Hamas Mega-Attack Planned Through Gaza Terror Tunnels

Hamas had apparently been preparing a murderous assault on Israeli civilian targets for the coming Jewish New Year Holiday, Rosh Hashanah, which begins on September 24, according anonymous sources in the Israeli security services, as reported today by the Israeli daily Maariv.

The Hamas plan consisted of what was to be a surprise attack in which 200 fighters would be dispatched through each of dozens of tunnels dug by Hamas under the border from Gaza to Israel, and seize kibbutzim and other communities while killing and kidnapping Israeli civilians.

Israeli soldiers already frustrated a surprise assault by Hamas through one tunnel from Gaza into the Eshkol district of Israel on July 19. The Hamas fighters escaped back into the tunnel, but the clash cost the lives of two Israel Defense Force [IDF] troops.

An IDF paratrooper officer emerges from a Hamas cross-border tunnel that his unit discovered, July 20, 2014. (Image source: IDF)

Israel has reportedly discovered at least 30 tunnels, and has destroyed several of them by employing bulldozers. IDF excavation of the tunnels has resulted in the seizure of tons of Hamas supplies, as well as the discovery of plans for future operations. Clearly, the network of tunnels — using hundreds of tons of concrete that might otherwise have been used by the Palestinians for building homes, shopping malls, parks, schools, hospitals and libraries — indicates that Hamas had been preparing for an ongoing conflict for at least a year. According to the reports, each tunnel has arteries, veins, offshoots, and offshoots of the offshoots in intricate and complex arrangements. As one Israeli spokesman said, “There are two Gazas, one above ground and one below ground: an underground terrorist city.”

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  • AnnaGraceS

    These cowardly barbaric savages don’t know any other way except to operate the way low life savages do, underground like the worms they are. They are far from civilized and continue to live like they lived in the 6th century. Little if any education. These savages have NO regard for human life, teaching little children to shoot guns and how to blow up human beings. They are savages period!! Those who call Islam a Religion has rocks in their heads. Islam is a whole brutal political system with a moon god who is a false god that affords them a way of life that LOVES violence and promotes pedophilia and they thirst for the blood of human beings!!

  • bobmontgomery

    Now….we know Israeli intelligence is one of the best in the world, so we know that it wasn’t just the rocket attacks that spurred IDF to act. We also know that in the past, there has been some measure of cooperation or sharing between Mossad and CIA and Brits, except on matters where Israel felt even their allies couldn’t be trusted.
    So an interesting angle for an enterprising investigative reporter, with the means to do so, would be to pursue how much intel sharing there is these days, and has been for the last six years, and exactly (well as exact as possible in the matter of uncovering secrets) what our intel has known about these tunnels and Hamas’ plans all along, during which period our administration and state department has been badgering Israel to “be nice, roll over, give up more territory and take it on the chin.”

    • That would certainly be an interesting line of inquiry. Makes one wonder just how much our intelligence services are keeping from their counterparts in Israel. Makes one wonder also just much the Israelis trust us anymore.

      • Jackson, I think when Bibi picks up the phone these days he’s more likely to call Moscow than Washington

    • When Kerry arrived in both Israel and Egypt this past week.. his reception wan’t warm and friendly in either country..

      Egypt put him through scanners before they’d let him near Sisi… During the official welcome handshake photo opt in in Israel, Bibi looked like he’d rather be shoveling manure than shaking Kerry’s hand

  • Mustang

    I keep wondering why our country is redistributing our tax dollars to Hamas. I can’t think of any good reasons, but the details are here: http://fas.org/sgp/crs/mideast/RS22967.pdf

  • clayguy1

    What gets me.. is how as soon as Israel tries to stop Hamas.. this administration immediately tries to stop them.. Could it be they want Hamas to succeed.. Who is our President really behind… Freedom, or the destruction of Freedom..

    All cease fires do is allows the enemy to resupply.. it doesn’t accomplish anything. If I were Israel… I’d tell the world to F off…

    • A few years ago the President’s half brother Malik Obama spoke to a Hamas Group – the signs circled in red translate to the statement on the picture…

      • clayguy1

        If you want to build a network to work for you in secret.. nothing like family..

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  • Anyone want to bet Kerry will be up for the next Nobel Peace prize after he forces Israel under the bus. Israel needs funding for their Iron Dome. Kerry will blackmail them.

  • Meg

    I don’t think Israel will back down. This adm. appears to want the country destroyed that is why sanctions were lifted on Iran and money is sent to Hamas. God will protect Israel.