Full Text of Texas Law Enforcement Border Surge Report: Gangs Running the Country

Several of us have been sifting through a report on the conditions at the Texas border. Now the full report is available for you, and is embedded below. Those conditions, of course, drift north, west and east, and affect all of us. The report documents the cartels and gangs, and leaves no doubt that these seasoned criminals are running our country’s immigration policy. Dangerous illegals have been protected by the Obama administration–you remember the national forest in Arizona that was tricked-out with a federal government sign warning Americans not to enter. It just showed up one day, and Governor Jan Brewer was outraged. Her outrage did nothing, the sign remained. The park was turned over to illegals, drug runners, and gang members. I asked at the time: what does the care and feeding of an unused national park cost the taxpayer? The Department of Justice has handed the keys to America’s backdoor to the Sinaloa drug cartel, along with a steady weapons cache. Illegals of all types have been flooding over the border since the Senate Gang of 8 wrote and passed their traitorous immigration bill. (As elections near, remember the Republicans behind it: Senators Marco Rubio, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Jeff Flake).


Just look at the bottom line on the sign:

The Bureau of Land Management advises you to go north. 

Judicial Watch reported that the majority of crime in America is committed by illegal alien gangs. In the past, I also asked, doesn’t that make you madder than hell?

Mara Salvatrucha (MS_13), the gang the FBI is "most worried about, and has set up a dedicated task force exclusively to MS_13

Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13), the gang the FBI is “most worried about, and has set up a dedicated task force exclusively to MS-13

MS-13 (Mara Salvatrucha) is the gang the FBI is “most worried about,” according to Business Insider.

Originating in El Salvador, the gang has gone transnational, with members across the United States (in 42 states) and in countries like Guatemala and Mexico.

MS-13 has worked with Mexican drug cartels and communicates frequently with incarcerated members despite no official leadership structure.

The gang is notoriously violent, relentlessly cruel and merciless, with plenty of well-documented public crimes, such as a San Francisco member who killed a family for briefly blocking his car.

Border Patrol is routinely, and personally, assaulted by gangs, drug cartels and human traffickers. Read it here. How do we put up with this, or why do we put up with it? Oh, and Tell Me, WTF, Our Border Patrol’s Short on Rifles (Feb. 2015)?

Did you know that the numbers of illegals flowing over the Texas border every week, is more than the number of babies born to citizens in that state? 

If your eyes glaze over at the embedded report, my original culling-through of the report is here, and Sara Noble at the Independent Sentinel took a look at another portion. Read it here.

Border Surge Report

Another related story by Independent Sentinel is here: What the DOJ Doesn’t Want You to Know: Mexican Drug Cartels in 1200 U.S. Cities

Many thanks to Grumpy Elder at Grumpy Opinions, who made the report available to us and found the embed code. Here’s another from him.

Linked at BadBlue where you can find uncensored news, 24/7. Read it here.

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