Elliot Rodgers Family Anti-Gun: Vow To Prevent Such Tragedies in Future – Typical Arrogance

Here comes the gun-control push again, never mind that Elliot Rodger stabbed his three roommates to death — no gun needed for that sordid tale. He seriously wounded at least one using his BMW as a weapon, and it appears the 22-year-old should not have been living alone without parental supervision, whatever his age. He has been under psychiatric care for some time, maybe off and on — it’s not clear. We know that the mentally ill often do not tend to their own conditions, in fact, often deny it. A diagnosis of “highly-functioning” whatever (in this case Aspergers — one arm of Autism) turns out to be a deadly weapon as well.

Peter Rodger, Elliot Rodger and unknown younger child

Peter Rodger, Elliot Rodger and unknown younger child

Note the sunglasses on the unhappy “disturbed boy” in the photo above (Elliot on the far right). In one of his videos he bragged about his $300 sunglasses, said he was “magnificent.” The glasses look to be the same as the $300 pair.

Really? He has $300 sunglasses, expensive clothes and lives in a dive with people he likely hated, because he seemed to hate everyone. Where did Elliot get the money to legally buy the guns you want taken from us? Who allows a 22-year-old like Elliot Rodger to be on his own?

Elliot Rodger

Elliot Rodger

Rodger, like most of the others, was a devoted liberal. He followed the Young Turks on YouTube, a far-left group led by a goof named Cenk Uygur who once was an MSNBC host. So, foiled once again, liberals can make only their broader propaganda points. Source: Powerline

Elliot’s father Peter was a unit director on the 2012 Hunger Games movie. I didn’t see the movie, but I did read the books. Almost immediately I was sickened by the thought that a dictator would force children from about 9 districts (left after some catastrophe — maybe nuclear) to compete until they killed each other, leaving only one alive. The idea was so repugnant that it chilled me, still does — and this family — now — vows to make it their “mission” to see to it that it never happens again. Money talks. Can’t wait to see this “vow” in action — and his future movies.

Forgive me for laughing. Ridiculous.

I am not opposed to violent movies. I don’t see those I don’t want to see. I see those I want to see. There are things I can’t watch, and so I cover my eyes until the story moves beyond it. I don’t want anyone censoring movies, as long as they are properly rated, but I do notice that the makers of some of the most vile historical lies, and violent films are anti-Second Amendment. There are many out here just like me. We’re not buying your hypocrisy.

The attorney for the Rodger family said “this world needs to address mental illness and the ramifications from not recognizing these illnesses.” Well, isn’t that swell? Who didn’t recognize that Elliot was a disaster-in-the-making? Allegedly, Elliot was diagnosed a number of years ago and has seen “multiple therapists.” His grandmother said he was “a disturbed boy.” 

Elliot’s father is Peter Rodger, an assistant director on The Hunger Games movie. Peter hired attorney Alan Shifman, who released a full statement explaining that the Rodger family sends their “deepest condolences.”

“My clients’ mission in life will be to try and prevent any such tragedies from ever happening again. This country, this world needs to address mental illness and the ramifications from not recognizing these illnesses,” he said. Source: Hollywood Life

Shifman also said the family is “staunchly against guns,” and “supports gun-control.” 

How about families being responsible for their own families, especially for their “disturbed” children, and especially then they are financially capable of doing so? That’s a good place to start.

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  • clayguy1

    If the State of California had a legal gun carry law, you can dang well bet this twisted little monster that was raised by this family, would have never gone on this spree… He’d of been to afraid of being mowed down by John Q Public.

    Oh and part of the murder spree was with a knife where he killed three of the 5 people with and he used a car for another… killing.. Only two and maybe himself were killed by a gun…

    • clayguy1, right on all points. Can’t wait to see what the father’s next movie is.

      • clayguy1

        Obvious they don’t want to take on the blame for raising this slime of a human..

    • Modres

      I lived there for 25 years and California DOES have a legal gun carry law that allows law-abiding citizens to apply for a CCW permit. It’s not easy to obtain, but it’s there.

      The problem is that some counties are “shall issue” while too many are “may issue.” It doesn’t take much to be turned down by a Sheriff either and there is no recourse.

      In order to qualify, everyone has to take a gun safety course (mine cost $150) and apply for the permit (mine was $210). After all that, you are interviewed by a Sheriff who makes the recommendation to THE county sheriff on whether or not you should be given a permit.

      Permits must be renewed every two years.

      • clayguy1

        Thank you Modres so much for this information.. being from Montana.. I had no idea… Thank you

  • whowon

    Always know where I can go for the whole story, once again, thank you for all the facts!

  • Freedom rings

    He killed 3 with a KNIFE and one with is BMW. Are we banning cars and knives now? this family knew this guy had mental issues from a young age and did nothing to get him help. the family needs to take responsibility for the lack of parenting skills. Please note they have another son that has grow up in that same household.

    • Fixall

      To Freedom rings: You are right, many knew of his issues, but nothing or no one did anything to corral him. R.I.P. for the victims.

  • GoneWithTheWind

    It is so much worse then arrogance. If they were honest they would have to be in favor of banning BMWs and sharp pointy things too. Let’s not forget that his first three victims were stabbed viciously. For those who believe in banning high capacity magazines let it be noted he complied with that law as well. Choosing to jump on the gun ban bandwagon simply proves you are ignorant to the facts. Guns in private hands stop/prevent in excess of 2.5 million serious crimes every year. Even the police don’t stop as many violent crimes as the 2nd amendment does.

  • Mitch Mitchell

    I read yesterday that the police were warned that he was planning something. If they knew this why did his family not have him hospitalized?

    • Xavier

      It’s very difficult to have an adult held for observation against their will.

      • Mitch Mitchell

        The police there can arrest and tazer a man 18 times, can shoot a man on camera 11 times with no weapon (murder), stop a woman and insert their fingers in her vagina at the side of the road looking for marijuana, and you are telling me they cannot put a mentally ill person in a psychiatric ward when they post videos threatening to mass murder people? What the hell sort of country are you people running over there? Look it all up on cop block on facebook.

  • clayguy1

    The thing is.. all but Fox, or Breitbart were reporting he killed 6 people.. never mind one of the 6 was himself.. They amplify and lie.. I’m sick of this world of agendas and lies.

  • leewacker

    The best move would be to destroy the “father’s career!” He doesn’t need any job out side the one to raise his children correctly–above all, to teach them how to take responsibility for their actions and to BE responsible! He has failed his son and the world by his absurd stance on guns and other things!

  • Not your Uncle Sam

    The left cannot be trusted to raise humans. Why the Hell would I let them think for me. But, alas there are many that will.

    Organize with your neighbors in your local communities now. Don’t count on local government. But, learn who they are. Keep an eye on them. They will turn on you.

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  • C. KING

    Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that all of these mass shooters are or have been in some type of therapy? It brings to mind the movie Manchurian Candidate!!! I, along with many other people, am beginning to wonder. It seems as though any time the odumbo administration or the democraps are about to be investigated for things like Benghazi, The IRS scandal, Fast and Furious, and all of the other scandals associated with this administration that these shooters mysteriously come out of the closet to distract us from the issues at hand.

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  • Modres

    The parents couldn’t even keep their own son from going on a rampage, yet they are arrogant enough to believe that more gun laws will equal fewer massacres.

    What absolute morons, but typical of the left’s inability to use critical thinking skills.