Illegals (Foreign Nationals!) Using Stolen SS to Receive Credit Toward SS Benefits

The Obama memorandum refers to illegals as “foreign nationals.” The credits will include the entire time the worker worked and used the fraudulent social security I.D.


[From the Memorandum] Under the November 20, 2014, policy memorandum, foreign nationals [those in the U.S. illegally] who receive deferred action status may be eligible for work authorization,” the CRS memo states. “As a result, a foreign national who receives deferred action status may be able to have all of his or her Social Security-covered earnings count toward qualifying for a Social Security benefit (all earnings from authorized and unauthorized work).”

[Daily Caller’s Vince Coglianese] Therefore, illegal immigrants who have previously paid into the Social Security system — while using a fraudulent Social Security number, for instance — will be eligible for benefits derived from that system. Those benefits include retirement, disability and survivor payments. Source: Daily Caller

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  • Fixall

    The laws of this country are being twisted so bad, that Americans are the ones who will suffer from these actions.

  • radar101

    This is OLD news.
    From 2002 to 2006, I worked as a Private Investigator. Most of my cases were Fraudulent Worker’s Compensation cases in California.

    To begin the case, you inserted the GIVEN SSN of the Claimant into a community database operated by several insurance companies.This would tell you if the Claimant had other similar claims

    Say you inserted 123-45-6789.
    Often, it would come back to

    Juan Garcia-Lopes, Whittier (They man who made the phony claim)
    Maria Maldanado, Upland
    John Chang, San Francisco (You found that Dr Chang is a dentist–AND is the only valid holder of that SSN.)

    You could bet money that the first two were here illegally and they either just “Made it up”, or bought it at MacArthur Park in LA

    I reported these every time. NOT ONCE did I get a request for more information.

    I reached some conclusions:

    1. Border Patrol/Immigration would do nothing about the two being here.The Bush Administration was allowing a “creeping Amnesty”.

    2. Only ONE County District Attorney would prosecute for the fraud–Riverside.

    3. Many Illegals made Worker’s Comp their retirement sysyem. At about age 55, they would “Get hurt”at their job. They would go to Santa Ana to be certified as having a disabling injury. They start drawing a check of $850–1500/Month. They get a house in Tijuana, Tecate, or Algodones. and come across the border to a PO Box to pick up the check .

    4. I should get out of California.

    • radar101, we have 6.5 million dead perosn’s SS#s being used. Then add to that what you are saying. Just make one up and see what you do with it. We really cannot survive this and so much more. I’m told every generation feels this way, but every generation it multiplies and we’ve about filled our safety net. Thanks for the great comment.

  • Karen

    Until Americans pack their sleeping bags and shut down DC SHUT UP!!!

    • Karen, you’re telling me and others to shut up? Just trying to clarify.

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