangelicals stay home when Romney(Mormon) ran against BO.

    So where do we go from here?

    Well unless and until we are willing to embrace change instead of trying to be stuck in the mid 20th century……we will never have a chance at winning a national election………

    One only has to look at the excitement stirred up by the Radical Obama when he RAN or now the Communist Bernie Sanders as he seeks the Democratic nod………….

    Meanwhile back at the GOP ranch we are figuring out new ways to wall off the border……….throw out millions of Immigrants……..Kill more muslims…….Cut taxes so Democratic billionaires can give communists more money……..Cut government down to a skeleton staff………..and return to the barter system…….Take away womens rights………Make sure they have all those babies they dont want……..

    We dictate to the people what WE WANT and RAIL against the LEFT for Dictating to the people what THEY WANT………

    Moderation will win elections…….it will neuter the left………..the problem is moderation means conceding to the left and of course we all know that not a one of you reading this would ever concede anything to the left to get things done………

    So enjoy…..because remember this majority in the house and senate has like a 16 percent approval rating……….how long do you really think the GOP will hold the house and the senate?

    My guess is that in 2-4 years the Democrats will be owning all 3 houses again as the GOP wallows in angry dyfunction as they beat each other up with a message that is so full of anti- everything that no one nationally wants them to run anything.

    • Lee, I agree with you on many areas, but we want to vote for some of what we believe. Most conservatives I know, understand compromise. Now, when you say “We march around wanting to throw hispanics out of the country. We march around wanting to Murder blacks.” That’s not true. We want some Rule of Law. We want people here legally. Surely you can’t disagree with that. You’re saying that we MUST agree to open borders. We’re not going to do that. We are “wanting to Murder blacks? Come on. That kind of talk tells you are extreme far-left. You have no legs to stand on to support that rhetoric. Republicans have ALWAYS had MODERATES in power. Look where it’s gotten us. We all know that a conservative (not far right), will never get into office, but it isn’t because we don’t have Hispanics or blacks, although, yes, we need them in the party, and there may be more there now than you realize. Many good people in the US, of all ethnicities, want to move ahead under the Rule of Law.

      How can we get more moderate than John Boehner and Mitch McConnell?

      I do agree that we may never win again. Tell me where you think we need to compromise? We need to stop wanting to murder blacks? We embrace all illegals before we have even a glimmer of border security? We should continue not to let Border Security do their job? I’ll tell you this, border security affects our economy, and voters know it –– but we are not ready for the faux “comprehensive immigration reform” that was disingenuously provided to us. We think it’s okay to do partial birth abortions, and send my tax money and yours to Planned Parenthood? We think it’s swell that the coal business is almost out of business? We agree to continue to fund folly, like Solyndra? I could go on and on.

      The truth is, most voters don’t have a clue about the issues that matter. Are you suggesting that we do the same?

  • Don’t you wish, JUST ONCE, these people would read the First Amendment to the document they swore to uphold.

    • Woodsterman, sure would like for them consider something more than their permanent seat in Congress. Certainly would like for them to act for the country, rather than their pension.