Ted Cruz Announces for President 2016 – Video

Senator Ted Cruz sized-up the Constitutional American dream today, when he announced that he is running for the presidency. He gave a rousing, impassioned speech, and a teleprompter was nowhere to be seen.

Ted Cruz, photo credit Daily Mail, Getty Images

Ted Cruz, photo credit Daily Mail, Getty Images

I plan to transcribe the speech, here in this post, as the video will eventually disappear. Read the entire transcript, and view the video here. If you missed the speech this morning, I hope you have time to watch it. A transcript cannot replace the earnestness and depth of the delivery.

Ted Cruz Announces for President 2016
Video Courtesy of iizthatiiz

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  • lakeside227

    I like Cruz, I really do. I think he would be a good president. He is not a natural born citizen, he is not Constitutionally eligible. There is no doubt he is a citizen, his mother was a citizen when he was born. His father, however, was not a citizen at the time of Cruz’s birth. A natural born citizen is one who is born to two citizens – the place of the birth is irrelevant. It’s the parents’ citizenship that matters.

    The Founders placed a further requirement on presidential eligibility. The president must not have divided loyalties. If one parent was a foreign citizen, that caused divided loyalties. They specified natural born and defined it as one born to two citizens. I’m getting flack all over for stating this, but I’m following the Constitution.

    Current opinions from lawyers or Congress don’t matter. The Constitution is what matters. We must use the definitions used when it was ratified. Those definitions can’t be changed by legislation or court rulings. When the Constitution was ratified, natural born citizen meant born of two citizens. That’s what it means today. Or we are not a Country of laws, we are merely a Country of men.

    • lakeside227, I know it’s controversial, and I know what you are citing. I’m reading all I can, and will see what more comes out. A number of SCOTUS decisions on this haven’t helped.