New Born Jamie Ogg, Declared Dead, Comes Back to Life in Mother’s Arms After 2 Hours of Kangaroo Care

Confusing story. In the video below, we hear that baby Jamie Ogg, a twin, born weighing two pounds, had been declared clinically dead, yet the family is taking advantage of the “last moments” before he died. He gasped several times, but the doctor said it was a natural reaction after death, but Baby Jamie lived, after two hours, of Mom, Kate Ogg, holding him skin-to-skin, caressing him, talking to him. When Jaime opened his eyes and sucked breast milk from Mrs. Ogg’s finger, there was no doubt. The family called the astonished doctor back to witness their son, alive. Notice the words “medical miracle” are used. What part of this miracle is “medical?”

Emily and Jamie Ogg at two years old in 2012

Emily and Jamie Ogg at two years old in 2012

The twins were born in March 2010, and are four years old now (two years old in the pic above).

Kate Ogg has an answer ready for the day her son Jamie asks who’s older, he or his twin sister:

“Technically, you’re two minutes older,” she’ll tell him, “but Emily’s been alive longer.”

Shortly after Jamie and Emily were born prematurely at 27 weeks on March 25, 2010, doctors told Ogg and her husband David that Jamie had died.  Nurses placed his limp body across his mother’s bare chest so she could say goodbye.

But after five minutes, Jamie began to move. The baby’s doctor told the Oggs his movements were reflexive and not a sign of life. But as his mother continued cuddling him, Jamie opened his eyes. Kate put some breast milk on her finger, and he eagerly accepted it. Their tiny baby grew stronger and stronger in his mother’s arms, and their final goodbye turned into a hello.

Kangaroo Care:

The Oggs’ experience garnered international media attention and dramatically highlighted the benefits of parents holding newborns skin-to-skin on their bare chests, which is commonly called “kangaroo care.” Though the medical benefits of skin-to-skin contact are well documented, it’s still not encouraged, or even allowed, at many hospitals. Source:

Jamie Ogg’s Miracle (video)
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