Clayton Lockett: Oklahoma Deeply Troubles Barack Obama – Barack Obama Deeply Troubles Oklahoma

Barack Obama, never missing an opportunity to defame the United States, went to a German reporter to say that judges in America are biased against blacks — Oklahoma troubles him deeply, he said, expressing sympathy for Clayton Lockett, the black piece of scum who shot a girl twice, still in her teens, and buried her alive. I believe We The People in any state, hope ‘his kind,’ (having nothing to do with the color of his skin) suffers, whether through a proper drip of poison or a drip gone wrong. He’s dead — took him 43 minutes to die. Should have been dead years ago. He killed Stephanie in June 1999, two weeks after her high school graduation. I hope he suffered terribly. If he suffered inhumanely, then I’m good with that. He was a worthless piece of crap that either The Almighty will rehabilitate, or not.

Stephanie Neiman (middle)

Stephanie Neiman (middle)

On June 3, 1999, Stephanie was driving a friend home in her Chevy pickup and had the misfortune of arriving when three men were there, supposedly attempting to beat a debt out of Bobby Bornt, 23, who lived there with his 9-month-old son.

One man hit Stephanie’s friend with a shotgun and forced her to call Stephanie inside. The men then raped the friend and beat Stephanie, when she refused to give up her truck keys. They bound her with duct tape and drove her to a country road.

Still, she refused to say she wouldn’t call the police on them, so they forced her to her knees and made her watch one gunman dig a grave. When one man shot her, his gun jammed, while Stephanie screamed. The man cleared his weapon and shot her again. Even though she was still breathing, the man ordered his accomplices to bury her, which they did.

It’s not clear whether it took 43 minutes more for her to die, and we can’t ask her now if she suffered. Source: Dallas Morning News

Perry, Oklahoma: 

Friends of Stephanie Neiman have no sympathy for her convicted killer, Clayton Lockett, the Oklahoma death row inmate who writhed and groaned during his execution Tuesday, a sentence he received for shooting and burying alive the 19-year-old young woman some 15 years ago.

“Stephanie was beat up, she was shot, she was thrown in a grave when she was still alive,” Marilee Macias, the owner of the Kumback Lunch in Neiman’s hometown of Perry, Okla., told KFOR-TV. “His little 30 minutes of lying there in anguish, if he was even feeling any anguish for 30 minutes, does not compare at all to anything Stephanie went through or her family. Source: New York Daily News

Lockett did his best to stop the inevitable, and was tasered the morning he died:

Prisons chief Robert Patton also disclosed in a letter to Oklahoma’s governor that death-row inmate Clayton Lockett deliberately cut his right arm before sunrise Tuesday and refused to be restrained or to eat any food in the hours leading up to his death. Source: Washington Post

Clayton Lockett had spent time in prison before he killed Ms. Neiman.

Constitutional expert, Ladonna Hollins, mother of Clayton Lockett:

He was in pain and in our Constitution it clearly states that we should not make a man suffer like this so I’m torn…Source: Tulsa World

He confessed, he showed no remorse. The family may sue:

“I want them to admit they did wrong and after that, let’s change this,” said Hollins, who has not retained a lawyer yet. “If we are going to put people to death, let’s do it the right way.” ~ Ladonna Hollins

A firing squad is the sure way to make certain no one suffers. Let’s “do it the right way” and hire some sharp shooters.

Hollins lost her son. Had my son done such a heinous thing, I would also mourn, no matter how he died, no matter what he had done, I would have mourned, but NEVER, NEVER would I do it publicly — NEVER would I cry for television cameras knowing what I gave birth too and raised, caused so much pain and anguish for others. I would know that nothing happening to my guilty son in prison while facing the death penalty was unjust, “botched” or not.

My State of Oklahoma entered into the procedure lawfully and in good faith. Barack Obama deeply troubles me.

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  • Woody Pendleton


  • Meg

    So he suffered. I for one believe that killers should be put to death by the same method in which they kill their victims. Should have shot him twice and buried him alive. That is what you call an eye for an eye. O needs to stay out of it. I am sure the one on high will see that he gets his just punishment. We are becoming such an evil society. That is what happens when you throw God out of a country.

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  • Xavier

    I’d like to see victim’s families have the option of taking part in the execution.

    P.S. “…our Constitution it clearly states that we should not make a man suffer like this”. Yep it’s right beside the separation of Church and State.

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  • If only Obama were as troubled by the crime that earned Clayton Lockett the death penalty!

  • Yos

    No, Lockett didn’t “suffer.”

    He may have endured discomfort, possibly serious discomfort, but actual suffering? Not even close, if it involves the injection problems.

    The opponents of justice will water-down or completely alter the definition of anything if it suits their agenda. Next they’ll claim he was “tortured” by the taser.

    BTW, I completely agree on point about the firing squad method.

  • colnzgprnts

    Poor Obama! He gets most things backward or upside down and this case is no different. He is feeling great pain for a man who suffered some discomfort as was being made to pay for the extreme pain he caused a young girl and the suffering he caused a family and a community.

    Clayton Lockett committed a brutal and heinous crime for which the people of Oklahoma deemed he should die. He deserves no sympathy. He deserves what he got, but the crime was committed nearly 15 years ago, so the punishment is coming 14 years too late!

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  • Bob Mack

    Obama’s just as much a racist as any old time Klan Wizard; he just sells his product better. You could look it up.