Trinity Church, NYC: Morning Prayer – Alexander Hamilton “Incorruptible Integrity”

When hubby and I were in New York City for my son’s kidney surgery last August, we did a lot of walking. We rented an apartment in the West Village for his recovery, and were only about four blocks from the Hudson River, giving us amazing walking access to Lower Manhattan. We visited Trinity Episcopal Church on Broadway at the corner of Wall Street. Trinity is the final resting place of Founder Alexander Hamilton. His grave marker is uniquely expressive–something we seldom see today. On a literature rack in the church foyer, I found a card with a “morning” prayer, and an “evening” prayer, and think you might appreciate them, as I have.The first photo below is from Wikipedia, the others are mine. Also below is an update on my son’s health for all those who have kept my family in their hearts and prayers, have emailed and commented with scriptures and encouragement.

Trinity Episcopal Church

Trinity Episcopal Church

Morning Prayer:

Father, thank your for this new morning and the privilege of beginning the day with You. As today unfolds, give me wisdom to handle every situation I encounter. Let my speech be seasoned with grace and my thoughts pleasing to You. I am grateful to know that regardless of where this day takes me, You will be right there with me. There is no shortage of good things in Your presence.

Help me to live with my mind set on things above so that Your light would shine in my life and Your name would be glorified. Amen.

O satisfy us in the morning with Your loving kindness, that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days. ~ Psalm 90:14


 Evening Prayer:

Father, as another day comes to an end, I am grateful for all the ways You have provided for me and protected me from harm. I am humbled to know that the One who lit every star in the night sky cares for me.

I ask that You would grant rest to my body and mind, that I would wake up in the morning refreshed and renewed with a heart ready to serve You. Thank You for extending Your wisdom and grace to me today. When I stop to think about Your unconditional love, I am filled with awe. How wonderful it is to know You and find rest in Your arms tonight.


And He said, “My presence shall go with you, and I will give you rest.” ~ Exodus 33:14

Alexander Hamilton's Grave, Trinity Church, New York City

Alexander Hamilton’s Grave, Trinity Church, New York City

Many of you are aware that my 37-year-old son was diagnosed with Advanced Stage 4 Kidney Cancer (Renal Cell) in June 2014. He works in New York City eight months of the year, so we decided Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital was the best place for treatment. His kidney was removed in August. The cancer had already metastasized to his lungs. Much progress has been made with lung cancer, but he does not have lung cancer, he has Renal cancer in his lungs. Traditional chemotherapy does not work with Renal Cancer, so right now, he is on a drug that targets the blood flow to the tumors. It is a tough drug to take, but he went back to work last October, and so far, his scans have shown diminishment in the size of the tumors.

Like so many young people who endure these terribly aggressive cancers, my son fills me with awe. Over the Christmas holidays, I heard him tell someone that he tries to enjoy every day, and not worry about what he can’t do anything about. He married less than three months before his diagnosis, and has an incredibly strong and committed wife. He is always smiling. He is always kind. He is still ambitious and takes his career seriously. We believe he can be the exception, a survivor who conquers this cruel disease. There is no history of Kidney Cancer in our family. He is the first. Kidney cancer has few symptoms. In fact, the symptoms you think would be so obvious, often are not. I encourage you to read our story, here, and think about what you can do for your children, to avoid going down this path. We could have avoided this terrible time, had we only known. Again, thank you for your prayers and heartfelt caring. I can’t begin to express what it means to us.


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  • CJ Hoff

    Maggie, I am so sorry for what your son and your family are enduring and fighting through. I hear about more and more younger people getting cancer. I believe one huge causal factor is wireless radiation from the many devices that everyone uses. We carry these devices very close to our bodies, and we are being bathed in microwave radiation. The FCC states that it is safe, that it is not strong enough to thermally heat your tissue. This is true, but the FCC blatantly ignores the non-thermal biological effects, and the thousands of studies showing serious harm to all living things. One good source of compiled research can be found at: This site is set up to simply inform the public on what the MSM poorly reports on. I pray your son heals and recovers fully. Blessings!

    • CJ Hoff, thank you for taking the time to comment, and the information and link. There is no telling what all these “devices” are doing to us.

  • Fixall

    Once again, I offer prayers to you and your family. God always has a reason and we understand that.

  • stlgretchen

    Thank you for the beautiful post today, Maggie. Prayers continue for your son and family. Those prayers help keep it all in perspective.

  • Guest

    Maggie..Your son sounds like an amazing man. I pray that he will continue to stand strong in his battle of this awful disease.
    My niece had her kidney removed three years ago. She was your sons age and in amazing health.
    One Friday night she felt like she had been getting a urinary tract infection.
    By the next day she had blood in her urine. Off to the hospital and a few hours later was diagnosed with kidney cancer.
    Shocking as there was no signs of the cancer prior to the night before.
    The kidney was removed and after rounds and rounds of chemo..she is cancer free.
    I ran into a friend from town who informed me she had kidney cancer. Another young woman. She too was lucky as she was in the hospital having gall bladder surgery when it was discovered.
    A full removal of the kidney an she is doing well. She had said that she at times would have some back pain which she attributed to just that,,back pain.
    Apparently, back pain can also be a sign according to her doctor.
    The point of all of this is in all my years, I never heard of anybody with kidney cancer. Now it is becoming common like all the other cancers.
    Have hope as miracles are all around us.

    • Guest, when my son had his lung biopsy, before his kidney was removed a month later, we saw many young people in the hospital for kidney removal. We had no way to know if metastasis was also a reality for them. Kidney removal is very successful with no metastasis. Back pain is a sign, and it began with my son just a month or so before the diagnosis. I believe Kidney Cancer is now the 9th most diagnosed cancer. The key is to catch it early. Thank you for taking the time to comment and share these stories with us. We are not alone.

  • I have been remembering your son in my prayers, since you wrote about his illness. I will keep him in them as he battles this insidious disease.

    • Hi Norma, sure wish I could get to your state and have that lunch we missed! Thank you so much for the continued prayers. It means a lot to know that friends and people we don’t even know, are storming the gates of heaven.

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