GOP Candidates: When Have You Stood and Fought? 15 Questions to Ask

That’s the question every voter should ask, “when have you stood and fought?” to quote Senator Ted Cruz. It means a candidate doing more than voting for legislation that doesn’t have a chance of passing (although that is important too). We need more. We need a candidate who already has a background showing the passion and moral backbone to support the Constitution–long before the campaign trail began. Are you supporting our few Defending Fathers in Congress? See 15 questions below, and consider asking them every time you have the opportunity as the campaign trail fills up, or come up with your own. What do we do with a candidate not already a politician? We need LexisNexis, good gut instincts, and past history of railing against an unconstitutional government. In the graphic below, I find that Thomas Jefferson revised his original quotation in a letter to James Madison in 1787. Exactly what it was revised from, I’m not sure, but quotes it as “…of the people…they are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.” Our current Defending Fathers must be loud and clear about the “preservation of our liberty.”


Senator Ted Cruz, CPAC 2015

Defend the Constitution–all of it. ~ Ted Cruz, CPAC 2015

If you have a president who is picking and choosing which laws to follow, and which laws to ignore, we no longer have a president. ~ Ted Cruz, CPAC 2015


A constitution is not the act of a government, but of a people constituting a government, and a government without a constitution is power without right.’ ‘A constitution is a thing antecedent to a government; and a government is only the creature of a constitution.’ ~ Thomas Paine, Founding Father

Research a candidate before asking questions. Look for television appearances, speeches from the floor of congress, columns published, and their YouTube channel. How often has a candidate pointed to upholding the Constitution.

Yes, we need a candidate who can win. I concede that. Establishment funding makes the battle fierce, but don’t stop asking, “when have you stood and fought?” Answers will likely be vague. Get specific:

1) When have you stood and fought for a secure border, first, before any other immigration action?

2) When have you stood and fought to fix the ridiculously broken Visa program?

3) When have you stood and fought to end the “anchor baby” invasion?

2) When have you stood and fought against every taxpayer paying for the birth control of any woman wanting it?

3) When have you stood and fought against taxpayers being forced to fund Planned Parenthood, NPR and PBS?

4) When have you stood and fought against rogue affirmative action?

5) When have you stood and fought against spending not authorized or appropriated

6) When have you stood and fought against administration efforts to deny us our guns and ammo?

7) When have you stood and fought against the IRS targeting conservatives?

8) When have you stood and against the IRS terrorism, and for a fair or flat tax?

We need to abolish the IRS. We need to adopt a simple flat tax that is fair, that every American can fill out his taxes on a post card. ~ Ted Cruz, CPAC 2015

9) When have you stood and fought against illegal aliens, charged with homicide, being released into society?

10) When have you stood and fought against the government warning citizens to stay out of their national parks because the park is home to drug cartels and human smugglers?

11) When have you stood and fought against Inspectors General being silenced, and even fired?

12) When have you stood and fought against the ugly revenge taken against government whistleblowers.

13) When have you stood and fought against the fact that a president and his attorney general being held in contempt of court, thumbed their noses at the court, and at We the People?

14) Have you stood and fought for school choice and parental rights:

We need to expand school choice. Every child deserves the opportunity to have an excellent education, regardless of your race, your class your creed, where you come from. Every child deserves a fair chance at the American dream. ~ Ted Cruz, CPAC 2014

15) When have you stood and fought for term limits for Congress, (supported by 75 percent of Americans)? In January 2015, The Blaze reported that four bills have been filed to change the term limits of the Senate and House (requiring an amending the 22nd Amendment). The article stated that 30 Republicans are behind the legislation, but in my search, I do not find active legislation. Let me know if you come up with active bill or resolution numbers.

That’s my 15. Standing and fighting means more than voting for legislation. It means getting the public involved, speaking out, grabbing a mic, and talking about it until you have to take respite, and then doing it all over again. It means trying to get interviews on mainstream media, and telling the truth, without giving a damn what viewers or hosts think. It means writing about the issues in clear, plain language. It means no longer giving your “friend across the aisle” legitimacy.

Ask the candidates when they have stood and fought for issues dear to you, and do not accept only signing legislation that could not pass. Here are other ideas I posted previously, but haven’t updated, and find Doug Ross’ fully updated list of Obama “firsts” here.

It was 40 years ago at this event—CPAC—where Ronald Reagan stood up and explained how we win. He said we

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz

paint in bold colors, not pale pastels,” Cruz said. “I believe 2016 is going to be an election very much like 1980. We will win by providing a clear line in the sand, a bold optimistic vision for the future. That’s how we win. We stand for the people and we stand against the corruption in Washington. ~ Ted Cruz, CPAC 2015

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