Status Quo: Tens of Thousands of 3-Year Eligibility Permits & Full Amnesty Awarded to DREAMERS

The “status quo” in America is a dicey thing. We are told that the Obama administration has halted their expanded programs to grant amnesty after Federal District Judge Andrew S. Hanen declared the actions violated federal law. However, on Tuesday, March 2, 2015, Department of Justice attorneys told a Texas judge that “about 100,000 applications” for DREAMERS had already been processed and would not be revoked. According to this source, some of the thousands were actually approved for full amnesty, not just a three-year permit.


“It is defendants’ [Obama administration] understanding that the preliminary injunction does not require them to take affirmative steps to alter the status quo as it existed before the court’s order,” the administration told Judge Hanen. “For this reason, defendants do not understand the order to require defendants to take affirmative steps to revoke three-year periods of deferred action and work authorization.”

Readers, here are those to contact on the House Homeland Security Committee, and the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. Don’t assume these Committee members already know this two-day old news. Sometimes, they are the last to know.

Let us renew the effort to fix our corrupt visa system (do you really think we cannot track those in this country who have overstayed their visa? Can we NOT do more than one things at a time?), and stop the anchor babies, some of which are certainly among the DREAMERS who just received amnesty in story above. God Help America.

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