Arab Israeli Muslim, Ahmed Tibi, Hopes Netanyahu Continues to Panic

Ahmed Tibi, an Israeli-born Arab Muslim politician in the Israeli parliament, said he hopes Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continues  “panicking,” by calling for all right-of-center Israelis to get to the polls today. Netanyahu warned that the Joint List of Arab parties has announced that Arabs voting in today’s election increased from 3 percent to 10 percent. Netanyahu  accused “left-wing,” non-governmental officials  (“NGOs”) of funding the bussing-in of Arab voters. The Prime Minister specifically cited money from the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), and the U.S., and by-the-way, Scandanavia, primarily Sweden, which legitimizes and honors Mahmoud Abbas in Stockholm. The Arab population in Israel in 2010 was 20 percent. Today’s CIA Worldfact book puts the “non-Jewish, mostly Arab population” at 24.0 percent in 2012. Arabs are about a quarter of a percent of the Israeli homeland. Palestine is not among the Factbook’s listed countries.

Ahmed Tibi, Arab  Muslim Movement for Change, Israeli Knesset

Ahmed Tibi, Arab Muslim Movement for Change, Israeli Knesset

Netanyahu and Likud are afraid, and therefore, I call on more and more of the Arab public to go to the polls so Netanyahu will continue panicking. Change is coming. ~ Ahmed Tibi, leader of the Arab Movement for Change (MK), Israeli Knesset

Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu

Netanyahu later clarified that “what’s wrong is not that Arab citizens are voting, but that massive funds from abroad from left-wing NGOs and foreign governments is bringing them en masse to the polls in an organized way, thus twisting the true will of all Israeli citizens who are voting, for the good of the left.”

There are two Arab parties, Tibi’s Muslim Movement and Zoabi’s Haneen. Voters are being warned that Arabs could surpass the third most powerful party in the Knesset, Bayit Yehudi, which wants a road opposite of Netanyahu’s Likud.

Bayit Yehudi chairman Naftali Bennett tried to block a stream of voters leaving his party for the Likud on Monday, a day before the election, amid concerns that the Bayit Yehudi’s number of seats will drop drastically in the next Knesset.

Bennett said his biggest concern is that there will be a national unity government with the Likud and the Zionist Union, which he said will “lead Israel to disaster.” Source: Jerusalem Post

Did you know that Israeli-Arabs are increasingly of the position that Israel has the right to exist, as a Jewish state, and a democracy? They are. Read it here.

According to Fox News, we should begin to hear about the Israeli exit polls about 4 p.m. EDT.


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