Hillary Clinton Gave Up Amb Chris Stevens’ Location, Didn’t Even Know His Name!

Judge Andrew Napolitano is revealing more from the FOIA documents containing Hillary Clinton’s email. Using her unsecured server, and not an approved State Department server, Napolitano said, through her email, she revealed the location of French fighter jets, the size and location of no-fly zones in Libya, and the location of Ambassador Chris Stevens. Do you remember Hillary calling Chris Stevens a “friend,” as she stood by his coffin? Take a look at this email at Gateway Pundit, sent by Hillary (known as hrod – cute, huh?) the night of the Benghazi attack –– and friends, hrod reported Chris Smith to be dead. Not Chris Stevens, and not Sean Smith (who worked with the Ambassador, and was also murdered).


Judge Napolitan’s reports have been mind-blowing, not because we didn’t already know, but because he says he has proof. Read it here and here. Related: A$$holes and Clowns v. Lawless Liars and Security Threats.

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  • Mustang

    This woman should rot in hell.

  • j p

    What ever happened to that State Dept whistle blower who had testified to Hillary aides pulling documents from the basement of the State Dept one Sunday morning ? When he asked Cheryl Mills what they were doing she said removing documents that could hurt Clinton and when he question the ethics he was told “Ray, we do what we are told” or something to that effect.. I’d think this would be direct evidence of obstruction but it seems no one is talking about this…

    • That was Raymond Maxwell. I was looking around for him a couple of weeks ago. Not much new since Fall 2015. He was demoted.

  • Guest

    Hillary was caught as the head honcho pushing for the overthrow of Ghadaffi and arming terrorists to do so against the advice of generals and the pentagon.

    Did we not hear from Blumenthal and all his advice to Hillary regarding Libya and all the business deals he was looking for ?

    We know Hillary’s relationship with George Soro’s and his love for overthrowing governments.

    Money. It is always about the money.

    Dennis Kuchinich was in touch with Ghaddaffi’s son on tape trying to figure out what was going on as the Libyan push did not make sense from the U.S. involvements interests. Kuchinich explains with Fox the secret tapes and the mistrust of Hillary.


    • Guest, I remember this. Wandered why he was talking to Gaddafi, who we could have easily handled. Reagan did it, and Gaddafi sat on his thumbs for years. Horribly destabling to Libya, and to the US. Maybe Hillary was selling arms for the Clinton Foundation treasury.

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