Elliot Rodger Manifesto Cliff Notes: A Sack of Heads to be Dumped in the Street of Isla Vista

I have condensed Elliot Rodger’s so-called “manifesto,” to a version of Cliff Notes, beginning on Page 77, and identified by page numbers. Page 77 is when his parents agreed to send him to college in Santa Barbara. His early years were mostly happy and unremarkable from what he wrote. He remembered some of his first, happy years in England where he was born. He remembers receiving “hugs” from girls in Middle School — a form of “greeting,” and the last time he felt comfortable around girls. Reaching puberty was the worst time of his life, and thereafter would become the worst days of many families, including his own. You’ll see that his parents knew of his insatiable, eternally-denied, desire for sex. He talked to them about it and sent a link to a website (below) where “sex-starved” men hung out, who hated women as much as he did. He thought his parents would better understand what he was going through viewing the comments of these men. According to Elliot, his parents didn’t bother.

Chin Rodger received a call from Elliot’s “therapist” at 9:17 p.m., just 13 minutes before he shot Katherine “Katie” Cooper and Veronica Weiss outside the Alpha Phi Sorority House. He had already killed this two roommates, David Wang, James Hong and their friend, George Chen. Elliot had send the manifesto to his therapist via email. Chin and Peter Rodger called authorities and were on the highway to Santa Barbara when the news broke on their radio.

Those in Elliot’s life who lived through his killing spree, unthreatened, will never forget him because it could have been them. He has that going for him now. He felt invisible, but he is no longer invisible to anyone in his parent’s world or UCSB or Isla Vista. I assure you, many today are thinking, “what if,” thanking God that they are alive, which reminds me that Elliot Rodger never mentioned God, or the prospect of prayer for his miserable soul, but he did refer to himself several times as a “god,” and once as “God,” but he had some strange penchant for not blaming God for his incredible preoccupation with “hot, blonde, tall” girls. He self-described as “shy” and “short,” and at other times as a “magnificent god.” Did his family ever speak to him of God?

Elliot was in therapy for many years. Some reports say since the age of five. While living in Isla Vista, the family arranged for him to see his psychiatrist, Dr. Sophy, and they hired “social counselors” to teach him how to act in public. He admitted he needed the help, but was beyond help, by this time. Some of us would say that he was beyond help because he didn’t know of refuse or peace in the Almighty.

His “housemates” over the years, with the exception of James Hong and David Wang, who died, along with their friend George Chen, will likely spend many nights awake thinking of what they escaped. He told everyone about his wretched, pathetic state of virginity. Everybody! He acted-out on the streets of Isla Vista, pouring/splashing liquid beverages on couples he envied, and attempting to push students, especially girls, off of a 10′ tall wall. They will remember him. One of the last vestiges of hope he had was dashed by his sister who was four years younger than he. She had a boyfriend and lost her virginity before he did. He had some friends from childhood and teen years: Philip, Addison, James. Believe me, we will hear stories. There are roommates Ryan, Angel, Spencer, Chris, and Jon. There is Brittany in his math class, and “social” counselors Gavin, Sasha and Robert, and his little brother Jazz.

Elliot Rodger

Elliot Rodger

At Santa Barbara he registered for Sociology, Math, Film Studies and an online English course. He couldn’t handle the girls and dropped out of all classes. For awhile he tried not to let his parents know. After that, it is not clear whether they ever knew he was no longer in school as two years passed, and two dates set for his Day of Retribution, before the third was fulfilled. No doubt he would continue to be disappointed in himself as the Day of Retribution was a terrible thing, but not nearly as terrible as he had planned. A bag of heads did not roll out onto the main street in Isla Vista where all those “obnoxious, rowdy, popular” kids hung out. He didn’t kill his little brother, Jazz nor his stepmother, Soumaya.

The 137 page “manifesto” which Elliot titled “My Twisted World” is line-after-line of the words, “sex,” “virgin,” “hot blonde girls,” “beautiful girls,” “females,” “cool kids,” “popular kids,” “pleasure,” “unforgivable,” “lottery,” “I,” “me,” “my,” “gentleman,” “magnificent,” and on and on and on. It was all about being a virgin and wanting a girlfriend.

Page 77:

Since I was back in father’s good graces, my mother agreed to meet with him and me to talk about my life situation. We had dinner at a Japanese restaurant, where we had a long talk about what I was doing in my life, and what my college plans were. My mother and father both agreed that in order to change my life, I needed to remove myself from my current environment and start anew. Living at my mother’s apartment was becoming unhealthy…It was at this moment that we began to form the Santa Barbara plan, in which I would go to college in Santa Barbara and live amongst the students there.

The Santa Barbara plan was formed on that night, but its roots stretch all the way back to when I just turned eighteen. It was all because I watched that movie Alpha Dog. The movie had a profound effect on me, because it depicted lots of good looking young people enjoying pleasurable sex lives…I found out about Isla Vista, the small town adjacent to UCSB where all of the college students live and have parties…I talked to my mother about the prospect of going to college in Santa Barbara a few times during my eighteenth year. She thought it was a good idea; it would certainly free her of the burden of living with me, but we never seriously considered it. Until that day.

He mentioned his father’s “financial crisis” and how the parents would share the costs. His mother would pay for his apartment and his car. His father would pay tuition and $500 monthly for expenses. How do you buy the guns he purchased and the ammo on $500 a month when there are necessary expenses? That questioned is answered in his manifesto.

Page 81:

Before leaving for Santa Barbara, he wrote of carefully deceiving his mother: “I have always been meticulously careful at everything I’ve done.”

His mother told him he had to move to Santa Barbara about three weeks earlier than he planned. That threw him. He wanted “more time to emotionally and mentally prepare” for his “huge undertaking.”

Page 82:

Elliot arrived at Capri Apartments – not a mention of being a facility for “handicapped” or “developmentally challenged,” as we’ve heard in the news, but he’s the one writing it, and perhaps didn’t want the reality to enter this “twisted world.” The apartment was a two-bedroom and designed to be shared among three students. Elliot got the one for one student, his mother paid more.

My mother was very adamant that I move on the particular date. She said it was because she wanted me to go there and settle in before college started, but I knew the real reason. She always wanted me out of her house because she hated having to deal with me. The Santa Barbara plan would free her of me, and she wanted that so badly that she was willing to pay $900 a month for my apartment room rent. Basically, she was paying money to get rid of me…My mother will never welcome me back to live with her permanently ever again.

Elliot called his preparation to move to Santa Barbara, his “era of Hope and Hopelessness….” He began the excuses: other boys having “pleasure and sex,” and that crime being an unforgivable “injustice.”

Page 84:

His first weeks in Santa Barbara were “horrific….”

My two housemates were nice, but they kept inviting over this friend of theirs named Chance. He was black boy who came over all the time, and I hated his cocksure attitude….bragging to my housemates about his success with girls. I couldn’t stand it…so I proceeded to ask them all if they were virgins. They all looked at me weirdly and said that they had lost their virginity long ago. I felt so inferior…. And then this black boy named Chance said that lost his virginity when we was only thirteen! In addition, he said that the girl he lost his virginity to was a blonde white girl.! I was so enraged that I almost splashed him with my orange juice.”

Then he went to his room to cry.

How could an inferior, ugly black boy be able to get a white girl and not me? I am beautiful, and I am half white myself. I am descended from British aristocracy. He is descended from slaves.

The two housemates moved out within a week. Maybe they recognized they were dealing with some kind of seriously disturbed person. A few weeks later he moved to his permanent apartment, still at Capri.

Sitting in the Camino Real Marketplace by himself, he followed a couple to their care, who have been “kissing passionately” and splashed coffee on them, and then “ran away in fear.”

Page 87:

Ever since I was seventeen, I often fantasized about becoming powerful and inflicting suffering upon everyone who has wronged me in the past…I realized that I wouldn’t hesitate to kill or even torture my hated enemies if I was given the opportunity.”

Elliot was 12 days from his 20th birthday. He followed another “blonde” couple and poured iced tea on them.

At least I made some effort to fight back against the injustice.

His summer session at school ended with a B grade. He mentioned nothing about a career track. He mentioned his history and geography classes but only refers to how the students physically appeared to him.

Page 89:

Back in school, he met new “housemates” and worst of all, they weren’t virgins:

Their names were Ryan and Angel, and to my dismay they were of Hispanic race…were already friends…which meant they could possibly gang up against me….They also seemed like rowdy, low-class types.

Elliot called “mother,” and they agreed he should get another apartment, which he did at an additional $100 per month. His new roommate was Spencer Horowitz — “short, chubby,” “we had nothing in common.” “I realized that I had a psychological problem with his presence in my apartment.”

He made a few friends, and always lost friends. Afterall, he could stalk them on Facebook and see that they were busy living life without inviting him.

Page 95:

Because my mother, father, and grandmother constantly paid me extra money now that I was living in Santa Barbara, I had saved up enough to indulge in this obsession [his appearance].

After Christmas break, Elliot discovered his roommate Spencer had brought a girl to his room; “shocked,” “outraged.”

Page 98:

The week after a party given by his father, stepmother and Aunt, he was at his mother’s house:

When I got home, I began to cry because of all the emotions I experienced….My mother heard me and showed some concern, as she always did. She was used to me crying a lot, but she never understood why I was so miserable. I always had to explain it to her — that I was a lonely, miserable, unwanted virgin who women treated with disdain — but she could never grasp how severe this was to me. after all, how could she? She was a woman herself.

Page 100:

He dropped his math class. He couldn’t “look at Brittany’s beauty anymore.” At some point around this time, he dropped all of his college classes

He wrote that since moving to Santa Barbara he began to consider carrying out a “violent act of revenge….” He began writing about the “Day of Retribution.”

Page 102:

Elliot attended a private Katy Perry concert with his mother and the Hunger Games premier with his father and stepmother:

I tried to pretend as if I was part of a wealthy family. I should be. That was the life I was meant to live. I WOULD BE! If only my damnable mother had married into wealth instead of being selfish. If only my failure of a father had made better decisions with his directing career instead wasting his money on that stupid documentary…

L-R, Elliot Rodger, Peter Rodger, Soumaya Rodger, Sylvester Stallone

L-R, Elliot Rodger, Peter Rodger, Soumaya Rodger, Sylvester Stallone

The red carpet premier of the Hunger Games was an even more exclusive event. The reason we got in was because my father was friends with the director, Gary Ross. My father even contributed to the film as a second unit director. Gary Ross had been coming over to father’s house for dinner quite frequently in the past few months. When he told me about the Hunger Games, I had never heard about it before, so I decided to read the books that the movie would be based on. It was quite an enjoyable story and I became a fan…

At the same time, my step mother Soumaya was in the process of filming a French reality T.V. series, called Les Vraies Housewives. Her status as a reality T.V. star, coupled with my father’s important association with Gary ross, enables us all to attain VIP tickets to the red carpet premier, including admittance to walk on the red carpet itself, which was actually a black carpet, in a literal sense.

I didn’t own any suits, but I wore my extravagant Hugo Boss shirt, which I thought looked elegant enough to walk on the black carpet. As we were lining up for our walk on the black carpet, some dumb bitch of a security guard had the audacity to question “who the hell are these people”…Soumaya’s publicist calmly informed her of our invitation…There were some actors and celebrities on the carpet with us, and the paparazzi yelled at me a few times to get out of the way as they were taking pictures of some c**t actress. I discreetly gave those paparazzi pigs my middle finger. Elliot Rodger will not move aside for a stupid, good-for-nothing, over-glorified actress, whoever the f**k she was….

He went to the premier of The Hunger Games with his father, Peter Rodger and stepmother Soumaya.

Page 103:

At The Hunger Games after party with his father, he ran into a former classmate who was beginning an acting career. Elliot writes that he had not seen him since 8th grade and mentions the sister, two years younger. He uses the “c” and “b” to describe the little girl who was not there that night, but who, in this twisted mind, caused him “pain” in 8th grade.

He had over $6,000.00 saved and began buying lottery tickets in large quantities, when the jackpot was big. He was convinced the only way girls would be interested in him is if he is wealthy — and he acknowledges he has no talents.

Page 107:

He wrote that he is once again enraged at seeing students having fun in Girsh Park, goes to a convenience stor, buys a super-soaker and douses them with orange juice — and runs.

Page 108:

The lease on his apartment is up. He and Spencer don’t even say goodbye. Elliot moves; loses a large lottery and destroys his laptop. New roommates, Chris Rugg and an “Asian-American named Jon.”

His parents still don’t know that he is not attending college.

Page 112:

He continued to lose lotteries. Threw a fit on the phone with his parents and they arranged for him to see “my psychiatrist, Dr. Charles Sophy” when he returned for winter break. He saw his “Day of Retribution” as a very real prospect, and he began to prepare.

Page 113:

At the Goleta Gun and Supply, he purchased “the Glock 34 semiautomatic pistol…” which he could pick-up mid-December. He took it to his apartment: “Who’s the alpha male now, bitches?”

Elliot went to England with his mother over Christmas break, but I don’t see a reference to the psychiatrist. He continued to drive to Arizona for lottery tickets.

Page 115:

Spring of 2013, he wrote that he “began to seriously think about planning the Day of Retribution.” He purchased a Sig Sauer P226 for $1,100.00. The Glock was $700.00.

Page 116:

Elliot described himself as “shy, short, and physically weak,” His brother Jazz was tall for his age and very social.

Page 117:

After “brooding” on all of his “philosophical views and theories about the world, he came to a conclusion:

I concluded that women are flawed. There is something mentally wrong with the way their brains are wired, as if they haven’t evolved from animal-like thinking…Beasts should not be able to have any rights in a civilized society….

I am like a god, and my purpose is to exact ultimate Retribution on all of the impurities I see in the world.

If you think Elliot Rodger’s parents didn’t know of the combined lust, hate and revulsion for women and his inordinate self-pitying focus, you are wrong:

Page 188:

The Spring of 2013 was also the time when I came across the website PUAHate.com. It is a forum full of men who are starved of sex, just like me….many of them share my hatred of women, though unlike me they would be too cowardly to act on it….

The website PUAHate is very depressing….I tried to show it to my parents, to give them some sort dose of reality as to why I am so miserable….They have always had the delusion that everything is going well for  me, especially my father. When I sent the link of PUAHate.com to my parents, none of them even bothered to look at the posts on there….

By this time, Elliot had been living in Santa Barbara for two years. We still don’t know if his parents are continuing to send tuition money to him or the school, or whether they think he is still attending classes.

Women must be punished for their crimes of rejecting such a magnificent gentleman as myself.

He tried to decide whether he would kill in Isla Vista or at Santa Barbara City College. He decided on Isla Vista.

Page 119:

He made visits home to his parents, and saw his psychiatrist Dr. Charles Sophy, who “arranged for a counsellor to meet me frequently and help me out with my life.” His name was Gavin Linderman, a clean-cut twenty five-year-old. Linderman knew Isla Vista well, had spent a lot of time there, and told Elliot that it was true the girls there preferred “tall, muscular, rowdy jock-type men.”

Elliot spent much of his time with Gavin being jealous of the attention Gavin received from girls when they were out together.

Page 120:

His mother finally bought a house. She had been a renter since the divorce. Elliot said he “pestered” her about marrying a wealthy man and moving into a “mansion,” and he blamed her for not doing so:

I will always resent my mother for refusing to do this. If not for her sake, she should have done it for mine. Joining a family of great wealth would have truly saved my life. I would have a high enough status to attract beautiful girlfriends and live above all of my enemies. All of my horrific troubles would have been eased instantly. It is very selfish of my mother to not consider this.

His parents hired “social skills counsellors” to go out with him and help him practice “socializing.” They were like “hired friends.” He admits he needed it. The first ‘social counselor’ was half Hawaiian, half Mexican, not “that good-looking,” but the counselor had had sex with four Isla Vista girls.

The second counselor was a girl named Sasha. She was a year older than Elliot. She was blonde. She was pretty. Sasha got lucky. She had to move away from Santa Barbara and Elliot. He wanted no more female counselors, as it felt about the same as having a “prostitute.”

Just before his 22 birthday in July, he got drunk and walked the streets of Isla Vista, determined to have sex. He walked into a party, saw an “Asian guy” talking to a white girl — “I always felt as if white girls thought less of me because is was half-Asian….”

Page 121-122:

Back outside in the yard:

To calm down, I climbed up onto a wooden ledge that bordered the street and plunged down on one the chairs there. Isla Vista was at its wildest state at that time….and in my drunken carelessness, extended my arm out and pretended to shoot them all, laughing giddily as I did it. Eventually, some partiers climbed up onto the ledge. They were all obnoxious, rowdy boys, whom I’ve always despise.

Girls came up to speak the other boys, but not to him:

That was the last straw, I had taken enough insults that night. a dark, hate-fueled rage overcame my entire being, and I tried to push as many of them as I could from the 10-foot ledge. My main target was the girls….It was one of the most foolish and rash things I ever did, and I almost risked everything in doing it, but I was so drunk with rage that I didn’t care. I failed to push any of them from the ledge, and the boys started to push me, which resulted in me being the one to fall onto the street. When I landed, I felt a snap in my ankle, followed by a stinging pain. I slowly got up and found that I couldn’t eve walk. I had to stumble, and stumble I did. I tried to get away from there as fast as I could.

As I stumbled a few yards down del Playa with my shattered leg, I realized that someone had stolen my Gucci sunglasses that my mother had given me. I loved those sunglasses, and had to get them back.

Still drunk, he turned around and went back; got the wrong house — the house next door, and demanded to know who took his sunglasses. The people in the house called him “faggot” and “pussy,” and dragged him onto the driveway and beat him up. Someone came along and broke up the fight. He stood and ‘staggered’ away. It was his first time to be “truly beaten up physically.”

He found he had also lost a 22-karat gold chain his grandmother gave him, or rather, it was stolen. He wailed on his bed for a while and passed out.

When I woke-up the next morning, my leg was in absolute agony. It was purple and swollen, and I could not even stumble anymore. I had to crawl.

He was sober now and began to think about the trouble he might be in:

…also fearful that I might get in trouble. I did try to push girls off of a ledge and threatened to kill all of those people, which could implicate me.

Page 123:

…I had to concoct a fairly altered story to explain to the police, who would inevitable have to interview me once I got to the hospital and reported my injury.

He told his story, but didn’t mention the girls. The boys had their story. The police matter didn’t go any further than that. His left leg was broken. He went to his mother’s for his 22nd birthday. She bought him a new gold chain.

In the manifesto he calls the beating “the highly unjust experience….” He had given them one last chance to redeem themselves and accept him. “It was time for Retribution.”

In August he had surgery to surgically screw his broken ankle into place. Neither parent wanted him in their house while he rehabilitated.

Page 124

His mother booked him into a hotel room at Extended Stay America in Woodland Hills while she went on vacation to Hawaii. His room was across from Taft High School. Every time he looked out the window he saw thugs and bullies and the girls who adored them.

While in the hotel room he spent his time thinking of “the injustices” of his life. His plan was now concrete to “bring about the Day of Retribution.”

I felt so shocked and overwhelmed upon realizing that it was definitely going to resort to this. I was going to die soon, and that in itself was hard to accept.

In August, he moved his prior date for Retribution from November to Spring 2014, due to time needed for his leg to heal.

He also thought postponing the date would give him time to find a way out, i.e., sex with a girl.

His mother returned from a vacation and he stayed with her for a month.

At the end of the time he spent with his mother, the whole family met with psychiatrist Dr. Sophy. His father brought along his stepmother, Soumaya. That was a problem. The doctor offered the same “useless advice” that every “psychiatrist, psychologist, and counselor had provided over the years. He received a prescription for Risperidone. He researched it, refused to take it and never saw the doctor again.

Page 126:

Before leaving his mother’s home and returning to Santa Barbara, his mother invited a family over with a daughter who had been Elliot’s childhood friend. He stalked her on Facebook. She was everything he hated, blonde, pretty, popular:

I would take great delight in torturing and flaying her and every single one of her spoiled obnoxious evil friends.

Without his crutches, now with a walking cast, his mother made him return to Santa Barbara. Still no information as to whether or not his parents knew he was no longer in school.

He found that roommates Chris and Jon had moved out. He wasn’t happy about it as they were “the most pleasant housemates I could have hoped for.”

Page 127 – 128:

A trip back to his mother’s so that the orthopedic doctor could remove the walking cast and give him a cane. During that time he drove to Palos Verdes with two long-time acquaintances. They walked on the beach and he told “Addison” that he had figured-out women:

…”mentally flawed and need to be contained. He didn’t show any hint of how he felt about this. Addison told me that I was a person of high intelligence, and that I shouldn’t waste it by doing something “rash”. I believe he had a suspicion that I was indeed planning on massacring my enemies and then killing myself…in a way I think he knew me better than anyone else. I am indeed an intelligent person…. That was my last conversation with him.

During the same visit back to the Los Angeles area, he went with his father to visit Dale Launer, a Hollywood screenwriter and producer — a long time friend of his father’s and someone Elliot hadn’t seen since he was a child. Dale was “a so-called expert with women.” He wanted to help Elliot. Obviously, Dale could do nothing for this bizarre person:

While visiting his father’s house, he had an argument with his stepmother, Soumaya. She told him his younger brother Jazz was signed by an agent to act in TV commercials. According to Elliot, Soumaya told him Jazz would lose his virginity early.

L-R, Peter Rodger, Jazz Rodger, Elliot Rodger

L-R, Peter Rodger, Jazz Rodger, Elliot Rodger

That was the day that I decided I would have to kill him on the Day of retribution. I will not allow the boy to surpass me at everything, to live the life I’ve always wanted. It’s not fair that he has the chance to have a pleasurable life while I’ve been denied it. it will be a hard thing to do, because I had really bonded with my little brother in the last year, and he respected and looked up to me. But I would have to do it. If I can’t live a pleasurable life, then neither will he! I will not let him put my legacy to shame.

In order to kill Jazz, I would have to kill Soumaya too, but that will be easy…as I plunge my knife into her neck.

He pondered if he would also have to kill his father — thought he might hesitate at the last moment. He felt sick to his stomach and decided he had to come up with a date when his father was out of the country.

This is when his mother gave him the “better car,” “a BMW3 series Coupe.

 The “housemates” he would kill arrived.

They were two foreign Asian students who attended UCSB. These were the biggest nerds I had ever seen, and they were both very ugly with annoying voices…These two new ones were utterly repulsive, and one of them had a very rebellious demeanor about him. He went out of his way to start arguments with me whenever I raised the issue of the noise he made. Hell, even living with Spencer was more pleasant than these two idiots. I knew that when the Day of Retribution came, I would have to kill my housemates to get them out of the way…due to their behavior I now had no regrets about such a prospect. In fact, I’d even enjoy stabbing them to death while they slept.

He was “assigned” a new social counsellor in Santa Barbara. His name was Robert, a student a year older. Nothing helpful to Elliot occurred with Robert other than an “outlet to express myself.”

As Fall came, he visited his mother and learned that his sister had a boyfriend and she was no longer a virgin:

I arrived at the house one day, my mother being at work, and heard the sounds of Samuel plunging his penis into my sister’s vagine through her closed room door, along with my sister’s moans. I stood and listened to it all. So my sister, who was four years younger than me, managed to lose her virginity before I did. It reminded me of how pathetic I was, that at the age of twenty-two, I was still a virgin….

An enemy had now “infiltrated” the household of my mother…

Page 131:

Christmas and New Year’s passed with Elliot in Los Angeles in his mother’s home while she, his sister and Samuel were in Britain.

He picked April 16, 2014 for the Day of Retribution. He bought a third handgun, “just in case one of them jams.”

I needed two working handguns at the same time, as that was how I planned to commit suicide; with two simultaneous shots to the head. I also needed to buy magazine clips and ammunition, as well as knives and carrying cases for my equipment.

As April 26th neared, he planned to begin his massacre the day before the Day of Retribution.

Page 132:

I will start the First Phase of my vengeance: Silently killing as many people as I can around Isla Vista by luring them into my apartment through some form of trickery. The first people I would have to kill are my two housemates, to secure the entire apartment for myself as my personal torture and killing chamber. After that, I will start luring people into my apartment, knock them out with a hammer, and slit their throats. I will torture some of the good looking people before I kill them, assuming that the good looking ones had the best sex lives. …I will cut them, flay the, strip all of the skin off their flesh, and pour boiling water all over them while they are still alive, as well as any other form of torture I could possible think of. When they are dead, I will behead them and keep their heads in a bag, for their heads will play a major role in the final phase…

The Second Phase will take place on the Day of Retribution itself, just before the climactic massacre. The Second Phase will represent my War on Women. I will punish all females…

(yada, yada, yada)

He couldn’t kill all females, so….

After doing a lot of extensive research within the last year, I found out that the sorority with the most beautiful girls is Alpha Phi Sorority. I know exactly where their house is, and I’ve sat outside it in my car to stalk them many times. Alpha Phi sorority is full of hot, beautiful blonde girls…all spoiled, heartless, wicked bitches….If I have time, I will set their whole house on fire. Then we shall see who the superior one really is!

The Final Phase of the Day of Retribution will be my ultimate showdown in the streets of Isla Vista. On the morning before, I will drive down to my father’s house to kill my little brother…along with my stepmother Soumaya….My father will be away on one of his business trips….If he didn’t go away on that trip, I might even have to postpone the whole plan because of my fear that I might hesitate if I have to kill him. Once I’ve taken care of my brother and stepmother, I will switch over to the Mercedes SUB and drive it back up to Isla Vista. I will use it as one of my killing machines against my enemies. An SUV will cause a lot more damage than my BMW coupe.

After I have killed all of the sorority girls at the Alpha Phi House, I will quickly get into the SUV before the police arrive, assuming they would arrive within 3 minutes. I will then make my way to Del Playa, splattering as many of them as I can with the SUV, and shooting anyone I don’t splatter. I can only imagine how sweet it will be to ram the SUV into all of those groups of popular young people who I’ve always witnessed walking right in the middle of the road as if they are better than everyone else. When they are writhing in pain, their bodies broken and dying after I splatter them, the world will fully realize their crimes.

Once I reach Del Playa Street, I will dump the bag of severed heads I had saved from my previous victims….Once they see all of their friend’s heads roll onto the street, everyone will fear me as the powerful god I am. I will then start massacring everyone on Del Playa Street.

He planned to destroy a house party, destroy “everything and everyone.”

When I see the first police car come to their rescue, I will drive away as fast as I can, shooting and ramming anyone in my path until I find a suitable place to finally end my life.

To end my life, I will quickly swallow all of the Xanax and Vicodin pills I have left, along with an ample amount of hard liquor….I will shoot myself in the head with two of my handguns simultaneously. If the gunshots don’t kill me, the deadly drug mixture eventually will. I will not suffer being captured and sent to prison.

Page 133:

Now he needed only to “finish writing this story and film my final video.” On April 24th, he woke with a “terrible cold.” He couldn’t die with a cold, of course he couldn’t, so he moved the Day of Retribution to Saturday May 24, 2014.

Part of me still didn’t want to do it. It will mean my death, and I have always been afraid of death.

Page 134:

He went back to his mother’s house to recover from his “cold,” and returned to Santa Barbara:

A week after he uploaded videos to YouTube, the police showed up at his door.

Apparently, someone saw my videos and became instantly suspicious of me. They called some sort of health agency, who called the police to check up on me. The police told me it was my mother who called them, but my mother told me it was the health agency. My mother had watched the videos and was very disturbed by them.

He acknowledged that he would never know the truth, was it his mother or a “health agency.”

The police interrogated me outside for a few minutes, asking me if I had suicidal thoughts. I tactfully told them that it was all a misunderstanding, and they finally left. If they had demanded to search my room…That would have ended everything. For a few horrible seconds I thought it was all over. When they left, the biggest wave of relief swept over me. It was so scary.

He removed all of his videos from YouTube and planned to upload them again the day before his Day of Retribution. He kept a handgun with loaded magazines nearby in case police showed up again.

He continued to try to get laid in Isla Vista, and avoid death.

Page 135 – 136:

He wrote an epilogue, here’s a portion — his plan to win his Women on Women:

The ultimate evil behind sexuality is the human female. They are the main instigators of sex. They control which men get it and which men don’t. Women are flawed creatures, and my mistreatment at their hands has made me realize this sad truth. There is something very twisted and wrong with the way their brains are wired. They think like beasts, and in truth, they are beasts. Women are incapable of having morals or thinking rationally. They are completely controlled by their depraved emotions and vile sexual impulses. Because of this, the men who do get to experience the pleasures of sex and the privilege of breeding are the men who women are sexually attracted… the stupid, degenerate, obnoxious men. I have observed this all my life. The most beautiful of women choose to mate with the most brutal of men, instead of magnificent gentlemen like myself.

Women should not have the right to choose who to make and breed with. That decision should be made for them by rational men of intelligence. If women continue to have rights, they will only hinder the advancement of the human race by breeding with degenerate men and creating stupid, degenerate offspring. This will cause humanity to become even more depraved with each generation. Women have more power in human society than they deserve, all because of sex. There is no creature more evil and depraved than the human female.

Women are like a plague. They don’t deserve to have any rights. Their wickedness must be contained in order prevent future generations from falling to degeneracy. Women are vicious, evil, barbaric animals, and they need to be treated as such…

In order to completely abolish sex, women themselves would have to be abolished. All women must be quarantined like the plague they are, so that they can be used in a manner that actually benefits a civilized society. In order carry this out, there must exist a new and power type of government, under the control of one divine ruler, such as myself. The ruler that establishes this new order would have complete control over every aspect of society, in order to direct it towards a good and pure place. At the disposal of this government, there needs to be a highly trained army of fanatically loyal troops, in order to enforce such revolutionary laws.

The first strike against women will be to quarantine all of them in concentration camps. At these camps, the vast majority of the female population will be deliberately starved to death. That would be an efficient and fitting way to kill them all off…I would have an enormous tower built just for myself, where I can oversee the entire concentration camp and gleefully watch them all die…

A few women would be spared, however, for the sake of reproduction. These women would be kept and bred in secret labs. There, they will be artificially inseminated with sperm samples in order to produce offspring. Their depraved nature will slowly be bred out of them in time.

Future generations of men would be oblivious to these remaining women’s existence, and that is for the best. If a man grows up without knowing of the existence of women, there will be no desire for sex. Sexuality will completely cease to exist. Love will cease to exist. There will no longer be any imprint of such concepts in the human psyche. It is the only way to purify the world.

Page 137:

Elliot ends with:

I didn’t start this war… I wasn’t the one who struck first… But I will finish it by striking back. I will punish everyone. and it will be beautiful. Finally, at long last, I can show the world my true worth.

Elliot Rodger's Black BMW where he is found dead. A bicyclist reportedly hit and broke the windshield

Elliot Rodger’s Black BMW where he is found dead. A bicyclist reportedly hit and broke the windshield

Not only did Elliot die in the virgin state he hated with such intensity, but he died unkissed, as well. Read the manifesto at Ironic Surrealism.

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