Pay to Play: White House Nearly Tripled Government Funding of La Raza

Can this be called Pay to Play? Cecilia Munoz is Obama’s director of Domestic Policy Council. She is married to a human rights attorney, who is a “former counselor to George Soros’ Open Society Institute,” which spends billions to make open borders a reality. She is a former chair of the Center for Community Change, another Soros-funded activist group. The short story is that Munoz moved to the White House from her position as a vice president at La Raza. Once she made the move, taxpayer funding of La Raza soared–doubled–almost tripled.

Cecilia Munoz

Cecilia Munoz

Prior to Muñoz  joining the Obama administration, La Raza received $4.1 million in federal funds. When President Obama brought her aboard in 2009, he issued a special “ethics waiver” since it violated his lobbyist ban. In 2011, it was reported by Judicial Watch that between 2009 and 2010, the funding increased from $4.1 million to $11 million — more than doubling and nearly tripling. Source: CapitolCityProject

If that’s not obscene enough, Obama loaned-out Munoz to guide the Senate Gang of 8 along, as they wrote, or she wrote, its “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” bill. Completely believable, because you and I know few legislators write their own legislation. In a copious June 2013 article, the New Yorker said Obama and his “policy staff, led by Cecilia Munoz…had written its own detailed bill.” In March 2013, Munoz is quoted saying of the Gang of 8s bill, “we are eager to get to a markup as soon as possible.” Generally speaking, those getting to markup are members of Congress, not White House personnel.

Yes, the bill passed the Senate, and the House rejected it, but it’s not dead news, in my opinion. It’s one of those “never forget it” situations that Republicans McCain, Graham, Flake and Rubio brought about, with the aid of Cecilia Munoz, a former La Raza officer, and wife of a former Open Society lawyer (Amit Pandya). Sounds like Pay to Play to me.

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  • wabby99

    She is not the first lobbyist waiver Obama has provided. A couple lobbyists from Bill Gates got a waiver to join the Dept. of Education. This President needs to be impeached and impeached immediately. He is using the US to fund his personal agenda. This is not pay for plat this the President forcing Americans to pay for the destruction of their own country.

    • wabby99, the White House is full of waivered lobbyists. Not too far in the future, historians will be reporting this betrayal of the American people and even Bill Gates’ money will be able to clean him up.

  • GabbyinFlorida

    When will someone do something about all this. Everyone including Congress folks get on talk news shows opinionate and do nothing aobut it?Talk is cheap we need this idiot out of our WH. It should be pretty obvious Obama is a traitor.

    • GabbyinFlorida, I have long said that when Republican leadership gets to a mic, they waste the opportunity. We have only a few who make use of the pulpit we have.

    • custer

      you have to understand that a large percentage of members of congress have their own programs similar to what Obama is doing. they are not going to try to stop him because to do so would also put an end to their own little pay to play scheme.
      The only way it will come to an end is by an uprising of the public demanding change or constitutional amendments that will place elected officials in jail for violating of ethic rules.

  • oldmountainman

    Fundraiser in chief, Obama, is all about pay to play. Munoz is just one of the many lobbyists that liar in chief Obama campaigned against hiring to get elected. To waiver his own Executive Order, the WH had to assemble a waiver factory to waiver them all into the jobs THEY and their real employers wanted. I’ve been following this since Obama brought the La Raza queen into the WH, gave her power and allowed her to sprinkle her La Raza compadres all over the US government. If you look closely, the majority of Obama’s high political appointees are former lobbyists or revolving door contractors whose companies (and blind trust investment portfolios) will profit from their decisions. Thanks to the anti-corruption, watchdog organizations, we and Congress are aware of this but they are so guilty of their own “pay to play” system that they have done nothing about it. Now he’s shutting down the doors to transparency by declaring that the WH office of admin is not subject to the FOIA !

    • oldmountainman, just like him, waiver his own rules. It’s what makes EVERYTHING work for him. Thanks for the great comment.

  • Our tax dollars are funding a racist, Mexican nationalist group that refuses to recognize our government. How is that legal in any way?

  • Call me naive, but why do they get any funding?

    • lakeside227

      My question exactly. Think of all the money our illegitimate and obscenely corrupt government would have if it would just stick to its Constitutionally enumerated powers??? Just think of it.

    • Hey Woodsterman, great to see your smiling face. It defies explanation and all things reasonable. The short story is, we pay subversives to take us down.

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  • Fixall

    What I don’t understand is…Where is all this money coming from? Obama can’t just say gimme money and he gets taxpayer money.

    • Fixall, we know it isn’t “authorized” by Congress and the “appropriated” by Congress. I think his slush fund is ghi-normous.

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    Send this to your legislators and demand they “google” the name of La Raza (Mexican/radical chicanos) Movement called “Aztlan” so they can see that Mexico and these radical chicanos are planning a War on the U.S. to do a takeover beginning with the 7 SW U.S. states and they plan to kill the whites and anyone else (not of Mex. descent) who refuses to leave our country!

  • physicsnut

    Thanks – i didn’t know they were getting taxpayer funding.