Do You See a Difference Between Watergate & HillaryEmailGate?

So many HillaryGates to discuss, but for this post’s purposes, I’ll stick to a comparison of Nixon’s Watergate and Hillary’s national security breaches. With Watergate, a bunch of partisan thugs, Republican bad boys, broke into the Democratic National Committee (DNC) office, in the Watergate building. Do we assume that the DNC filed away documents presenting a national security threat to this country? Hardly, unless one considers another Nixon term a national security threat –– which I’ll allow some may have considered. We have to assume the DNC DID NOT have possession of copies of top-secret, classified or highly-classified documents intended to be cloistered safely, and legally, in the Department of State, the Pentagon, or with the Joint-Chiefs. The bad boys wanted dirt on Democrat nominees, and they weren’t going to get much more. In the end, they deserved everything they got, but make no mistake about it, to compare the Nixon cover-up to the Hillary email cover-up lacks critical thinking — except that both were willing to use their personal power illegally. Comparing Nixon and the DNC, Hillary and the U.S. State Department, does not equate. The documents Nixon sought had nothing to do with nuclear threats or terrorism. Nixon had not set-up the murder of our Ambassador to Libya, or our ambassador in any other country. Hillary left confidential information open to hacking, both foreign and domestic. She could have easily offered information to others for donations to the Clinton Foundation. Do you doubt the possibility? UPDATE: Oh, look at this, others are asking the same question. Bob Woodward said:

HillaryEmailGate - Cartoon Courtesy of CondeNast

HillaryEmailGate – Cartoon Courtesy of CondeNast

So, you’ve got a massive amount of data in a way, reminds me of the Nixon tapes: Thousands of hours of secretly recorded conversations that Nixon thought were exclusively his… This has to go on a long long time; the answers are probably not going to be pretty. Read more at the Washington Examiner

There’s no need to break into the RNC or the DNC today. The Oval Office can get everything desired on political opponents through the Patriot Act. Oh sure, “they” don’t listen into our telephone calls. “They” don’t read our emails. That is unless they do, and neither you nor I will never know about it. The point is, they can.

 Bob Woodward on Hillary’s Email National Security Breaches

Did you know that investigators just found many more classified documents among Hillary’s communications. Read it at RightWingNews. And more at The Lonely Conservative.

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  • axethecouncil

    yes I do see a difference. With watergate the media led the attack. With shillary gate they are leading the defense. Period.

    • axethecouncil, back in those very innocent days, we were shocked. The media has passed on every Hillary scandal. This one shouldn’t stand, and Watergate is no more than a hoot in comparison.

  • cryandhowl

    Watergate was choir boy stuff compared to what Hillary and company have been doing. axethecouncil has it right on with his comment.

    • cryandhowl, Oh yeah, no comparison, and no matter who instigated the attention, what she has done goes so far beyond trying to uncover reelection secrets.

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