Gays Support Christian Cake Maker, Sued and Lost in Court: The Sin Cups

Jack Phillips was sued for refusing to make a wedding cake for a gay couple, who then allegedly issued death threats. They sued. He lost in court, and now his bakery can no longer sell wedding cakes, which were about forty percent of his business.

Christian Cross

Although it appears that Phillips is on the losing side of the debate, the baker said he has received a lot of support, not only from friends and family, but from members of the gay community.
“The other day a guy from Daytona Beach called and left a message. He said he’s gay and he wanted to offer his support, and gave me his phone number to call him back,” Phillips said, adding that this was just one of many such pledges of support.

Phillips said many members of the gay community told him that Craig and Mullins and others who have threatened Phillips are making the rest of the gay community “look like we’re terrorists.” Source

This post started with the video below, then I found the story of the cake maker. One has nothing to do with the other. I believe all sin is equal in the eyes of God, with one exception, which is denying Jesus Christ. We all sin. I believe everyone one of us has the opportunity to have a relationship with God, and the opportunity can come in the blink of an eye –– even if it’s in our last moments. That’s what I think. It’s not what I know with certainty. Thanks to Carl Middleton for the video. Read his latest here.

The Sin Cups
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  • cryandhowl

    I think it’s great that some gay folks are supporting the bakers. They are right, all it takes is a few vicious ones to make the entire group look bad. The gay couple could have had their cake baked just about by anyone yet they choose the Christians for a specific reason.

    • Cyberats

      Stop blaming the clients, maybe they were willing to pay a higher price for a better cake.

      • cryandhowl

        And how do you know the Christian bakers had better cakes?

        • Cyberats

          Selective reading I see, STOP BLAMING THE CLIENTS, does not register.

          • Readers, Cyberats insists Cry and Howl “redirected” to a “selective” blog post. I have quoted the blog post above. It recounts a particular event in the story of bakers refusing to add to gay wedding celebrations.

      • Cyberats, it wasn’t about the money.

        • cryandhowl

          Amen sister!

        • Cyberats

          I said stop blaming the clients.

          • I said, “No shoes, no shirt, no service.” Really, you come here and tell me to stop something? Your opinion is welcome, but please don’t assume you can demand anything here, and be accommodated.

            • Cyberats

              Are you saying they walked in with no shoes, no shirts or no pants ?

              • dianabug

                I think you are too narrow minded to understand anyone else’s point of view. So since you call yourself a rat, please act like one and scurry away when the light of intelligence is shown..

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  • Cyberats

    As a business you are a PUBLIC entity no matter what Corporate make it to be today, you deal with the public, you do NOT have a right to Discriminate. You cannot make yourself EXEMPT from the U.S. Constitution or the U.S. Law, otherwise you should leave the country. Faith is personal, religion is a public organized mafia, if you want to be a good business, keep your faith & politricks to yourself.

    • cryandhowl

      There’s always a dumb-ass in the crowd who doesn’t have a clue as to what he/she is talking about. Go back to sleep or go chase a car. And while we’re at it why don’t you explain why about 13 gay bakeries refused to make a traditional wedding cake for straight folks, because the gay bakers didn’t like what they were asked to put on it, that’s acceptable?
      You should get your facts straight before making yourself look stupid.

      • Cyberats

        Maybe you should stop re-directing to false sources and build strawmen to prove your distorted religious point of view.
        I don’t see where the gay people asked the baker to build anything LGBT onto the cake, he just refused on account they are gay. If a religious zealot nutcase wants crosses all over the cake and you have none in stock, you can say so, I as a business man with money in mind, would do my best to service my clients. No matter what their beliefs are according to the 1st Amendment of the Law of the Land, The Bill of Rights.
        Seems that a Lot of religious fanatic zealots want to tear down our constitution as it does not befit their purposes.

        • Cyberats, Cry and Howl didn’t misdirect you. On baker was asked to put “Support Gay Marriage” on a cake. Here’s what the article says: “No one targeted pro-gay bakeries, but gay activists target Christian bakeries. “Support Gay Marriage” is one Christian bakery was sued for refusing to put that slogan on a cake for an event to support the gay agenda.

          • Cyberats

            It’s just words on a cake who’s existence is limited to a few days.

        • Speaking of.. go try to get a Muslim Bakery to bake a gay wedding cake. Not sure losing your head and trying to sue them if they refuse would be a good idea..

          • Grumpy, that’s the story!

          • Cyberats

            In USA ?

            • Yep, In the USA…

              • Cyberats

                They should be punished the same as discriminating Christians – EXILE.

              • Cyberats

          • Cyberats

            Like Christian Puritans are better than Muslim Jihadists ? Same difference.
            The sooner we get rid of you as well, the better the world will become.

            • “Christian Puritan?” Nope, not me.. Christian yes, but the Good Lord knows I’ve committed my share of sins, and someone else’s too..

              “The sooner we get rid of you as well, the better the world will become.”

              Sounds like a threat, If it was meant personally…, I’m here, better men than you have tried..

              If it was meant generally, thanks for confirming that, at least in your mind, the ultimate goal of the homosexual movement is to destroy religion.. something that would undermine every principle this country was built on,, #26, 27 and 28 of the 45 communist goals outlined in the Naked Communist

            • Cyberats, you belong elsewhere.

    • “Discriminate,” over-used and because of the faux application of the word, it’s majorly underwhelming today. No shoes, no shirt, no service. Who a baker chooses to bake a cake for isn’t dictated by the Constitution.

      • Cyberats

        It is dictated by the constitution, decency rules & anti-criminal regulations do apply, but apart from that, get out of business if you wish to practice something other than baking.

        • “the constitution, decency rules & anti-criminal regulations” LOL!

        • Actually the folks who wrote the Constitution believed homosexuals should be hung, except for Jefferson who proposed a law making castration the penalty. The Virginia legislature turned him down since hanging was faster and cheaper…

          Since we know their views on the subject, it cannot be rationally argued that the Constitution was designed to be on the side of gay’s on any issue..

          On the other hand- the First Amendment forbids any law prohibiting the free exercise of religion..

          • Cyberats

            Strawman building his own world out of straw.
            Free Individual exercise of religion, not mob, not public business.
            What about the freedom of gay people to exercise their religion ?
            This is a Secular Nation, any laws or regulations made based on religious creed are null & treasonous. “Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion,…”
            but you skip over the inconvenient truths, like most religious, illogical, immoral, zealots.

        • dianabug

          Exactly WHERE in the Constitution?

  • dianabug

    Not every customer is a “fit” to do business with, this is why brides go and look at a lot of different vendors to try and choose the best for their circumstance, and not all companies want your business, for a variety of reasons. When I do not want someone’s business, I am polite and my bid is very high. Problem solved.

    • Excellent solution. dianabug. For this couple, who offered up death as their own solution, I wouldn’t be surprised if they got a quote via the phone, with little disclosure –– a lower quote –– and then after receiving the high bid in the shop have another issue for their court case.

      • dianabug

        Better to stop giving quotes over the phone than give up 40% of your sales…… for thought.

        • These are the times we’re living in, and it’s heartbreaking.

          • dianabug

            Absolutely. Praying hard for a Christian President, who is full of courage and wisdom. Someone who will inspire and encourage people to rise up and return our country to it’s foundational principles.

    • I’ve done my share of that..

  • The left has a plan to slowly and methodically erode or steal our freedoms. This is an example of their methods for silencing individuals and stripping them of their (our) freedoms. Common sense needs to return to this land.

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