Mort Zuckerman: Obama Unable to be Straight with Himself or America on Iran – Misleading

President Obama underplays American concession and overplays Iranian commitments in the nuclear talks…

Obama is such a captive of his own illusions about Iran that he has been unable to be straight with the American people. In reporting belatedly on the November 2013 interim agreement, he boasted it had “halted” Iran’s nuclear program. In fact, major American concessions were traded for Iranian gestures of temporary restraint, concessions that will likely never be reversed. Instead of halting the Iranian program, the agreement froze only American actions. Iranian nuclear engineers continued their work to improve the efficiency of their centrifuges and to master the use of more effective centrifuges.

No nuclear plant is being dismantled. Here, too, the administration has misled the public by underplaying the American concessions and overplaying the Iranian commitment. Read it at U.S. News & World Report, by Mort Zuckerman.

Measuring Obama against the great presidents, a poll by the liberal Brookings Institute:

The Brookings Institute polled “several hundred members of the American Political Science Association, to get a  “scholarly perspective” on Obama’s place in history as a great president, or not.

First, President Obama ranks 18th overall, but beneath the surface of the aggregate figures lurks evidence of significant ambivalence. For example, those who view Obama as one of the worst American presidents outnumber those who view him as one of the best by nearly a 3-1 margin. Similarly, nearly twice as many respondents view Obama as over-rated than do those who consider him under-rated….

Next, Obama does not perform well on more specific dimensions of presidential greatness, often viewed as average or worse. For example, he is the midpoint in terms of both personal integrity and military skill (e.g., 10th of 19 in both categories), but falls to 11th when it comes to diplomatic skill and 13th with respect to legislative skill.

While this may be a measure of good news for Obama, ranking 18th out of 44 U.S. president’s, in the minds of whatever the American Political Science Association happens to be, I have to ask what the polled members were smoking while considering Barack Obama.

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