The Presbyterian Church

According to the New York Jewish Week: 

Misguided Presbyterian Vote

“By a 310-303 vote last week, a prominent American Protestant denomination made history. The
Presbyterian Church, with about 1.8 million members, became the first major Christian group in this country to approve a resolution in favor
of economic divestment from American businesses that make equipment that helps foster Israel’s occupation in the West Bank. 

The amount of money that the Presbyterians will withdraw from Caterpillar, Hewlett-Packard and Motorola Solutions, $21 million, is relatively small in the world of international finance. But the message that the Presbyterian’s General Assembly sent last week in Detroit was huge: keep away from Israel.”

 I am wondering if the youth of the Presbyterian Church will now be donning brown shirts, swastikas and standing in front of Jewish shops stopping people from buying there.  For there is no difference between what this church has done and Nazis.

Future Presbyterian Youth At Work!


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  • Author Bill Wetterman

    Good to see you back. The isolation of Israel is moving faster than most Americans realize. Our President’s comments about the Israeli Prime Minister openly shows his feelings. Look up. Your salvation is near..

  • Meg

    Presbyterians have been going wayward for a long time. Hopefully they will lose a lot of their members over this. If not they will not only have to answer for their sins, but also for the sins of those that their teachings have misled.

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  • Hey Mag;

    Good to hear from you..

  • Xavier

    It’s findalis posting, not Maggie. Still, nice to see some activity. Thanks, f.

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  • John

    I wish it were just the Presbyterians. I left the Episcopal church, went to the Congregational church and left them; they are all trying to shove progressive dogma down our throats. When the minister started on about that wonderful president, Barak Obama, I got up and left.

    I wonder if the Norse Gods have any place nearby? The “Christian” churches seem to all have caught the same disease.