Cheryl Mills Hillary Clinton: What We Must Not Forget About Benghazi

The Benghazi Accountability Review Board, (ARB) washed Hillary Clinton white as snow, but the Board was as dirty as a rat’s nest. Admiral Mike Mullen served on the Board, and made it clear that Hillary Clinton was NOT to blame. Fearless reporter, Sharyl Attikson told us of Raymond Maxwell, who walked into the Foggy Bottom of the State Department and found Cheryl Mills and other destroying documents, and Congressman Trey Gowdy said “months and months” of Clinton emails are still missing. Details on all below–a jumble of information that must not be forgotten.

Hillary Clinton and her Chief-of-Staff, Cheryl Mills

Hillary Clinton and her Chief-of-Staff, Cheryl Mills

The ARB didn’t interview Hillary, nor did they interview her staff. We knew that, but we didn’t know they had no emails from her, or to or from her staff, to consider. Judicial Watch is leading the effort to demand Hillary’s emails. This week, JW stated:

…Hillary’s top aides at State knew that the Benghazi terrorist attack had nothing to do with “demonstrations” or internet videos….

Last year, government lawyers handling the case brought by the conservative group Judicial Watch told a federal judge that the agency had searched its files and had no more records to produce…

They changed their tune on February 2. More here.

Congressman Trey Gowdy, heading-up the Benghazi investigation, said “months and months” of Clinton emails are still missing.

“There are gaps of months, and months and months,” Gowdy said Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation.”

If you think to that iconic picture of her on a C-17 flying to Libya – she has sunglasses on and she has her handheld device in her hand – we have no emails from that day. In fact, we have no emails from that trip, Gowdy said. More at The Hill

Thomas Pickering, the head of the ARB, is “proud” of his work, including not interviewing Hillary or her staff, and he thinks his report is just swell. He was appointed by Bill Clinton to serve as U.S. Ambassador to Russia. He was Bill Clinton’s Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs from 1997 – 2001.

Hillary’s ‘counselor,’ and Chief of Staff, Cheryl Mills, ran interference the night Benghazi broke. Hillary’s claim that an anti-Islam video, created Benghazi, was promoted by Mills:

“Cheryl Mills was instrumental in making sure the big lie was put out there,”  Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said.

Judicial Watch obtained the State Department emails through legal action. “What’s notable thus far is we received no emails from or to [Hillary Clinton],” he said. “You have to wonder whether these aides went offline and were using secret accounts to communicate with her about Benghazi attack.”…

The emails emerged as Clinton fields criticism over revelations that she used personal email during her tenure as secretary. She is now asking the department to make public thousands of emails she has turned over…

Mills, meanwhile, is a focus of the select congressional committee investigating the Benghazi attacks. During congressional testimony, retired Adm. Mike Mullen, who helped lead the Accountability Review Board investigation into the attacks, confirmed under cross-examination that he personally warned Mills that a witness would be damaging to the department. Read more at Fox News.

Former State Department Deputy Assistant, Raymond Maxwell,  walked into, what he said, was the destruction of documents in the “Foggy Bottom” section of the State Department building in Washington, D.C.–located “just under the jogger’s entrance:”

At the time, Maxwell was a leader in the State Department’s Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, which was charged with collecting emails and documents relevant to the Benghazi probe.

“I was not invited to that after-hours endeavor, but I heard about it and decided to check it out on a Sunday afternoon,” Maxwell says…

He says a State Department office director, whom Maxwell described as close to Clinton’s top advisers, was there. Though the office director technically worked for him, Maxwell says he wasn’t consulted about her weekend assignment.

He didn’t know it then, but Maxwell would ultimately become one of four State Department officials singled out for discipline—he says scapegoated—then later cleared for devastating security lapses leading up to the attacks. Four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens, were murdered during the Benghazi attacks. More from Sharyl Attikson here.

Raymond Maxwell

Raymond Maxwell

[Megyn] Kelly said that [Sharyl] Attkisson reported that admitted Obama voter and Hillary Clinton supporter Raymond Maxwell, former head of the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, is claiming that “he walked into the State Department one night, and that they [staffers]  were scrubbing documents.”

Kelly said that when Maxwell walked in, he was told, “Ray, we are to go through these stacks, pull out anything that might be anybody in the Near Eastern Affairs office, or the 7th floor (Hillary’s floor) in a bad light.”

When Maxwell asked, “Isn’t that unethical?” he was told, “Ray, those are our orders.”

Maxwell claimed that two of Hillary Clinton confidants, including Hillary Clinton’s Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills were present during the alleged cover-up operation. Read more at TPNN

Through testimony and the ARB, Admiral Mike Mullen absolved Hillary Clinton of all blame for Benghaz, saying it was solely the fault of the terrorists, nevermind that he also said:

State Department bureaus that were supporting Benghazi had not taken on security as a shared responsibility, so the support the post needed was often lacking and left to the working level to resolve. The buildings at Special Mission Benghazi did not meet Department standards for office buildings in high-threat areas, and in a sense, fell through the cracks bureaucratically by being categorized as temporary residential facilities. While a number of physical security upgrades were done in 2012, at the time of the attacks the compound did not have all the security features and equipment it needed.

How is a Secretary of State absolved of security issues for a Special Mission she set up? Remember, Mullen had no emails, and he did not address the “video” lie.

Uzra Zeya served as the Executive Secretary to the Board:

She has served as Deputy Executive Secretaries to Hillary Clinton and Condoleeza Rice.Uzra Zeya is a staff member of the American Educational Trust specializing in Islamic affairs. This article by Zeya shows a mission to clear up unattractive images of the prophet Muhammad – things like the the Koran placing men above females. Not so according to Ms. Zeya. She also authored “How US Islamic Financial Institutions Provide Interest-Free Services.” She ‘produced’ this video (or something – it’s presented as Islam in America – by Uzra Zeya) of a pretty blonde California girl who converted to Islam, never leaves her home without being properly covered, and runs a school for Muslim children.

All of the links in the above paragraph have been scrubbed with the exception of the last, leading to Zeya’s video.

As Senator Lindsey Graham said, Hillary Clinton ‘got away with murder,’ (see the video here, at about 5 mins-in).

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  • Guest

    Questions have been raised about Gowdy knowing for months about Hillary’s emails not being from a .gov server. If Gowdy did not know…he should have known.

    I believe Obama’s election and carrying the Al Qaeda being dead line was the #1 objective.

    It will be delicious to see Mills put under oath and explain her actions according to the whistleblower.

    • Guest, I haven’t made up my mind about Gowdy on this specific issue. I’m waiting for more, but it bothers me. I agree about Mills and I want Raymond Maxwell there as well.

      • Flitandersen_99

        This is strike two against him. Don’t like his stand on “immigration”, either….

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    And, Hillary will be running for our President. Come on Democrats, don’t you have any since of responsibility to your country, get your head out of your asses.

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      We know the word is sense….

  • Geo

    Gowdy denies having any prior knowledge of the emails. He said he learned of them a day or two prior to the nyslimes story. If anyone should’ve known about them is Issa who conducted hearings for how long and acckmplished zero. Especially after the Lois Learner and IRS hearings he held that directly pertained to emails. Judicial Watch uncovered 10 times more information than any of Issa’s investigation uncovered.

    We now know the biggest scam in D.C. was the ARB ruse. No interview and no emails. Mills needs to hit the stand under oath, she knows the entire story.

    • Hi Geo, Issa drives me crazy, and I’ve sent heard that Gowdy wasn’t in on this either. I think Issa used Judicial Watch. At some point, we must issue subpoenas, maybe haul a few off the floor of Congress and lock them up. Forget the Supremes. They’re big time trouble. Sad day that we have turned over governance to a 9-member court.

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