Pastor Umar Mulinde: Attacked by Muslims With Acid: To Jews, Do Not Give Up Land For Peace

“I realized, I had fallen into the hands of my enemies then. Oh, God.” The attackers yelled Allah Akbar three times as they ran away. Umar Mulinde (maybe Melinde) was born a Muslim. His father and brother are the equivalent of elders, or Muslim leaders, in the Muslim-majority country of Uganda, where he pastors. His account of the acid attacks to the entire right side of his face, and his back is the first part of the video below.  I can hear in his words, a strong message that the National Council of Churches should take heed of, and begin standing for the truth, if they believe the Word of God to be the truth. “Interfaith” is not always “interfaith.” “Inter” means “reciprocally,” “together,” “among,” “in the midst of” “mutually.” To a Muslim, Christians are infidels, Muslims are not — nothing ‘reciprocal’ about that. The following is the partial transcript of Pastor Melinde speaking to America and to Jews in Israel. He is speaking from an Israeli hospital room.

Christian Pastor Umar Melinde

Christian Pastor Umar Mulinde

As you read this story, consider this:

If there were no death penalty for apostasy, there would be no Islam. This is what cleric and prominent leader of the (now the West’s ally) Muslim Brotherhood Yusuf al-Qaradawi says, on video: “If they left apostasy (rida) alone, there wouldn’t have been any Islam. Islam would have been finished right after the death of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him)”. Source: Enza Ferreri, London-based Italian Journalist

Begin partial video transcript:

INTERVIEWER: If you had to share a short message with the people listening, who will watch this, whether in America or Uganda, or Jewish people, what would you like to tell them?

MULINDE: Mainly Americans, God Almighty has given you The Grace. Whatever you do in America, influences everybody in the world. You have that Grace.

One thing that Islam is doing to defeat you, is causing you to be coward and fearful to stand up against the invasion of the Islamization, which is going on in your country. Stand up before it’s late.

North Africa is the part of Africa that first embraced Christianity. It was defeated by intimidation and threat. If you are afraid today, within time, you’ll find your children and grandchildren being Muslims and torturing other people. Stand up now and defeat the challenge of the global Islamization agenda. That is what I’m telling, even Christians.

We speak as Christians today. Talk about places like Ephesians, the later Ephesians. What is Ephesians right now. Check the place and see [“Destroyed & Under Islamic Control”]. They don’t have a judge. Check the place, the Judge of Antioch [in a slide you also see Laodicea, Philadelphia and Smyrna]. Where was it? Check the places, all these where Simon Peter and Paul, preaching the gospel, went on his missionary journeys.

Ephesus was a center for Christianity, with the Apostle Paul arriving in the then-Greek city, which was already about 1,000 years old, in 52 AD. Ephesus, along with neighboring cities Laodicea, Philadelphia and Smyrna, are now a part of Turkey and 99% Muslim.

You’ll find that Islam has got a challenge [inaudible] and instead of standing up, we are not going to stand up in arms, but we are going to stand-up in the word of God. Let’s not fear to open up and stand and speak the truth. Otherwise, if we don’t stand now, it will be too late in the coming years.

Slide: USA Today: Number of U.S. mosques dramatically rise 74% since 2000. “Islamic places of worship quietly soar from 1,209 to 2,106…”

One thing which I want to leave with you — all the people watching me — is that if you know that what you’re doing is right, stand boldly, [inaudible]. Don’t fear. The Spirit of Darkness use intimidation. Don’t be intimidated. People fear to die, but Jesus said, do not fear those who kill the [inaudible]. He knew that they would try to kill us. And Jesus said, whatever message I give you underneath the bed, stand at the roof and declare it.

That means that Jesus knew that we would be intimidated, and He did not tell us only to run. He said, don’t fear them. What not to fear is mockery in the Book of Mark, Chapter 10. When Peter was persecuted, intimidated, what happened? The Bible says he scourged, in the Book of Acts of the Apostles, he was beaten, but Peter said, I cannot stop to speak what I have heard and what I have seen.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is high time, if it is the truth, let’s stand and speak it. If we are the light of the world, it’s time we shine before it’s late. God bless you.

The interviewer asks what is the message to support the Jewish people?

The Jewish people, I am a former Muslim. Have no doubt about that. I hated Israel even before knowing where it is found on a map. The challenge between the fight and the hatred against Israel, is more so of a religious motivated thing than political. You must know that some people standing somewhere in the presence of worship, brainwashing people, that the Nation of Israel has no right to exist — when you give them Gaza, they will need East Jerusalem. You give them East Jerusalem, they will need Jerusalem. You give them Jerusalem, they will take Tel Aviv. What I’m saying is, don’t sell your land for peace. Stand and resist the evil. Stand with your nation, you must have a nation.

I was a Muslim. I’m speaking the truth. The teaching of Islam does not see Israel on the map. They don’t teach that there is a nation called Israel, so for every child who is coming up, he’s working for the destruction of this nation. There are a few other who are not, but they are working for this destruction, so you give them a leg, they will take a chest and then they will take a head. Stand for the truth. If it is the truth, stand for it, and the God of the Bible will defend your land.

More on the National Council of Churches (NCC) and Islam herehere and here, where they expect “peace” for the Middle East, without the slightest acknowledgement that there can be no peace with Muslims refusing to recognize Israel’s right to exist. And, over the years, I’ve noted the NCC has more respect for Islam than they do for the Christian churches in this country that refuse to join them. Oh, don’t get me started!

Pastor Mulinde was treated free of charge in Israel’s Sheba Hospital.

Doctors have done an amazing job reconstructing his face, saving his ear and providing him with a prosthetic eye. He is ready to go back to Africa after more than two years of painful rehabilitation and to begin to preach the gospel once again…

He plans to continue preaching the gospel in Africa and standing for Israel, as well as warning the West about the dangers of radical Islam. At a time when many evangelicals are turning against Israel, he is a pastor who nearly died for his support of Israel. One of the primary reasons he was targeted is because he led a campaign in Uganda to stop the Muslim community from enforcing Shariah law on its constituents. He presented a petition with tens of thousands of signatures to the Ugandan speaker of Parliament. Source: Charisma Magazine

Read the whole story of Pastor Melinde’s conversion from Islam to Christianity and his remarkable journey to recovery. 

Ron Cantor with Pastor Umar Mulinde as he leaves Israel, April 2014

Ron Cantor with Pastor Umar Mulinde as he leaves Israel, April 2014

Twenty years ago Umar heard a man preaching out of the Koran and the Bible. This man did not have a Muslim background, but an angle came to him every night and taught him the Koran in Arabic so he could defend the faith to Muslims. He told the people that Yeshua is more glorious than Mohamed.  Umar was convicted by the message but he was afraid to change because of so much pressure in Muslim homes never to leave Islam. For many years he believed that Christianity was the truth, but fear kept him bound. 

May God bless Umar and Evelyn Mulinde and their six children, and they continue their mission.

Umar Mulinde, Christian Pastor in Uganda Attacked by Muslims with buckets of Acid (December 2011) (video)

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