Believers in Nice Jesus Ignorant of Scripture? National Council of Churches, Listen-Up!

I just watched Pastor Mark Brazee of Tulsa’s World OutReach church speak from the Jordan River. I haven’t attended World OutReach. I know nothing about the church’s affiliations other than what I see online. I do know the church is located close to my house. I am not endorsing World OutReach. After watching Brazee, I happened onto the article below written by Matt Walsh (Update: found it on Facebook at 2 Million Bikers to DC). I am in complete agreement with him and hoping the National Council of Churches (NCC), and it’s member denominations, might let Walsh school them on a few things, because I cannot and will not attend any church/denomination that is a part of the NCC’s “communion,” (member list).

Matt Walsh

Matt Walsh

Pull-Out Quote:

Christians in this country sound too similar to the the Golden Girls song, and not enough like the Battle Hymn of the Republic. There’s too much ‘thank you for being a friend,’ and not enough ‘lightening from His terrible swift sword.’ ~ Matt Walsh

So right now, I’m hearing you say, oh no, she’s talking about the NCC again. How divisive. If that is what you’re thinking, you should learn more about the NCC. Do you know they boycotted Hobby Lobby for its stance on abortifacients? Do you know the NCC opposes so-called “Christian Zionists?” Do you know the NCC thinks the United Nations is just swell? Do you know the NCC advocates for gun control? Do you know in 2009 the NCC wanted diplomatic relations with Iran? Do you know the NCC believes in sanctuary cities and its ministries are “seeking” to “enhance” neighbors who are sometimes “aliens?” Do you know that when you give to, or tithe to, your NCC-member church, a part of you money funds the National Council of Churches?

Here’s Walsh’s article:

If you want to adopt some blasphemous, perverted, fun house mirror reflection of Christianity, you will find a veritable buffet of options. You can sift through all the variants and build your own little pet version of the Faith. It’s Ice Cream Social Christianity: make your own sundae! (Or Sunday, as it were.)

And, of all the heretical choices, probably the most common — and possibly the most damaging — is what I’ve come to call the Nice Doctrine.

The propagators of the Nice Doctrine can be seen and heard from anytime any Christian takes any bold stance on any cultural issue, or uses harsh language of any kind, or condemns any sinful act, or fights against evil with any force or conviction at all. As soon as he or she stands and says ‘This is wrong, and I will not compromise,’ the heretics swoop in with their trusty mantras.

They insist that Jesus was a nice man, and that He never would have done anything to upset people. They say that He came down from Heaven to preach tolerance and acceptance, and He wouldn’t have used words that might lead to hurt feelings. They confidently sermonize about a meek and mild Messiah who was born into this Earthly realm on a mission to spark a constructive dialogue.

The believers in Nice Jesus are usually ignorant of Scripture, but they do know that He was ‘friends with prostitutes,’ and once said something about how, like, we shouldn’t get too ticked off about stuff, or whatever. In their minds, he’s essentially a supernatural Cheech Marin…

Be nice to me, I’ll be nice to you, and we’ll all be happy. This is the ‘whole message’ of Christianity?


Jesus Christ preached a Truth no deeper or more complex than a slogan on a poster in a Kindergarten classroom?


I don’t recognize this Jesus.

This moderate. This pacifist. This nice guy.

He’s not the Jesus I read about in the Bible. I read of a strong, manly, stern, and bold Savior. Compassionate, yes. Forgiving, of course. Loving, always loving. But not particularly nice.

He condemned. He denounced. He caused trouble. He disrupted the established order. Source: Now the meat of the Jesus story begins. Read it at Matt Walsh’s blog.

Does your church provide its own ice cream sundae to keep you coming back? Just think about it, and check into organizations like the Black Robe Regiment and Patriot Pastors for sustenance as you read and study your Bible and despair of finding like-minded Americans. How many times have you sat in a Sunday School class and studiously bit your tongue to keep from disagreeing with a “Nice Jesus” advocate? 

Reclaiming America for Christ:

Beginning with Enoch, God has called out his chosen men to stand strong and proclaim truth in a sinful world.  As pastors, we are not called to be “church builders” acting as CEO’s competing with the church down the block.  We are called to proclaim the truth of Salvation in Jesus Christ alone to a lost world and to “equip the saints for the work of the ministry”.  As light, we are to equip our people and lead them out to confront the culture and point people to Jesus Christ.  As salt, we are to equip our people and lead them out to “reprove the unfruitful works of darkness”.  America was founded on this truth.

Black Robe Regiment:

…the Black Robe Regiment was not an actual detachment in the Continental Army but rather a British epithet for the influence preachers exerted in support of the Patriot cause. Advocates of the British crown found preachers’ support of the Patriot cause particularly detrimental to their efforts to maintain loyalty among the colonists. Such clergymen provided sanction for the cause of independence as well as formal support for the military effort. In the 1770s, most colonists still considered themselves aligned with England; many parishioners questioned the fundamental legitimacy of revolution, and of separating from Britain and consequently the Church of England. From their pulpits, these members of the Black Robe Regiment reassured their audiences that their revolution was justified in the eyes of God. Winning and maintaining the support of the population was critical in the American War for Independence, which relied heavily on the support of volunteers and the general population.

May God bless America:

That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. Declaration of Independence

Also, visit Concerned Women for America.

By the way, I don’t know much about Matt Walsh either, but in his article linked above, he said things needing to be said. If you have a son, you’ll be interested in Dear son, don’t let Robin Thicke be a lesson to you.

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  • This guy who stated: “Christians in this country sound too similar to the the Golden Girls
    song, and not enough like the Battle Hymn of the Republic. There’s too
    much ‘thank you for being a friend,’ and not enough ‘lightening from His
    terrible swift sword.’” ~ Matt Walsh …
    First of all, he obviously does not read the Gospels either. Jesus WAS a pacifist! The only mention when he lost his temper was when he saw the money-changers in the Temple; a building dedicated to God. He preached about the importance of the spiritual world versus the material. He died a pacificist, living his words. This does not mean the rest of us cannot defend ourselves against evil in the material world; but to say that Jesus promoted the “terrible swift sword” approach is describing more the archangels rather than Jesus the Christ of Nazareth.
    Pathetic for this guy to criticize others if they choose to literally follow the path of Jesus, which would mean owning nothing except that which you can carry – certainly not the “terrible swift sword” scenario. In the garden, he even told his disciples not to fight when they were preparing to take him away. So what Scriptures is this guy reading from?
    Thought I would put in this thought, Maggie in addition to what you wrote.

    • Keith, thanks for commenting on this important subject. I believe Matt is saying Jesus Christ DOES NOT believe we should allow others to change our culture to one that leads away from the light, the truth and the way — allow them to silence us, because that is already, almost here. I have to ask, did you go to Matt’s blog where, I believe you’ll find “the meat” of what he is saying. If not, I hope you will. It is compelling and if the Bible cannot be the way we explain the truth and the light and the way, then Matt has provided some great Biblical examples to all those who do not understand that we must be the protectors of our right to the truth, the light and the way.

      • That does not follow the quote: “terrible lightning swift sword” ideology, which was not the philosophy of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

  • Geo

    Maggie, as far as I’m concerned you could never post too much information about the NCC. It has been a front for a large number of christian communists – socialist for decades. A collection of loons from several denominations. They are infested with radical clergy and supporters. They were also heavily involved with the Elian Gonzalez debacle also.

    Front Page Mag has a extensive background on them.

    • Right on! Maggie is always on top of things! However, in the Elian Gonzalez case you mention … the same government who wants to provide amnesty and benefits of legal citizens is the same people that refused to provide sanctuary for a little boy – favoring communism over humanity. Elian’s mother died trying to get her son somewhere he could grow up and be free and be educated without being brainwashed by communists. Of course, that is changing, isn’t it? A good background and network background is also at:

    • Geo, while it is showing me that you are a “guest,” I can see from an email that it is, indeed, you. So sorry this is continuing to happen after all you’ve done to try to fix it. I don’t know what do. I checked my settings, and no one has to log-in here, only to Disqus. I’ll see if my hosts have any ideas.

      I’ll check out FrontPage Mag. I’ve pounded on the NCC every time I have the chance, and when I first began, I could not believe the hate mail I received — out of the ordinary hate mail. Now I might get discussion, which is always good, even when we don’t agree.

  • I would not want these types of so-called Christians in power. Yes, we have right to rebel and not put up with tyranny in any form or manner under natural law; however, that is not the doctrine of Jesus. Christians can turn the cheek, but like my maternal grandpa said, turn your cheek once – but if you get hit again – defend yourself! We already have militant Islamic nut jobs around, why do we need to insert militant Christians into the fray.
    True, this country was founded by Christians – all 56 Founders were Christians in one degree or another; however, it was important that Freedom of Religion was declared, for that is the way religion is separated from government. When Jesus mentioned that what belongs to Caesar is Caesar’s, it was an allegory that states we have to live in a material world; but always recognize that our soul’s must be nurtured for the more lasting spiritual world. Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ, was the MOST influential person in the history of humanity. It is a shame that his words become twisted and people make up their own scriptures – their own “interpretation” like the Justices of the US Supreme Court and lower courts do to the US Constitution and its amendments.

  • Meg

    Agree with him. Many scriptures tell us that God came to earth in human form as Jesus. One such scripture was “I and my father are one” and “if you have seen me you have seen the father”. So maybe we should be looking at the wrath of God which will surely come down on this nation for its wicked, immoral ways. Too many churches today are feel good or prosperity churches. If it feels good it is okay to do it or if you give all you’ve got you will prosper. That may be true in some instances, but not all. I have been to churches that just preach social issues. A preacher should preach from thy Bible. I was brought up in a church where you learned that “the wages of sin are death” and bad people go to hell. You really have to read the whole Bible to understand it. Not just bits and pieces. Perhaps he told his disciples not to fight because he knew he was going to his destiny which is why he was on earth.

    • Jesus was concerned with the spiritual world, thus the reason why he lived that way. He understood that everyone else had to deal with the material world until the time came for the spiritual world – and matters of the soul, preparation for spiritual world was paramount in his philosophy. Agree, Meg, that it was his destiny to end his time on Earth (material world) to transcend into spiritual world. Besides, he had work set out for them to become the first missionaries and pick up where Jesus left off. Unfortunately with different sects popping up, interpretations, and other factors due to the rise of the organized Church – too much of the gist of his message has become lost. “Fire and brimstone” was not in his messages; however he did warn that individuals would be lost without nurturing their souls in preparation for the spiritual world which he ascended to.
      Good conversation here. 🙂

      • Keith, there should be no interpretations. I believe the Bible literally. The Prophets, the Apostles and Jesus did the telling, not a pastor following a denomination’s creed. We have to know the Bible and know when our pastor is on the wrong path. That doesn’t necessarily mean leaving a church we love, but it does mean protecting ourselves from “interpretations” that we understand are wrong.

    • Meg

      It seems that too many Americans have lost their way. Is it because of the different cultures now or the athiest? I don’t know, but I do know that I will not waiver from my faith of right and wrong as long I live. They can take all the crosses or statues of Jesus down, but they can’t remove it from a person’s heart. I guess we have become so docile now that no one really cares. I just know that in 1950 none of this would have gone this far. How far we have fallen.

      • What you quoted in the other comment, is too short to realize the entire context of what Jesus was trying to put across …
        Joh:10:29: My Father, which gave them me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my Father’s hand.
        Joh:10:30: I and my Father are one.
        Joh:10:31: Then the Jews took up stones again to stone him.
        Joh:10:32: Jesus answered them, Many good works have I shewed you from my Father; for which of those works do ye stone me?
        Joh:10:33: The Jews answered him, saying, For a good work we stone thee not; but for blasphemy; and because that thou, being a man, makest thyself God.
        Joh:10:34: Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?
        Joh:10:35: If he called them gods, unto whom the word of God came, and the scripture cannot be broken;
        Joh:10:36: Say ye of him, whom the Father hath sanctified, and sent into the world, Thou blasphemest; because I said, I am the Son of God?
        Joh:10:37: If I do not the works of my Father, believe me not.
        Joh:10:38: But if I do, though ye believe not me, believe the works: that ye may know, and believe, that the Father is in me, and I in him.
        As far as Atheists, according to the First Amendment, they also are free to believe in any religion – in their case none at all. However, they can protest against idols standing on a mountain top, a Christian memorial to WW2 fallen; but establishing a lawsuit is the waste of time of the judiciary.
        When Christianity became the majority in the Roman Empire, mobs developed and destroyed pagan statues, even statues that had nothing to do with pagan religion. That same mob killed one of the great scientific minds, a woman, in a frenzy in Alexandria – and also destroyed important documents collected from every corner of the known world. When the Roman Catholic Church was established, pagan idols were replaced with Christian ones; thus entered the period of Schism, where there were those that said it was hypocritical to post statues of Mother Mary and pray to stone. While others looked upon it as symbolism.
        Fast forward to now … Christians should not want to return to those days of religious fervor that destroyed things that should not be destroyed. This nation was founded by Christians, but they knew their history and had classic education; and did not want repeated what happened that brought about the “Dark Age” of superstition and corruption. Natural Law, as described by Thomas Jefferson, meant basic laws of freedom of choice and self preservation. It is also why in the course of American history, most often we have been reluctant to go to war, and in the infancy of our nation refused to get involved in foreign conflicts. Freedom of choice does come from the Creator, as in all things … it began with Adam and Eve who made the wrong choice and suffered the consequences. Freedom of Choice is paramount in a constitutional republic; however it also, like freedom, the People must accept the responsibility of the result of those choices. And like freedom, it must be safeguarded with a watchful eye upon its government in order to protect rights and liberties. This is the gist of what has happened to our nation.
        Like Meg says, they can take all the symbolism away, but they cannot destroy faith of the People in the Creator. Christianity has become a target today, partly because in the past (and sometimes the present), they have chased away people from God and go against what Jesus has hoped people would do. Words are great and can be compelling, but “actions speak louder than words”; Jesus lived his words. The other reason Christians are once again being persecuted is because it makes them think too much about the conscious mind, where people are totally fixed upon the now and/or the material world; disregarding the spiritual world or setting it aside.
        Freedom of Religion, 1st Amendment, provides guarantee to exercise and publicly announce/display those beliefs – tolerance. However, when a religion, Islam or “radical” Christians promote intolerance, and preach hate and violence – that First Amendment becomes null and void. Intolerant ideology, philosophy, or religion cannot expect tolerance.
        Maybe this will cause people to stop and think and start using the common sense that Thomas Paine wrote about; and that the Founders worked feverishly to make it the foundation of the articles and amendments of the Constitution.

      • Meg, more than atheists, I believe it is the Left who may or not be atheists, but who find morality inconvenient. People who care only about you taking care of others, not them taking care of others — except through tax money, of course.

    • Keith, terrible story. I guarantee you these atheists are Leftists and they are doing this because they can. Once upon a time, it would not have been tolerated.

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  • Maggie, in that light, you are transgressing against the Constitution that you profusely defend. The problem with too many Christians is they do not separate the world of Caesar from the spiritual world, as Jesus explained to a woman who asked him a question about taxes, et cetera.
    You cannot allow people to transcend the First Amendment no matter what their belief or non-belief is; nor by claiming tolerant be intolerant. That does not mean that Christians need to accept homosexuality or atheism; but as sad as it is – we must accept the fact that freedom of choice was given by God in the Creation, to Adam and Eve. That is what the Founders, Thomas Jefferson, was referring to in the Declaration of Independence and the concept of Natural Law.
    Christianity is not without a terrible stain in its history; indeed, they ushered in an age appropriately called “Dark Age” by allowing Church elders and the hierarchy gain power and become corrupted. It is also the reason why there are different sects of Christianity.
    But of course, that is ancient history – but let us not repeat that history it in our zeal for First Amendment rights against atheists and progressive socialists. It is why it was so important to become part of the First Amendment, for the Founders knew their history, and while they were Christians they knew in order to have equality there must be tolerance and not declaration of a state religion.
    I hope you get my meaning here.

    • Flitandersen_99

      Keith, you are making a lot of terribly ignorant assumptions here. Just a few: This is no “First Amendment” issue. Nobody is talking about locking anybody up or issuing any fines. And we DO accept freedom of choice. But we are also tasked with watching out for our “brothers”. If you saw somebody about to place their hand on a hot burner would you say something, or would you instead remain silent, since they are simply making a choice? I have no idea what you’re talking about regarding the FF & Natural Law, outside of the fact that they stated that all men were created equal and were all endowed with certain unalienable rights. And it is NOT ancient history – it is the Law of the Land today. Ignored by many, but STILL the Law. And you err when you say “Christianity is not without stain” because whatever stain there may be would be on certain Christians, NOT Christianity itself. And I have no desire to abridge the FA rights of atheists & communists but I certainly DO object to THEIR concerted campaign to abrige MINE. Nice we had this chat. Go in peace.

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  • Flitandersen_99

    The modern-day “Christians” would have us believe that Christ would NEVER want any of us engaging fornicators, adulterers, liars, thieves what-have-you with a heartfelt “you’re putting your immortal soul in mortal danger”. They would have us believe Christ would have us dummy-up and not hurt anybody’s feelings. Seriously, now, does that sound even remotely likely?

    • First of all assumptions are all on your part. I deal with facts, logic and common sense. Freedom of religion or freedom from religion is a first amendment. Are you the kind of person that believes that the First Amendment only applies in some cases, basically yours? Christians can best make their case by leading by example. There are civic laws against sins described. So what is your point? My intention was not to denounce Christianity and noted its dark points in history because I do not, nor did the Founders want, that to happen again. You also misinterpreted what I said about the atheist suing the park because they approved renewal of a lease for monument at least 60 years old. The atheist has the right not to like it, so do not look at it; and certainly wasting time with litigation.
      The hot hand on stove just doesn’t make it for an allegory, Mr. Christian. We are talking about souls and my soul or your soul is individual – none of anyone’s business. Christ had the right and did so. Are you saying you are equivalent to Christ? What you are proposing is that Christians do the same as atheists and anti-Christians are doing – removing from public eye by law and persecute them. That is why I mentioned the Christian mob in Alexandria. Do not be a spokesperson for Christ. His words tells us how to live.
      Of course you do not know what I am talking about – apparently you are ignorant of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson, Federalist Papers, et cetera. Maybe that is why you are raising the banner for the “terrible swift sword”. You also do not know theological history. Spend more time reading and researching if you want to participate in theological discussion.

      • I am NOT nor ever will deny that if people would pay attention to his word passed on by his disciples (as apostles) our society would be better off. I will also agree that our society has become decadent, and no matter how powerful, a nation like the Roman Empire will fall from decadence and corruption. However, Jesus spoke to masses, but reached out to the individual. Did he not say that he would abandon his flock to seek out one stray?
        Too many Christians turn people away in their zeal to be like him, when they should be paying attention to the reason why he was sent. People ask me why I do not attend Church on a regular basis, although I will support their community programs. It is not the Church, but the Christians in it. If they are truly serious about being like Jesus they would own nothing except what they wore or carried – and spend their lives leading by example and showing people there is a better way and how to prepare for the spiritual world. The doctrine and rites of the Church, an organized entity ruled by human authority has split into several sects; too often straying away from the truth of Jesus’ purpose and not listening to the gist of his words and message.
        Our nation’s Constitution was established under the principles of Judeo-Christian philosophy, as well as the wisdom of classic philosophy. They saw what happens when government gets involved with the Church and vice versa. Thus the First Amendment. It protects Christians and its different denominations, but it also protects non-believers and those who believe in something else. The only thing it does not protect is a religion that demands tolerance, but provides none – and any religion whose doctrine promotes hatred and violence. It is because they were paying attention to what Jesus’ words meant.
        Sorry, will get off my personal pulpit. Mr. Flit Anderson, believe what you may, but with sincerity, I highly suggest you expand your research and actually read and absorb the words in red in the New Testament, the philosophical words that reaches out to individual souls, as individuals.

        • Mention of the “turning over the tables” in the temple by Jesus … Is this not the problem of organized religion today? In the material world Churches survive by donations. So why is there not a donation box at the entrance instead of having church members walking around with a basket, psychologically making them ashamed if they do not put something in it, some people watching how much is put in?

      • Flitandersen_99

        Lets go slowly here, hoss. as regards ” Are you the kind of person that believes that the First Amendment only applies in some cases, basically yours?” The answer is ‘no’. It applies in all cases everywhere. Even when a vast majority of Christians decide to put up a creche on public property. When you take me to court to force me to take it down, now YOU are infringing on the First Amendment rights of most of the town or city to worship as they please. I find it hard to reconcile that a group of men who were all (99%?) devoutly religious would ever write a constitution that FORBADE public worship of God, when all their sessions & meetings began with group prayer. And after all, our laws are based on the Constitution not the DOI. But if you wish to be an atheist, you certainly can be one. I, on the other hand, have a responsibility to warn you that you are endangering you immortal soul. Now, if you don’t believe in that sort of thing, then what’s the harm?

        • Hoss, you are the one that needs to take it slow. first of all, when did I ever say anything about forbidding worship? You are echoing exactly what I said about an atheist who has the right to choose NOT to believe. However, what that atheist is saying is that because he does not believe, Christians are not allowed to publicly display, this case a statue, which is against their rights. The Founders set up a good system – you have rights until it hinders other’s rights. As far as you having the responsibility for other people’s souls, that is not in the Constitution, that is in your belief and/or your Church doctrine. Keeping track of our own souls is a full-time job; and show me where it is written that you are supposed to be concerned about another person’s soul. Based on all that, do you believe that a religion has the right to be intolerant while demanding tolerance from others? That is what Islamic Jihadists practice, as well as having a doctrine whose foundation is hate and violence. That is not Christian because that is not what Jesus taught. The only reason why I spoke up about that trouble-maker atheist is because he was trying to orchestrate the removal of a religious symbol in memory of fallen Americans in WW2. How it got beyond this, I can’t recall. For those of you who believe you must emulate Jesus (his way of life), not just apply his words of wisdom – sell everything except the clothes on your back and move among the people, staying at believer’s homes and feeding you. The spiritual world is important for your soul, but humans until then must live in the material world. The Latin phrase, “What we do in our life echoes through eternity” is a good description of what Jesus said and lived by his words. I agree with Larry M: Christianity is an religion organized by his followers, not Jesus. He followed the Hebrew religion (Jewish) like participating in Passover. He was a Jew, but he was a reformer and dedicated to bringing the “light” – enlightenment – to the People. Like Mr. Mellette stated, the Bible is our guide, not Church doctrine. It has been translated into 86 languages and dialects so anyone can glean the wisdom in it, especially Psalms and the New Testament. Too many preachers out there and not enough true Christians.

          • Flitandersen_99

            How does the government allowing a statue on public property hinder your right to be an atheist? Explain.

            • Why should I explain something not said. Did you ever hear about “comprehensive reading” – it means understanding what your reading. Allowing a statue to be displayed in public does not hinder anyone’s freedom, unless the community decides that the statue is unfit for viewing by children, for example porn. And second, I am NOT an atheist, but I recognize the right not to believe in any religion just as anyone’s right to believe in any religion. I never in one instance of this conversation, which is getting ridiculous stated what you just asked. So there is no explanation, except maybe re-read what was said. The atheist did not have the right to waste the time of the judiciary by submitting a lawsuit (although he has the right despite the fact it is frivolous; but makes the judiciary cost more for the taxpayers) stating that the statue should not be present because it “offends” him because he is an atheist. If I were the judge I would have told him that he does not have to look at it and that he is a minority of less than one percent of the population that believes in absolutely nothing. Then I would turn to the lawyer who took the case and would ask him why he decided (besides seeing a way to make money) to waste the time of a judicial court.
              Now, does that make it clear what has been said and what I am talking about?
              In part of the discussion, originally, it was about Christians who think that they are following the words of Jesus by taking up “lightning swords” in his name against “unbelievers”. That makes Christians as guilty as Islamic Jihadists. The words “terrible swift sword” comes from a Civil War song adopted by the Union army. In the song “Onward Christian Soldiers”, one of the lines is: “marching AS to war” – not actually war, but standing up for those who persecute Christians and defile their beliefs. So two parts were covered, the atheist who believes everyone is to supposed to go undercover because he does not like looking at Christian objects and the other part about Christians being violent to nonbelievers. The real problem today is that this and the previous generation have fallen away from the foundation of being brought up by responsible parents – and the result is youth with no character and violent towards anyone who tries to build that character; in this case Christians. Christians are being persecuted today, and sometimes because of factions like the one the article is about who give a bad name to Christianity by making up their own doctrine and theological history. Christians should speak out against those who would try to quell First Amendment rights, while ignoring a specific religion whose doctrine is hate and violence towards nonbelievers of their faith, with intent to dominate the world and make a world theocracy – and who demand tolerance towards them, but give none.
              And that is all I want to discuss about this. Thanks for joining in, but you really need to read with understanding, comprehension.

              • Flitandersen_99

                “what that atheist is saying is that because he does not believe, Christians are not allowed to publicly display, this case a statue, which is against their rights.”
                Okay? Got it? Now explain –
                WHAT RIGHTS?

  • Larry Mellette

    If you have Jesus in your heart. How can you justify aggression. Hanging on the cross he said “Father Forgive Them For They Know Not What They Do” If you follow this guy you have problems. Know my followers by their fruit.

  • Larry Mellette

    Let me clarify my belief. I do not believe in organized religion. I believe in what Jesus taught. I have not found one lesson to be bad. As a Christian we must try to be Christ like. The Old Testament was fulfilled by Christ. Christ taught us how to treat out fellow man.I do not believe I need a Church to tell me what is right or wrong. I have the Bible.