Philip Kiko, Lobbyist for Muslim Advocates, Am-Arab Anti-Discrimination Appointed to Benghazi Select Committee

If Philip Kiko is the “Majority Staff Director” for the House Select Committee on Benghazi, I’m expecting the “Minority Staff Director” to be, maybe, CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad, or Dalia Mogahed. It’s not a stretch. I admit I don’t know much about the way a House Select Committee is formed. I haven’t found anything explaining why an outside “majority staff director” is needed, but assuming one is needed, why has Rep. Trey Gowdy chosen lobbyist, Philip Kiko, who has worked on behalf of the most liberal of all organizations (see that partial list below).

Philip Kiko

Philip Kiko

According to a link at, among Kiko’s clients in his position as vice-president of Smith-Free Group, are:

• American-Arab Anti-Discrimination
• American Association for Affirmative Action
• American Federation of Teachers (AFL-CIO)
• Amnesty International
• Equal Justice Society
• Global Rights
• Immigration Equality
• Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund
• Muslim Advocates
• National Black Justice Coalition
• National Center for Lesbian Rights
• National Center for Transgender Equality
• National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty
• National Committee on Pay Equity
• National Council of La Raza
• National Immigration Forum
• National Immigration Law Center
• National Organization for Women
• Open Society Policy Center
• Sierra Club
• Southern Poverty Law
• and most of the member churches of the liberal National Council of Churches

Trey Gowdy

Trey Gowdy

Congressman Gowdy’s statement about Philip Kiko:

He has a proven record of effective leadership and management, and I am pleased to have him on our team as we conduct a serious, fact-driven investigation to ensure our fellow Americans know the full truth about what happened in Benghazi,” Gowdy said in a statement. Source: Politico

U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens

Murdered U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens

Speaker John Boehner, dragged kicking and screaming into this investigation, “praised” Kiko, who has a history of working for Republicans on the Hill. Boehner said Kiko is a “man of unquestioned integrity.” So there’s the story: Boehner picked him (is my guess). There is still reason, in my opinion, to believe that Boehner knew of, and approved Ambassador Chris Stevens’ mission — running weapons from Libya to the Syrian rebels, reason enough that Boehner, and perhaps the entire House leadership, did not want this investigation.

Just after reading of Kiko’s appointment, hubby walked into my office and said he heard today that “pessimists” are plagued with dementia far more than optimists, so I’ve decided that Kiko is just fine with me. Sigh.

H/T 2 Million Bikers to DC on FaceBook

Linked at BlurBrain with a good observation about CNN and Michelle Obama. Read it here.

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  • SuzyQ

    You have got to be KIDDING!!! Gowdy is our only hope.

  • chewinmule

    Senate Intel and House Intel as well as House Speaker and Senate Majority Leader all had to know about the joint CIA/State “arms collection” efforts in Benghazi ( it’s the law if State is involved). Russia had already warned several times against trafficking arms to Syrians, et al and Victoria Nuland issued statements of refutation.With that said, and with the “heat” building up (British ambassador assination attempt and Red Cross attacked) the lack of security at Benghazi and no rescue/support plan if the SHTF reeks horribly. I still believe Admiral Lyons take on the “op within the op” by allowing MB operatives to take the ambassador hostage. They set the place on fire to smoke him out when they could have destroyed the place with mortars/RPGs.

    • chewinmule, I also believe the whole leadership of both chambers knew, but I can’t prove it, because the Law no longer matters. I also believe there is good reason to believe the MB angle. I’ve written about it several times. Shoebat said he had video of one of the attackers looking into a security camera and saying something close to: “Don’t shoot. Dr. Morsi sent us.” I don’t think he ever posted the video.

  • Angelfire4280

    If genuine Conservatives don’t take the Senate in Nov. we are sunk.

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  • Van_Dessel

    I’m sighing too. No U.S. official will go to prison. Look at 9/11 and Lehman Brothers collapse. This is all for show.

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  • Li

    What country is this? …… Might as well have the Al-qaeda investigate the Boston Marathon bombing.