GOP Debate Questions: Tough v. Informative –– Let’s Separate the Pack

The first GOP debate on Fox last week: I don’t know about you, but I could have given the answers the candidates gave, before they opened their mouths. Not that the questions were not good, or were not “tough,” and not that the answers were not good, because there were many good answers, but the questions did not separated anyone from the pack. I might not have anticipated Mike Huckabee saying that he would go beyond defunding Planned Parenthood (although it wasn’t surprising). Everyone performed well, but we have five more debates. I would like to hear the answers to questions that ask for a commitment. Most of them questions we haven’t asked before. For starters,’ here are some examples. Asking for a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer would be nice.


As president, working with Congress in accordance with the U.S. Constitution, work rapidly to do the following?

1. Will you build a fortified wall along our southern borders, in every location where a wall can be built.

2. Will you commit to never telling us that we can’t afford to build a wall?

3. Will you commit to continuing to use drones, cameras that actually work, towers for Border Patrol for surveillance, and never tell us that we cannot afford to do these things?

4. Do you agree that three above questions are the best guarantee to keep our Rule of Law sound?

5. Will you institute a policy of profiling, and call it what it is, profiling, to isolate enemies of the United States, now on United State’s soil, and those entering the United States?

6. Do you agree that the profiling of those who history has shown to be dangerous to our safety, is reasonable and fair?

7. Will you commit to immediately revoking passports of anyone who has left this country, and has been confirmed to be working, training, cohabing with the enemy, or funding or being funded by the enemy?

8. Will you commit to immediately putting someone in charge of revamping our Visa program, and commit to never accepting that it’s ‘hard’ to do, or ‘can’t be done?

9. Will you commit to ending anchor baby status?

10. Will you commit to moving Islamic sympathizers, and leftists out of the Department of State, the EPA, the Department of Energy, the Department of Interior, the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice, and the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, for starters, and will you clean house all the way to the basement.

11. Will you commit to begin the scrubbing of federal agencies with the Department of State?

12. Will you commit to removing everyone in the Department of Homeland Security who believes it is unfair to use words expressing truth, when the truth is that a specific party, organization, religious belief or ideology is responsible for terrorism?

13. Will you commit to never grabbing public land for government use, further agreeing that we have too much federal land, with little money to take care of it.

14. Will you commit to doing far more than ‘reforming the tax code,’ by cutting the size of the IRS, and making tax reporting simple enough for every household to fill out their own one-page tax return?

15. Do you commit to encouraging the House of Representatives to use its unique power of the purse to right the state of our nation?

It’s early in the campaign season. As you campaign, will you commit to:

1. Informing voters about Hillary Clinton’s scandals, with emphasis on Benghazi, and her use of a private email server, for confidential communications –– understanding that this means continual focus on Benghazi and Hillary’s part in it, as evidenced by new email releases via FOIA?

2. Will you call on Hillary Clinton to delink the anti-Islam video from the Americans who died in Benghazi –– and call for it over and over?

3. Will you commit to making the public aware that the Benghazi Accountability Review Board (ARB) cleared Hillary without a single interview with her, or her closest aides, and that she handpicked those on the board –– because Hillary will use the ARB’s flawed findings to defend her lack of prudence.

4. Will you commit to talking about every issue you have committed to, loud and often, between now and election day?

This could go on forever. If you have suggestions, leave them in comments. We have many good candidates, but if we don’t get to specifics, those voters who aren’t monitoring the elections as many of us do, will have far fewer reasons to be energized to get to the polls.


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