ObamaCare Still Cannot Verify Income – Subsidies Given to Non-Eligible

There are two sides to this story. One that ObamaCare subsidies (lower health care costs) are being given to those not eligible for them. The “system” doesn’t have a built-in “way to verify income” and other information. Some of the “other information” includes no way to verify naturalized citizenship or a permanent legal resident status. Some are blocked because the system allows no way to prove citizenship eligibility. Read more at Breitbart


In the meantime, Medicaid patients pay nothing.

In the meantime, what Medicare is left, funds healthcare for illegal aliens.

In the meantime, as of April 9, 2014, 30 percent of new ObamaCare new insured are on Medicaid.

In the meantime, ObamaCare pays a Medicare subsidy for anyone retiring before the legal retirement age. You see, it “meets their health needs.” Have your “health needs” been met? Read more.

Linked at BadBluesmart news, uncensored 24/7. Read it all here.

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