Hillary’s Email “TOTALLY” Hacked By Foreign Governments – Hillary Going Rogue, Using Dark Arts?

Rupert Murdoch, the CEO and Chairman of News Corp and 21st Century Fox, quoted “senior intelligence people” saying Hillary Clinton’s “messages,” (do we presume received, sent and stored on her own server?), were “TOTALLY

Rupert Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch

hacked by several foreign governments.” Murdoch doesn’t seem to leave any doubt, no dubious questions marks in his statement of what he appears to think is pure fact. Below the tweet, Monica Crowley asks if Hillary set up her own server, specifically, to be private from Barack Obama, who didn’t want her BFF, Sidney Blumenthal, in his administration.

Monica Crowley

Monica Crowley

From Dr. Monica Crowley in today’s Washington Times:

Mr. Blumenthal is the Clintons’ longtime and fiercely loyal political hit man. He orchestrated many of the sleaziest attacks on Clinton opponents, including smearing Monica Lewinsky as a “stalker” at Mrs. Clinton’s request. His mastery of the dark arts was so notorious that it may have been the reason Mr. Obama pointedly denied Mrs. Clinton’s request to appoint him to a special, official role in her State Department.

Crowley references Romanian hacker, Guccifer’s (aka Marcel Lazar Lehel), publishing of email subject lines from Blumenthal to Hillary. Crowley suggests ‘Guccifer’ may be Romanian intel, but whatever he is, he is serving a seven-year prison term in his home country. From Guccifer’s online posting, Gawker allegedly noticed that Hill wasn’t using a state.gov account, and allegedly notified the State Department.

Interestingly, given concerns about the vulnerability of her server, The Russian Times then published four lengthy emails from Mr. Blumenthal to Mrs. Clinton. Perhaps they are neither real nor accurate, but they should be investigated.

In true Clintonian fashion, the story then disappeared. Washington Times, Monica Crowley

When Blumenthal’s emails were hacked, the subject of Saudi Arabia funding the Benghazi attacks caught our attention.

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