Greta Lectures Obama on Iran Treaty: He Can’t Do That – Transcript

Greta Van Susteren gives Barack Obama credit for being a Constitutional Law Professor, saying that the two of them have “this in common.” The University of Chicago says he was a “lecturer” from 1992 to 2004,” and a “Senior Lecturer from 1996 to 2004.” UC also refers to him as “a professor in the Law School.” He was not full-time or tenured. As a Senior Lecturer he held “adjunct” status. During his Senior Lecturer years, he “taught three courses per year.” Obama lectures us every time his mug appears on TV, or when giving a speech or fundraising. Greta’s lecture of Obama begins just below Barack Obama’s quote from 2007.

Greta Van Susteren

Greta Van Susteren

“I was a constitutional law professor, which means unlike the current president I actually respect the Constitution.” ~ Barack Obama, 2007

Greta…He studied the same Constitution I did–ours, the United States. So tonight, a Constitutional law refresher for all of us, including and mostly for, President Obama. Here it is.

Article 2, Section 2, Clause 2 of the U.S. Constitution includes the treaty clause, which empowers the president to propose and negotiate agreements between the United States and other nations which becomes treaties after–yes, after–the advice and consent of a super majority of the U.S. Senate. Now, that means the president has no power to make a deal solely with Iran. Solely alone. He can’t do that.

Presidents are not kings. They are not dictators and under our Constitution, the President of the United States has broad powers, but by no means absolute powers. So why does the White House not want congress to vote on a deal with Iran? Here is Press Secretary Josh Earnest.

Josh Earnest: Ultimately, we can’t put in place an additional hurdle for the agreement to overcome here at the 11th hour.

Greta: Hurdle? That clause is not a hurdle. Josh Earnest may think it’s trivial. I don’t. It’s the Constitution. To be respected and adhered to. Any deal with Iran, good, bad or indifferent, impacts the world and impacts generations, so none of that slippery stuff about the president going alone and any deal between the United States and Iran must go to the United States Senate for advice and consent.

That is what the Constitution says. And if the president doesn’t believe me, he should look it up, Article 2, Section 2, Clause 2. That’s my “Off the Record” comment tonight. Source: Fox News Insider

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  • rayhause

    Realizing that any treaty has to be ratified by our congress, should he go it alone and deny the constitution, what is our remedy. We have but one and we haven’t a congress with balls enough to impeach him.

  • Meg

    Don’t impeach him, force him to resign. Enough already!!

    • Meg, I’d like to see it happen, whatever way works the most efficiently, meaning legally.

  • SuzyQ

    He is pushing the limits. Sometime, there is going to be pushback. There just has to be. It seems the numbers are against us within our own party to make it happen though.

    • SuzyQ, we need huge, legal pushback, but all these years later…can’t see it happening.

  • lakeside227

    Treaties must be in pursuance of the Constitution just as federal laws must be. If a treaty doesn’t pertain to the Constitutional duties of the federal government, the government is not permitted to enter into it.

    The federal government shall not do by treaty what it is not permitted to do by congressional law. Sorry can’t remember which FF said words to that effect, may have been Jefferson. Of course SCOTUS, using their own definition of the Constitution instead of the law-makers definition, has permitted the government to illegally expand the enumerated powers through unconstitutional treaties.

    • lakeside227, there you have it. Everything is subject to the Supremes, these day. Not the way Judicial was intended.