DHS Drone Program Lies: About Cost, Efficiency & Where We Drone

The Inspector General (IG) for the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) border drone program has audited the inefficient, costly program –– and can you believe, they’ve been doing some lying? But seriously, wouldn’t we all like to see unmanned drones work (meaning a program that actually works) on the border? I know I would. But it’s government, folks, so we have no reason for optimism. According to the audit, the program has assisted “in less than 2 percent of the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) “illegal border crossers.” Radar sensors in some areas are also part of the program –– you know, to “increase awareness.” The sensors “have been limited.” Now, here’s the first lie:

Drone destined for the US-Mexico Border

Drone destined for the US-Mexico Border

…the unmanned aircraft do not operate along the entire southwest border as has been reported.

There’s been some manipulating. The figures the administration has released about the costs are alleged by the IG to be lacking the full truth. We The People were told that in fiscal year 2013, DHS spent $62.5 million to operate the program, “or about $12,255 PER HOUR. Each flight costs $2,468.00 –– each flight –– but that figure:

…does not include operating costs, such as the costs of pilots, equipment, and overhead,” the report says.

Only the government would fail to include the very things that make a program a program.

Detail on ‘inefficiency:’

When CBP launched its drone program, it anticipated that there would be increased apprehensions of illegal border crossers, a reduction in border surveillance costs and improvement in the agency’s efficiency. The inspector general found that none of this has materialized. In fact, drone surveillance has been credited with assisting in less than 2% of CBP apprehensions of illegal border crossers. “CBP also planned to use unmanned aircraft to operate a radar sensor over the southwest border to increase awareness and analyze surveillance gaps, but sensor operations have been limited,” the report says. “In addition, the unmanned aircraft do not operate along the entire southwest border as has been reported.”

Lies, damn lies and statistics.

Read the entire article at Judicial Watch, including a link to the report, and many thanks to a guest commenter for the tip.

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