Hillary’s Staff ALL Have HIGHEST LEVEL Top Secret Credentials?

Hillary said her staff went through ALL of her emails, and set aside ALL correspondence that was not personal. The assumption is, that the emails set aside went to the Department of State. So her unnamed staffers, sometimes referred to as her “team,” read EVERY email, which means all the ‘readers’ had the same security credentials–presumably the highest level, equaling her own, during the time she was Secretary of State. ALL of them. They were privy to EVERYTHING.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Judge Andrew Napolitano points out that Hillary’s security clearance was the same as that held by the President of the United States, the Secretary of Defense, and the director of the CIA. Who was allowed to read her emails from Barack Obama or other high-level cabinet members? Who did the sorting and deciding? What were the staffers paid to read emails that could contain state secrets, i.e. classified information? Inquiring minds want to know.

Clinton’s “spokesman,” Nick Merrill, sent this clarification to Fox News:

We simply took for granted that reading every single email came across as the most important, fundamental and exhaustive step that was performed.  The fact sheet should have been clearer in stating that every email was read,” Merrill said.

Oh sure, I heard her say she didn’t send classified material via email. But did she receive it? Do you believe anything she says?

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  • Fixall

    Didn’t Obama know that any e-mail he sent to Hillary was on her personal server. Oh,what a tangled web they weave.

    • Fixall, IF he sent one, it had to be on her personal server. She didn’t have a .gov address.

  • Flitandersen_99

    This goes out to YOU, Hilldebeast!!!

  • lakeside227

    The emails were not read by anyone before they were deleted. The emails were sorted according to a keyword search. All emails that were deemed private were deleted without being read.

    Very reassuring, isn’t it?

    • “Deleted” means moved. Not destroyed or unreadable.

      The Clintons don’t have a rep for being very generous (to other people) or paying top dollar. Where did Hilliary dig up her SysAdmin and where is he now?

      • lakeside227

        I understand those emails can be recovered, but that requires access to the server, correct?

        ‘Where did Hilliary dig up her SysAdmin and where is he now?’

        Very good question.

    • Gary Causer

      This means someone knows where the bodies are. Not…

      I’m betting on complaints about Obama policy and the right wing conspiracy…

      People have misjudged this gangster for at least 40 years.

      In the meantime, I have no respect for Jeb or any of the gang in Washington. ..after all they have none for us!

      Walker 2016 because he eats the Dems for lunch!

      Molon labe

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  • Gary Causer

    This the best we can do? Emails? Every email has a sender and a recipient.

    You can’t delete anything without access to all hard drives involved. Imagine you receive something incriminating or embarrassing from Her Majesty. And can prove it…

    You would hold her presidency in your hands…

    Hillary that trusting? Really? Lol. The woman exudes paranoia!

    And, why bring it out now? Hoping she doesn’t run?

    I’m no fan of anything these people stand for as anyone knows but frothing at the mouth over this ain’t gonna get it done.

    So, Pick a candidate and gird thy loin for war! The Dems beat the Republican by about 5 million votes and I guarantee they hate your guts and will not care what you dream up to take her out with!

    Hey We may have to dig up the dead to beat her. if so we will…

    For me it’s to important not to stand by so I’m for a guy who has executive experience and doesn’t live in Washington. ..

    Walker 2016

    Molon labe

    • Gary, I don’t know about “the best” I can do. I post every day, time permitting. If you consider what I post here “frothing at the mouth,” then you can surely find something among the many blogs that you think worthy. BTW, I’m not ready to pick a candidate yet, but there are several I will vigorously support until I see that they cannot not make the cut.